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The beauty of Christmas lights!

on December 9, 2006 - 1:18pm

Happy Saturday to all. Another late start to my blogging as I have been working on some more of my silly Joshed up Christmas songs. I tell ya, once I start, I can't stop. Whats funny, is that it really takes me no time to do at all. What can I say, I have a strange sense of humor. I will probably post them here sometime this weekend.

Let see, last night went out with the family , grabbed some hot chocolate, and went out looking at lights. I think the feeling for Christmas has been very contagious around here this year as there seems to be even more people doing them . For me, it is a really special thing to see every one get into the mood for Christmas. Especially since the rest of the year can really bring stress and worries to our lives. It is nice to have a time that we can all remember what truly is important, have some fun, and celebrate it in our own unique way. I know its hard to see all that when your out looking at lights, but the lights people put up always remind me that we all need a bit of light in our own lives. When I say light, I mean hope. It is very symbolic for me. I enjoy seeing the creativity of what people do and is fun to see. It makes me smile. How truly nice it is to see people having fun with their decorations. Gives me hope that people still know how to have fun. I hope this feeling of Christmas is just as contagious else where, as it is here. I just wish there was some dang snow. I so miss it. Seeing the spirit, the creativity, and all the act of kindness grow all around you is very over whelming to me, but in a good way. What a beautiful feeling to know that alot of people understand this wonderful spirit of good will towards others and want to share it. Its hard not to want to share it. Let the world rejoice in that. I wish there was more of it and also have it last all through the year. But I know life has its way of keeping people from experiencing that feeling all year round. And in places like Africa, they probably don't even see it ever. Makes ya think doesen't it? But we can still try and should never stop trying. Anyway, in short, the evening went on, the Christmas music played, it made me want to put even more lights up. HAHAHA. Such a griswald I am. All this sappy Christmas feelings, and me going on as usual, and all I wanted to say was that it made me want to put up lights. How goofy am I? I am a truly goofy sap.....But I still love Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, I really wish I could get a Polar Express theme for my lights. I saw one up in Fresno once and it was amazing. I recall the person had a huge book resembling the Polar Express book right in the front of their house.It was the coolest thing ever. I look forward to going up to Christmas Lane in Fresno this year and hopefully seeing that display again. I will have to remember to get a picture of it so I can show my Grobanite friends. I wonder if those people with the display know who Josh is? Maybe I should go ask? HAHAHAH. It is so wonderful what that whole street does together.Talk about a community working together. I would love if my town did something like that, but doubt it ever will. Not that they aren't capable of working together, but just appears to be a lot of different beliefs in holidays around here. Makes it kind of hard. But there are a number of streets where you see four or five houses in a row decorate together. My street is not too bad at that I must say. I would love to have that great Polar Express display that they had and blast the song Believe over and over from my house. Talk about a way to Josh the neighborhood. Woo hoo. But I have a feeling that would cost some $$$. Which this time of year, I HAVE NONE LEFT OVER! But after we did our night time adventure of lights, we came home and wouldn't ya know it, Polar Express was on TV..It was actually nice that they didn't cut off Josh at the end........ Yeah baby!

Well, it has taken me a while to write this as my children having been making sure mommy does not concntrate today. LOL So, I will go and try to get things done today while I still can. Anyway, forgive the going on as usual, sometimes I just get carried away when I sit down and write something. And talking about Christmas, always seems to bring out my wanting to get carried away. Its that time of year..... My tip for today, don't hang mistletoe over yourself before going to an ugly convention......Otherwise, some one ugly will kiss you............ok, I am officially a dork!

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The silly things I say and wear......

on December 8, 2006 - 11:50am

Did you ever wake up in the morning and you didn't want to get up mainly because it was so dam cold out? Man, I almost froze parts of me off as I desperatly tried to get up at a resonable time. To make it worse, I had to get up and take the dog out so it can do its business. BRRRRRR. You should have seen me, I was wearing my PJ's that my daughter Sarah often refers to as my Harry Potter Janmmies, and a really bright pink shirt on top. I slipped on my purple bath robe, along with my flip flops and took the dog out. Well, of course when you wake up, your hair is still quite a mess, so you can imagine how "hot" I must have looked. Super models had nothing on me this morning. LOL. So, as I went outside, I started feeling a bit of ackwardness as the traffic was driving by.Good lord what they must have thought. HAHAHHA. But, as goofy as I must have looked, I didn't care because I wanted to get in the house as quick as I could before I turned into a pile of ice and more parts of me fell off. Nothing worse than stepping on your own butt.

