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on February 19, 2008 - 7:03pm

seriously.... noo really seriously....??? SHut UP.... for real???

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Early schmearly

on February 19, 2008 - 5:20am

I like randomness... keep it coming... :)
How do you spell......
Monetary IDIOT

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The Rain in spain falls mainly on the Plain

on February 18, 2008 - 10:06am


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fojg down again oyyy

on August 27, 2007 - 10:17am

Soo the boards are like totally down?? hummm very interesting no one can get on.. I guess mark this as a day that people will actually do work.. clean there houses and play with there kids.. hahahahahahah will the stock market go up to ???
Off to go swimming with the kids.. LOL
*** ahh its back.. **sigh**

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Friends FROM Josh Groban

on August 21, 2007 - 10:09pm

Well now more than ever I just really wanted to say ThankYou to Soooooo many people... I have realized that because of the gift of Josh's music.. JOSH has given me soo much more than just sweet music to listen to and relax me... he has given my friends.. actual real friends and not just 1 or 2 really good friends I'm talkin bout lots of friends... LOL how stupid and dorky do I sound about now..
But SERIOUSLY.. my best bud whom I met for the 1st time at the 1st Philly concert in 2004... I talk to on the phone almost everyday.. she makes me feel better even if we don't have much to say to each other .. other than just listening to each other complain about work.. we are still there for each other.. thru the "Yays" and the "booos" of life...
Not to mention all my other buds in a kajillion other states and countries... Washington...California...Louisiana... Tennesseeeeeeeeeeeee..... LOL KanaASSS .. New Joisey.. New York.. Conneticut . . Illinois.. (both directions of the Carolina's)Carolinas ... (haha I crack myself up ) Florida... Canada.. and soo on...
I would have never met any of them if it hadn't been for this fan club... Imagine that me joining a fan club how weird did that feel when i was entering my info for the 1st time... feeeling like a little fan girl...
JOSH.. ThankYou .. Sooooo .. SOOOOO much SERIOUSLY you don't even know the magnitude of my THANKS for your Music.. my friends .. and my memories...
Smoooches to all ... and more great adventures to come..
Okay now thats off my chest... "cause I had a bad day"... ohh wait who sings that stupid song... LOL I got the I had a bad day at work bluessssssss... I need a new Job.. anyone hiring... ?? LOL



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