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I need my rest

on June 11, 2009 - 10:09pm

Here we go again. I really did intend to keep writing in my journal but life has been happening. My niece and her two sons have been visiting her parents since last Thursday and that means they’ve been visiting my mom and me too. Add to that another of my sisters with her husband who were driving back from Arizona to NJ and wanted to stop and visit, with their dog. Last weekend was hectic. This is three weekends in a row that I’ve not been able to catch up on the rest I need. I’ve been overtired for quite some time but I’m starting to catch up on my sleep.

I was going to sign on to FOJG last night but we had some bad weather here in North Texas. I got home from work just before the storm hit. I watched a local tv station as they talked of seeing “rotation” in the clouds. It may have been an F0 tornado that touched down not too far from here. More rotations showed up on the weather map. The warning sirens went off. The electricity went out a few times but came right back on. I made sure there were fresh batteries in the portable radio. I kept an eye on the tv, ready to head to the bathroom with my mom and my cat. Thankfully, that never became necessary.

The power is still off for at least a quarter of a million people. I went to fill up the gas tank this evening and buy some milk for my niece’s kids. I headed to my usual gas station but the power was out in that area. I headed in the other direction where there was power so I could get the milk. I’ll get the gas tomorrow.

I was saddened by some of the news over the last couple of days. Someone shot two U.S. soldiers on American soil, killing one of them. The murderer said it wasn’t murder because he was justified because of his Muslin beliefs. Another murderer who is a white supremacist shot a guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Each felt justified in his own way to perform these heinous acts of cowardice. I watched the father of the dead soldier being interviewed. I saw the guard’s young son talk so sadly about his dad. Hate is a powerful thing. I have a niece who has three bi-racial children. Her kids are people like anyone else’s kids. It’s sad to think that anyone could hate them just because of the color of their skin.

God bless us, everyone!

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on June 1, 2009 - 6:24pm

I went shopping last weekend and bought a new comforter and drapes. The comforter came in a set with a bed skirt and 2 shams. I’d given the old ones to my niece. These new ones really brighten up my bedroom, which is why I did it. Getting them on sale was a plus.

One of my sisters (I’ve got 3) and her husband are coming for a visit this week. They’ve driving back from Arizona to NJ by way of Texas. They’re working on selling their house in NJ because they’re officially retired. Hopefully, the market will turn around soon so they can sell it for a decent price.

I’m officially scheduled for my third colonoscopy in 5 months. It’s set for the end of July. This should be the last one for a while. The doctor wants to make sure he got the entire flat polyp out. As I keep saying, I don’t mind the colonoscopy itself. It’s the preparation beforehand that’s rough. Oh well, I’m here to complain about it. :)

God bless us, everyone!

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The best laid plans ...

on May 21, 2009 - 10:44pm

What a day!

I got to work Thursday morning and saw an email from my boss inviting my team to a phone conference call. It was a good sign that I was invited. An upper manager talked about what was going on with our conversion group. We’re going to be doing some development work over the next few months. That’s good. I’ve done program development, maintenance, problem solving, support, etc. over the years. It’s nothing new for me. Unfortunately, one of our team had been “let go”.

I went home for lunch, helped my mom take a shower and took her to her appointment with the pulmonary doctor. We normally get there on time and then wait almost an hour in the exam room before the doctor arrives. I’m not complaining. These doctors do hospital rounds. I figure that sometimes they’re late for someone else’s appointment because they’re helping my mom when she’s in the hospital. Anyway, we get there a little early today and the doctor enters the room within 15 minutes of our arrival. Wow! What a great day! We’ll get out of there fast! Then he springs the news that he’s giving up his private practice to work specifically for the hospital. The doctor to whom he’s turning over his records is farther away from my office and home, which means more travel time. I’m going to look for another doctor who is within the local area.

I went back to the office and finished out my work day. Since my mom was all dressed up for the earlier appointment, I told her I’d take her out for dinner. She was pleased about this. As I’m backing out of the driveway, my cell phone rings. The caller id shows it to be my sister but it’s my niece on the other end. She wasn’t supposed to come up here until Friday. My mom and I go get our catfish dinner and plan to meet my niece and her two boys at our house afterwards. Upon leaving the restaurant, I saw that my brother in NJ had called. It was very noisy in the restaurant and I hadn’t heard the phone ring. I checked the voicemail. He had called to see how I was doing after my colonoscopy the other day. I called him back and handed the cell phone to my mom while I drove home. By now, it’s 9pm and I’m getting tired.

My niece and the boys arrive at my home. She offers to play a game of cards with mom. Ok … Three year old Crue and an almost 11 year old Dylan, both of whom are wide awake, now want me to play with them. Oh well, what the heck. I played a game of Go Fish, which I lost. I tried to read a book about “Scatt the Cat” to Crue. He was more interested in my real cat that was hiding under mom’s bed. Crue noticed the stuffed bears on the nightstand by mom’s bed. His eyes lit up as he asked if he could have one. He left the house with about 6 of them, with mom’s permission. I finished the card game because my niece was getting very tired.

