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on the subject of undesired stress...

on November 14, 2006 - 8:49am

as much as i adore josh, i could really do without the stress and anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with the presale ordeal. when i first went through it this time two years ago it was rather exciting. but now it's just become a pain in the rectum. i still have a raging headache that i received last night whilst reading the boards - so much confusion, so much tension, so much anxiety. you could feel it through the computer. everyone's getting anxious already and the presale doesn't actually start until this time tomorrow.

it's not the process that i'm worried about. it's the way it's been explained. things are worded so vaguely that it's easy to understand why they are often misconstrued. i am thankful that the mods are usually swift to answer questions though in an attempt to quell some of our anxieties.

all in all, i cannot wait for tomorrow's madness to be over. i cannot wait to print out my confirmation and be done with it. i sincerely hope that i'll be able to get good seats this time. the last time i went through a presale i was so nauseous and frazzled that i couldn't pull myself together and ended up losing tickets in the 6th row. when i finally was able to go through the process again the closest tickets were on the 14th row. granted, they were far from shabby tickets. 14th row, just right of center. but. what i wouldn't give to be in the first five or ten rows. maybe i'll have better luck this time around. i'll have to go to bed at a decent hour tonight and make sure that everything's set up and ready to go before i go to bed. i've realized that preparation is key when it comes to presales. preparation and, if at all possible, calmness and collectedness [i think i just made that word up]. lol.

p.s. i was really miffed when i heard that radio stations were giving away tickets, but i got over it. it happens with every concert - not just josh's. so. i think i was just angry because when i found out i had already been on the boards for over an hour answering questions and trying not to get all panicky over again. needless to say, i registered to win tickets over the radio too. now i just need to remember to listen to the radio - weekdays 2-7. that's a long time to have to listen to the radio. :/