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Did someone say Fan Club Edition?

on March 7, 2008 - 10:37am

Squee! I am so there. It's kinda funny how my mind immediately went to my bank account balance and did a quick mental calc to see how many I could order--even before we know anything. Yep, another sign I totally have Grobanitis.

Did anyone see next week's People? Josh is in the back answering the question "what do you sing in the shower." I kinda knew what the answer would be, cause I think he's answered it before. Still, it was another sign pointing that our boy has well and truly made it in the biz!! yeah!!

*He sings Eddie Vedder--especially "Jeremy".

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The weather outside is frightful.....

on January 31, 2008 - 1:25pm

I realized it's been more than a month since I journaled, but nothing really has happened. A short summary:
1. Library plans to expand move forward, cause grey hairs!! (which I don't appreciate)
2. Birthday celebration dampened by death of Heath Ledger.
3. SNOW!!!!!!!!! COLD!!!!!!!More SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! Hate snow!

Thanks to the powers that be for the Valentine's Bundle. I got mine yesterday and while the M&M's were frozen due to sub-zero temps here in the tundra of the mid-west, and the coffee mug is still thawing out........I LOVED IT!! Made a crappy day much better.

To the weather power that is.....please make it stop snowing. I have tickets to see Matchbox 20 tomorrow....and I don't want a repeat of the trip I took last February to see Josh. I think that aged me more than this expansion!

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My friends.........

on December 27, 2007 - 7:19am

Started off the holiday weekend well. Saw Sweeney Todd on Friday. LOVED IT!! Was a little disturbed that it was Josh's fav broadway show, but quickly got over that. Cinematography was wonderful, Johnny depp was FANTASTIC, and I sang along to NWIA.
There were a few bumps along the holiday road. Mostly to do with family and people's careless comments. Don't ya just love holidays!

I got my FOJG package Christmas Eve morning, what a fabulous gift!! I'm just missing my patch, but I am sure that will come along any day now. The missing patch leads me to a funny story. I was at my friend Beth's house and was telling her about getting my package but that I was missing my Josh patch. She looks at me and goes "um, is that like a nicotine patch? you put it on and get your fix of Josh?" needless to say, lots of laughter followed. I think it's a good idea though. Cute litte Josh patches that give you that fuzzy feeling. I can see it could spot a Grobanite a mile away---we'd be covered head to toe like that lady on Meet the Robinsons with the caffeine patch.

Then on Christmas Day my dad tells me that he's been weak and listening to something he swore he'd never listen to...I'm like what, you played Eminem? he laughs and says no, Josh! I still was oblivious and said, oh yeah, the lite has been playing him alot for Christmas. He goes, um no...I bought NOEL. Sometimes I'm not so swift on the uptake. I just love how my dad realizes that singers I like really do have good voices...years after I start talking about them!!

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Flying out the door

on December 21, 2007 - 9:28am

I'm on my way out the door for the Christmas break. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone at FOJG! Can't think of a better gift than to be a part of this community and for Josh to have the #1 album of 2007!!!!!!!

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Poor Best Buy Guy

on December 12, 2007 - 9:20am

I was finalizing my Christmas shopping at Best Buy yesterday and happened to hear Josh over the store radio, which reminded me that my friend Laura hasn't been able to find Noel. So, I went looking and couldn't find it. I finally gave up and asked a store associate if they had a copy. The poor guy rolled his eyes and goes "is it out AGAIN?!!" and took me over to the spot where it was supposed to be. They must have had 6 boxes of it underneath the CD shelves---Josh had his own little cubby. It was cute. I had to laugh--in October the associates had no clue who he was, but they do now!! Rock on Josh, it's about time!!



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