So instead of rushing to get a blog in this morning, I actually took a little time to take care of my appearance before doing anything else. It is nice to be able to have the time to take care of myself. As the days go on, it seems to get harder and harder. But I am trying, really trying, to put more energy into keeping myself at its best in all ways possible. I think everyone should. After all, there is only one you, and if you don't take care of your self, who will?

I was on FOJG yesterday and it came to my attention that my little song about Josh Groban getting run over by a Grobanite apparantly set off a google alert. I laughed when I saw that. I am almost kind of embarassed that it happened. I am a stay at home mom who for years have struggled with being able to express my thoughts and feelings, so I write alot to help me learn to understand my own thoughts better. I write about what ever is that is on my mind at the time and sometimes I just write to be silly. (like you couldn't tell). I get a rush of doing silly things like that song. I get a rush on just being able to express a thought. Self expression is a wonderful gift. I put everything I do in my myspace and yahoo pages just so I have a place to vent all my daily little thoughts, feelings or what ever creative idea I had at the time.I don't really care too much if any one reads it or not, I just do it for me. I basically came up with that song for the group of people on FOJG, but I did end up putting it up in my myspace and Yahoo page. Next thing I know, it turned into a google alert. Too funny.

Speaking of Friends, I do want to say that I have noticed some people have been reading my goofy thoughts over on FOJG and have left me some wonderul and sweet comments. You know, I really appreciate the fact that they did make a coment on what ever it is that I wrote about. When ever you can tell someone that you liked what they said, or did, or just who they are, it can really make a difference in someones life. I have so much respect to those who are not afraid to tell some one else how they feel. It is a great quality to have, and I certainly wish that more people were that open. Not necessarily to me, but to everyone in general. I think most people like it when they feel like they have done something good or that they are appreciated and hearing it, just makes it better for them. I encourage people to go make someone smile. So, when I hear the words...."Everyone wants to be loved..." in Josh's song You are loved, well, it hits me pretty strongly. Because it is so true. I just had to add this last paragraph in this blog because the Grobanites have been the most special people I have come to know. Just wanted to let them know, that they rock this planet! What can I say people, I am sappy! SMOOCH!!!!!!!

Anyway, off to go tend the house, my son, the dog, and what ever trouble I can get into. I hope every one has a GREAT day and not to work to hard. It is Friday people, time to go get wasted............HAHAHA. Not me, this mom does not drink! Hiccup!

My tip for today is not to leave your underwear in a dogs reach. Even if your wearing them. LOL!!!!!!!

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What is a man?

on December 7, 2006 - 4:19pm

Yes, I am back to my writing again. My latest is just something I think that alot of women would like to see in men in general. It was not written for any one in particicular, but was writen after watching a sappy love story on TV. I see all the stories on love, and relationships on TV, movies, or even in a novel, and think why aren't real life relationships more like that? You know the kind of stories that makes your heart melt with desire and passion. The kind of story that is unforgettable.. Sure, you have your occasional story that just seems right out of a movie, but it is a rare thing. Feelings are much more complicated and less as dramatic as what appears on the television. Too bad too. I kind of like the intensity of powerful love story. What one would give to feel such emotions? Kind of sad that the stress of real life prevents us from ever feeling that most of the time. But anyway, it is how I see a true man to laughing please....

What is a man?

He holds together as close as he can

so much in his heart

His courage, strength, and love

will often guide him to places emotionally far

The world tells him to be strong

and not show weakness of any kind

But the more he open his authentic self up

the more beauty we often find

He struggles to take the lead

of what he thinks a man should be

Even though the boy in him

lets him be appeased

He embraces life's laughter

but can also feel its pain

He holds his head high in the sunlight

but caresses the gentleness of the rain

Mountains he has climbed

seemed impossible to reach

But his willfull determination persisted

and now he has so much to teach

He knows his journey, he knows it well

and all the roads he must travel

He knows the choices that he has made

can sometimes feel like they unravel

He is not afraid to hold a hand

and comfort someone in need

His arms are always open

never thinking he has done a good deed

He will look you right into your eyes

never once backing down

He will listen to every word you say

without ever letting his own feet leave the ground

It is clear, he is not perfect

he has his selfish pleasures

Like the way he watches a woman

as if it was his own secret treasure

But he knows there is more to her

as he dreams of holding her hand

He puts his troubles aside to listen to her

and does his best to deeply understand

What keeps a man going

we have yet to discover and learn

Everything there is about him

makes the coldest of hearts start to turn

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Another day of my goofy self...

