Josh Groban In Concert

Josh Groban In Concert

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This was the first DVD of Josh I bought after someone played me " You're still you" when I was at my lowest point. Thank you Josh, after this DVD Ibought each and every CD and DVD of yours. I think you are Superb and I feel you wrote Per Te specifically for me. ازياء رمزيات بلاك بيري رمزيات بلاك بيري رمزيات بلاك بيري رمزيات بلاك بيري رمزيات بلاك بيري رمزيات بلاك بيري

I love this album and to have the songs " The Prayer " and " O Holy Night " on the same the same album , I have died and went to musical heaven !

The extra bonus is that " Broken Vow " is also on this !

I still to this day , I never get sick of watching this !

It like only yesterday I seen Josh 1st time !

I saw the album in the program that i bought at his concert in South Africa. The music shops here told me that they don,t have it because it will not play on our cd players, something about a zone nr. Last week i walk in to TOP CD near my home because i want to buy all his CD and DVD (not singles) because i play my cd every day and was scared that something will happen to the CD &DVD and that i can't buy it any more. I walked in and there i found all his CD and DVD that was availible in SA. When the guy get me one of the DVD i saw a blue DVD and ask him "what is that" and can you believe it was Josh Groban in concert DVD. I do have all the cd on my computer and i could burn them on to cd's but because i am so madly in love with his voice and music and is one of THE biggest fans i want to have the original CD & DVD.
Thank you Josh your music is better than prozak.

As his critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album continues to attract listeners with its diverse selection of classical and contemporary numbers. -Dr. Paul Perito

This was the first album that made me impressed and became a big fan of Josh.

Essay about myself

So happy to finally find O Holy Night, was searching the net for it :)