You Raise Me Up - Single

You Raise Me Up - Single

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This was a song sent from muscial heaven !

This a song of Great ENCOURAGEMET and STRENGTH !

" YOU RAISE ME UP " really is a true song of of LIGHT ! when we are Down and Weary , when our Hearts Burden us ! We need to sit in silence , until someone can come and sit awhile with us and remind us we are Not ALONE !

This song is a source of STRENGTH that make us feel as though , WE COULD WALK ON STORMY SEAS ! We are STRONG ! when there is someone beside us and we know we are Not
Ever Really ALONE ! ! ! !

This Song Is A True GIFT From Muscial Heaven ! A Real Source Of Encouragement !

This song reminds me of my realationship with my Beloved Dad and my Strength and inspiration !

He always made me feel as though I could stand on moutains and walk on stormy seas ! I am always strong when he is beside me !

Dad : " You Raise Me Up "
To More Than I Can Be !

This Song Is Also A Constant Reminder Of Our Heavenly Father , And His Promise To Not Leave Us Or Forsake Us !

This is the light of a " Higher Window " !

Lost a close friend of my sons, and this song helped me with the pain. Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian) Josh, for the voice of an angel.

I just don't use iTunes, please make available on AMAZON!! Deej

oooook as it's beautiful i love this song i don't know how to explain that