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Yay for new fojg website!

on November 9, 2006 - 11:45am

I'm very excited for the new format of fojg, it looks totally awesome! It looks like they've totally upgraded us to a cooler looking site. I'm loving all the background pics on all the tabs we could click on. awesome job fojg!

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work, work, confused

on June 20, 2006 - 12:41pm

so here at workt hey just gave me a new task to be done, but instead of dealing with people's names i'm dealing with numbers, i'm so confused....i've asked the girl like 5 times & each time she explains it i get it, but once she goes away i'm so confused...i'm going to have to ask her again after my lunch is over....which is in about 1/2 an hour. other than that work has been good, all i do is file stuff...for a while i had filed everything & they have me doing other stuff, like this logging of numbers into the computer.

i can't wait for 4 more hours until i go home...i'm just going to crash, i was so tired that i couldn't even wake up this morning, i woke up to turn off my alarm, then my body just thudded back on the bed, i had to turn on my tv just so that it could wake me up some more.

i only have 2 more days at walmart. YAY! happiness! or do i? i think i looked at the wrong schedule at work....oh man! i think i might have to work on saturday....crappola! dang it! now i'm upset.....saturday is my last day there, but when i looked at the schedule i wasn't on there anymore, but that was for the week on July 1st....not for June 25th grrr! i even told my friend that i would be at the water olympics thingy that my church is putting up ion saturday, no wi'm going to have to dissapoint them like i always do because of walmart. grrr! i just it to be over with! the only thing i'll miss would be my discount, which isnt even worth crap, it doesn't even give me a discount on clearance or frozen food stuff.

okay, must get a going, i have 20 more minutes till lunch is over & i have more browsing to get done


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My Best Friend's Wedding

on June 19, 2006 - 12:40pm

mondays are such a drag, especially when you just get over your best friend getting married. My best friend michelle just got married on saturday, it's really weird for there is some kind of barrier between us now because she's now married & we can't talk about stuff anymore because i'll feel weird. but it was awesome, the reception went by really quickly! that was crazy because it took us twice as long to set it up & half the time to tear it down!

all in all it was fantastic & i better get back to work now.

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Thank You Mom!

on June 9, 2006 - 10:12am

so...nothing really new since yesterday, although i have decided that i would quit walmart very soon. I'm going to give them my 2 week notice tomorrow, a little too soon you might say. but hey! i've been working there for a year & i knew that i wouldn't spend the rest of my life there! i would have to leave eventually, which is now.

I woudn't of gotten this second job if it wasn't for my mom, she's the one who last year pushed & pushed me to get a job, i applied everywhere in the shopping complex next to my house. & walmart hired me, i started out as a cashier & was that for about 6 months (which i dreaded every second of it) then i applied to go to electronics & have been there these last 6 months.

While working in electronics as a cashier & floor associate i met a guy named Troy, very cool (married *sad*) & something between us kinda clicked, not in that kind of way, but in a spiritual way, we were both mormons. & that connection is very special especially when you happen to meet upon someone who you've never met before, they just have that little light in them that seperate them from everyone else who isn't a member of the church (LDS).

He's a very good man, (Troy) he works 2 jobs so that his wife doesn't have to work. He works part time @ walmart & he has a second job at a place where they help people get jobs, like a placement place. He's a manager there & in february or march he asked me if i was interested in getting a job there with him as a clerk/typist, but i had to refuse, it was really hard to do that, i had my last semester of school to finish to get my AA. But now i'm done & the week that i graduated he asked me again (because a lady was leaving the position) & i said yes, so here i am! all because my mom MADE me get a job last summer, these FORTUNATE events have happened in my life.

Well g2g now, my break is over.

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on my lunch

on June 8, 2006 - 2:12pm

so here's another entry while at work, except that this is during my lunch. boy...i was so happy to go to lunch, i've been fileling all day, i was about to die of boredom....*snore* my lunch was great! i had tacitos, cheese (i'm a raton with those), salsa & a little whelches grape juise bottle. It was yummy, now i'm going to try & look for a mint or something because my breath stinks. i have 20 min left of my lunch, so i will be browsing here on fojg & everywhere else.

* 2 min. later*

OMJ!! did you all see video of josh on tmz? him & jan are currently split up! i feel happy/sad, they were so cute together, they probably haven't had time seeing each other because josh is busy trying to finish his cd for us (his #1 fans) & that probably caused a rift in their relationship. i hope the best for him.

so i bought some awesome movies yesterday while working yesterday @ wallyworld. The Goonies ($10), Lost In Space ($5.50) & The Prince of Egypt ($10) :D For my next paycheck i'm going to buy Casper($5.50), Everwood (down to $20 bucks!!!) & some other one's.

okay, no more blah blah blah's from me, gotta go now.



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