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Thinking of you Josh

on January 15, 2007 - 11:51am

Dear Josh - Wow! Have you been busy since I last wrote in November. I wish that I could say that I was less busy so that I could follow you more. But as a lowly preschooler teacher, I am pretty busy myself.

I am so glad that you having great success with AWAKE, and your upcoming concert. I pray every night, that if it be good for your soul, that you would have much success from this new album and tour. From what I am reading on FOJG - sounds like those prayers are being answered in amazing ways.

Even though I will never meet you, I look forward to seeing you on March 10, in Rochester, NY.-where we live My parents. my husband and I have great seats with full view of the stage. I told a few friends that you were coming to town, and they purchased tickets too. I pray to God every night that I will be there and I am confident that it will be a memorable experience.

Please excuse the melancholic tone of this letter. All the fans here are always ready to hear from you. I wish that I could be too. I hate being the fan that is behind the "Josh Groban" curve.

Anyway, I am glad that you had a great holiday season. I hope that the memories of times with family and friends comfort and strenghten you on the long days and nights when you are on tour. Rest assured of my prayers for you. May God bless you abundantly. Josh Groban, where ever you are.



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Bravissimo Josh - Way to Go!

on November 26, 2006 - 2:34pm

Dear Josh - Well, I can not believe that your did it, but you did. You created another fantastic album that is quickly becoming my favorite. I did not think that you could not get any better vocally, but like fine wine you voice is as luscious as ever. My heart just melts with every song.

I am even enjoying the music at the end of the album with the African influences. It is SO AWESOME to hear you work with theses rhythms. You did a fantastic job incorporating them into this album. I should have never doubted you because you are "The Voice."

Thank you for taking the time and energy to make this album. Yesterday, I received IL DIVO's third album Siempre. It is not as good as AWAKE. You can tell tha they rushed through producing this album, and the quality of the music is not a good as yours. As your fan, I hated the wait, but in the end it was worth it all.

I am so excited that your are coming to Rochester on March 10, 2007. I have my tickets. I am bringing my parents and hopefully my HOG. I am sure that the concert will be as wonderful as the album is.

Josh, I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for giving us this album, and may God continue to bless you - wherever you are.

Your devoted fan,


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My Blue Beanie and Other Matters

on September 1, 2006 - 9:24am

Dear Josh - I bet you that it has been awhile since I wrote, but I was almost going to write you an angry letter a few weeks ago when I was on . I discovered there the Internet edition of your Closer CD for sale. This really pissed me off because here in Grobania that version of CD has been sold out for at least two years, and you were selling it on JG. com. How unfair to us who pay good money to be on this website, and we are told that it is sold out. Anyway I checked back later only to discover that even on JG. com this version of this CD is sold out too. So I can breathe a litle bit easier too.

But during that visit to, I finally replaced the Josh Groban beanie that I lost this past winter at the grocery store. This beanie is not black like the first one, it is blue with your name and the Closer tour written on either side of it. That is OK. If it is like its predescessor, it will be the warmest beanie that I own, Now I just have to get a blue coat to go with it. I picked one out in the Lane Bryant Catalogue, and I think that I will order it as soon as I go back to teaching preschool.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for releasing that 30 second clip of the song "You Are Loved." It has been such a long time since I have seen you. You looked beautiful and you sounded Heavenly. I can not wait until that album is released just because I want to hear the full verson of that song. And if this time you have an Internet version of this album - I am buying it. I want all Josh, all the way. Thank again for a such a wonderful reaser. I am praying for you and for the success of this album. I hope that my prayers will be answered in the affirmative - if that is God's will and if that is what is good for your soul.

So, Josh, may God bless you wherever you are. May He keep you close to Him all the days of your earthly life.

Your devoted fan,


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Good, Beautiful, and True........

on August 4, 2006 - 9:15am

Dear Josh - I was listening to Catholic Connection - a morning show with Teresa Tomeo as host. She was talking to the President of Ignatius Press about Charoltte Church and their recent decision to pull her CD/DVDs from their catalogue effective immediately.

The President of tgnatius Press made the following statement throughout the interview. He said that his organization is about selling books, musid, and films that are "Good, Beautiful, and True." After hearing that statement, it made sense to me why they choose to sell and distribute your music even though you are about as close to the Catholic Church as Hong Kong is from New York City. So far you music has been GOOD, BEAUTIFUL, AND TRUIE. I am being reminded of this as I listen to "My Confession" - one of my top 5 Josh Groban Hits. I hope that your new album when it is released will also contain music that is GOOD, BEAUTIFUL AND TRUE. But that is still to be seen.

One of the many factors that make your music GOOD, BEAUTIFUL, AND TRUE is that, for me, your music has consistently proclaimed what is GOOD, BEAUTIFUL and TRUE about LOVE and its Creator which is GOD. You are not singing Christian music - that is clear. Yet your music proclaims many deep truths about God and the soul's journey to God that I am blown away every time I listen to it. I can not believe that someone as young as you could have such an understanding of the soul's hunger for God, and proclaim it so beautifully through your music. It appears that music is central to your own soul's spirituality. Your soul is being caressed by the Author of Love Itself. In response to it all that your soul can do is sing such beautiful music that every living soul can be touched by it and be touched by something of God Himself. It is truly amazing.

Again, I do not know if this reality will ring true in your third album, but there is one song on it that peeks my interest. It is titled "Weeping' and I heard a bit of it on the video clip from GMA that you have here in Grobania. If your third album is true to form, this song will also proclaim a truth about God. God weeps. And there is A LOT for God to weep about espescially concerning the conflict in the MIddle East. It is a reality of God no one wants to consider, but God is weeping for all of us right now because of the hatred, violence and war that we are creating. I know that you are no Savior Josh. I just hope that you will let the SAVIOR once again speak through your music.

Thank you for your music and for the things that you do to make this world a better place. May God bless you and keep you Josh, wherever you are.

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I just got your new CD

on July 26, 2006 - 9:05am

Dear Josh - Hi! How have you been? I am just writing this short letter to let you know that I received your latest CD - Barbara Cook At the Met wih Special Guests. Your voice sounds sooo beautiful. I loved hearing you sing again. It has been A LONG TIME. Please I hope that your new solo album will be released in the early fall because I can not wait any longer to hear your latest music. I know that you will never read this or respond to this blog, but I hope that all is going well concerning the release of your new album. I am still praying for that .

Josh, I just got word from Ignatius Press that they are dropping her CD"s, DVD's, etc from their catalogue due to some lewd and irreverent behavior on her television show concerning the Catholic Church. As far as I know, your albums are still on their catalogues. Even though I have had issues in the past about that (because you are not Catholic) please do not do anything lewd or irreverent toward the Catholic Church, or you will not only lose your income from Ignatius Press, but one of your biggest fansa as well. Oh well, whatever you think or feel about the Catholic Church, I hope that you have more brains than Charlotte Church.

So until I hear something about you again, may God bless you Jsoh, wherever you are.



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