Now here I am, typing this journal entry, with my eyes closing. My best intentions to read other journals will have to wait one more day. I’m going to bed.

God bless us, everyone!

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on May 20, 2009 - 11:05pm

Wow! Has it really been almost 2 months since I signed in last? My bad! I’ve had so much on my mind lately.

First and foremost is my mom. She fell backward when she bent down to pick up a paper that fell off the table next to her recliner. It was 3:30 on a Sunday morning. She had fallen asleep in the recliner and had gotten up to go to bed. I woke up because I knew I’d heard something. It took me a couple of seconds to realize it was some kind of a thumping sound, as well as her voice. Fortunately, she was ok, just a little sore. I phoned my sister who lives a few minutes away. She and my nephew came over to help me get her off the floor. I’ve repeatedly told my mom to leave things on the floor whenever she drops them. I had bought a gadget to pick things up but she never uses it. Maybe this will reinforce the drop / don’t pick up rule.

It’s funny how things happen. Both my sister and nephew were wide awake when I called. He had slept for a while Saturday evening because it had been a long work week and had woken up before I called. My sister had also woken up because her arthritis was bothering her. My brother-in-law was overtired and since we didn’t need his help, he went back to sleep.

I had my second colonoscopy within about 2 months on Tuesday, with a third one expected 2 months into my future. The doctor removed most of the large (30mm) flat polyp but didn’t get it all. Too much blood blurred his view. He’d told me that might be a possibility. I’d stated earlier, “There ought to be a law about having 2 colonoscopies within 2 months.” Well, substitute 3 within 6 months. :)

My last bank conversion for CD’s was last Friday. We’ve temporarily run out of new banks at work to convert onto our product. We’re going to take this time to enhance, fine tune, and learn. I’ve already added new validations to a post-conversion program. I’ve also added additional data to the post-conversion summary recaps. Management wants to make sure they’re not paying us to sit around and twiddle our thumbs. I don’t know anyone in my group who would do that. We’re all a bunch of go-getters who wouldn’t expect to be paid to do nothing. Our immediate manager knows that but it’s the upper managers who are worried. As good as our conversion record, they should know better.

All the things I missed about Josh by not signing into FOJG: New PBS special, Hollywood Bowl. I’m still waiting to hear about new membership for year 6 (and a half :) ).

Time for bed. I’ll sign on tomorrow, well, since it’s after midnight, I’ll sign on later today to check out other journals.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Please take the time while having fun to remember our veterans.

God bless us, everyone!

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Third time’s the charm!

on April 2, 2009 - 8:03pm

I was going to log in to FOJG two nights ago, just as the storms started hitting our area. Lightning, hail, high winds. I decided to shut my pc down as soon as I checked my email. Fortunately, the worst of the storms stayed south of my home.

I tried to log in last night but kept getting an error message so I gave up.

Tonight the weather is clear (if cold) and I’m able to log in. Yea!!!!

Here I sit with my cat Shadow on my lap and the keyboard to my right on the desk. I have to lean sideways to type … it’s a little tricky. Shadow is definitely a lap cat. When I come home from work I keep running around doing things. I check on my mom who’s usually watching tv. I start dinner. The moment I sit down Shadow jumps onto my lap so I have to get things done first. Shadow is good company for my mom, and vice versa.

My brother and his wife are still having marital problems. As I emailed to her the other day, they both have issues to deal with and they’re both overly sensitive. It seems that when he wants to talk, she doesn’t, and when she wants to talk, he doesn’t. It’s sad because they’re both good people and they both tell me that they love the other. They just can’t seem to meet in the middle. The stress of their illness isn’t helping. He’s just getting over surgery to remove a tumor from his kidney and she’s suffering the ill effects of having contracted Lyme disease years ago. I pray that they find their way back together.

I got a letter from my doctor today about the tests I had last week. He restated what the nurse had told me over the phone about the biopsies. He also said that he wants to discuss the removal of the flat polyp, which to me means surgery. I have an appointment in two weeks to see him. I figure since he hadn’t wanted to see me immediately, it was a good sign. This will work out for me with my job. I’m busy with two bank conversions between now and mid-May. After that, it’s going to be slow for a while. That would be a good time to have the surgery.

I need a haircut and a perm. Actually, with a short haircut I haven’t needed to get a perm but I’m ready for a change. I don’t like my hair cut too short but it seems that’s what’s been happening over the past couple of years. I’m letting my hair grow a little longer before I find someone new to do the job. My niece is a hairdresser and does a great job but she lives over 3 hours away. It hasn’t been convenient for either of us to travel lately. Aside from which, she and her son had strep throat recently so I wouldn’t have gone there anyway.

I’m taking my mom for a chest x-ray tomorrow. I’ll take her for her haircut afterwards. If you could see her hair, she needs a haircut as much as I do.

God bless us, everyone!



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