on December 7, 2006 - 10:27am

Well, I did it. I went for another walk today and feel good I made myself even though I wasn't really up to it. It really helps to have some good music with you. Yes, I took Josh along with me. His voice as I walked in the cold air just seemed perfect together. Someone was burning some wood in a fireplace and I could smell it a block away. It was an amazing smell.It really did wonders on my senses. Made me want to snuggle up with a blanket by a fire and write. But, too many things to do today. Shucks! Another time perhaps.
I also finally posted my two silly things I made up for the holidays. I posted my Josh Groban got run over by a Grobanite, and my Twas the night before Christmas version.What can I say, I get a big kick out of goofing up songs. I have a strange sense of humor at times.Anyway, I hope every one has a splendid day and keeps smiling through all their daily little problems. Problems do work them selves out if you just believe and have faith! HAHAH, I sound like a hallmark card. But it is true.Go take a walk. It really does wonders for your mind and body! Hugs to all. Seasons Greetings!

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Starry, Starry Night

on December 6, 2006 - 10:28pm

What a beautiful evening it is. The air is crisp,the stars are ever so bright in the sky, and even the moon is glowing its beauty down onto the earth rather peacefully. The kids are sweetly asleep in their beds and I know I should be finding sleep myself but I do want to have some time for myself that isn't related to taking care of everything else but my own needs. It is nice to know that my life is more than just being a mom, or being a wife. My spouse is gone tonight, and I find myself enjoying this moment of quiet. It is a time when I don't have to explain my feelings to anyone, or work to make some one else happy. It is a time that I can just be me. These are precious times in deed.

I went outside a little while ago to just watch the moon in the sky as it glares down on to the world. I needed a moment outside of these walls to recapture something missing in me. I find it to be a beautiful place in time when a person can stop their busy life for even just a moment and appreciate the heavens and the earth for all its beauty. I don't know what it is, but looking at a moon lit sky always brings me to a whole new place of intimacy with myself. I don't mean that in a sexual way, I mean that I really feel deeply into my soul when I am alone with nature.The moon itself is a glorius pioece of nature. I stood in my back yard feeling a bit uncertain on how my life is going, and even feeling the pain still of what I have been through, and looked straight up into the sky. It was strange, because the excact place I was looking at, a shooting star appeared out of nowhere. What are the chances of that happening? It really me moved me in a way as I felt as if God some how was sending me a little message. Maybe he was letting me know that my uncertain feelings I have in my relationship will someday be resolved. Maybe he was telling me to keep wishing for things I believe in.Ok, maybe I might be reading more into it then it is, but isn't it nice to think of the possibilities that life is sending you these beautiful messages? Tears began falling from my eyes with no effort whats so ever. It was a spectacular moment to say the least. That is what is so great about small towns, is that not alot of lights to clutter up the beauty of the night time stars. A person could get lost just standing outside gazing up at them. I think I could have spent quite awhile out there just thinking about life. But the cold was getting to me, and I wanted to be close in case the kids woke up.

So, I came back in for just a few minutes of what I thought to be a special moment, and even though I still have my feelings of wondering if my life is going to change, I do feel better knowing that I can always find a part of me just by the simple act of looking at the stars. Knowing there is a place where I can escape to when I feel troubled is very reassuring. I know, sounds a bit over romantisized, but you know, sometimes it is better to be a little over the top then to be plain , boaring and not feeling anything at all.It feels good to be able to appreciate your own heart. It is nice knowing I can appreciate the little things. I wish more people would.

I now sit here at my desk, wondering if they are going to put the darn chat room back on FOJG. I miss the chatting there. James Taylor is playing on the TV in the back ground and adds even more to my current mood. I am not really sure what that is any more, but I am sure it will make my dreams tonight even more interesting. Maybe I should just go and sleep the feelings out. Anyway, second blog of this day and very greatful I have a place to vent. I know I go on about stuff, but thats me. Thanks for listening.......... Love ya!



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