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I obviously don't know what I'm doing!!!

on December 28, 2007 - 9:19am

In my previous entry, I apologized for the ginormous picture. But apparently it is only ginormous on the computer at work. Here at home, it's normal. I hate being so computer illiterate!!! LOL

Oh, and I guess I don't have to worry about slicing into that pic...Sam took a big slice out of Josh's long as he didn't touch the face...I'll let him live! hehehe

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Thank you all!!!!

on December 28, 2007 - 2:02am

Let me apologize in advance for the GINORMOUS pic. I tried resizing it, and I couldn't get it to work. Sorry.

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes, both here and on the message board. Grobies really ARE the best!!!! :)

Ok, so I did get my 'Josh' cake. When I went to pick it up, there was a guy in the bakery working, and he asked me, "who is that on your cake?" So I told him, "Josh Groban." And he said he saw him on GMA the other day, and began gushing...yes, gushing.....about how wonderful he was. It was hilarious because usually men are like...oh...yeah....he's ok. But this guy just went on and on. It was funny as heck.

Sam wasn't too impressed. haha. I asked him how he liked it, and he said, "It's different." That's Sam-speak for...'I really don't care for that.' ;) I said, 'you don't like it do you? and he said, "I can't do anything about it." *snicker* Yeah, he's got that right.

It didn't turn out quite like I expected, but the woman at the bakery warned me it might not. I don't care. I still love it! :)

Sam got me...mittens for my birthday. I was complaining a few weeks ago that I needed gloves....but I hate gloves because they don't keep my hands warm, and I wish I could find mittens here. When I lived in Minnesota, I never had trouble finding mittens, but apparently, in Nevada, they are non-existent! Oh, I love them!!! They are knitted and lined, so they are very warm. My fingers thank him for that! ;)

And he took me to dinner at one of the local Basque restaurants. For those not familiar with it...well, let's just say, you don't leave hungry! Included with your entree (I got steak...YUMMY!!!!) is soup, salad, bread, and sides of spaghetti, 2 vegetables, and french fries. OMG the food never stops coming!!!! And the restaurant we went to includes ice cream for dessert. Of course, I didn't want dessert because I had Josh...ERRR....I mean cake waiting at home. But I was so full, I had to wait awhile to even try it. (It was delicious!!!)

OK, let's see if this worked...I kept trying to resize this pic...but for some reason, I can't seem you have a GIGANTIC pic of my cake. hehe


Chocolate cake, bavarian cream filling and buttercream frosting. Yeah, I about went into a sugar coma....but it was SOOOOOO worth it....

I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to slice into that lovely face...I may have to make Sam do it. And I'm going to freeze the slices, so I can eat Josh Cake all year. haha

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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

on December 27, 2007 - 3:28am

We had a pretty quiet Christmas. I like quiet. Of course, I got up early to watch the Joshman on the parade, and I happened to see a thread that said he was going to be on GMA as well. So I turned the channel just in time, and got to see him sing LDB. So it was a double Josh treat.

My kitchen is a scary place. haha. I'm not much of a cook anyway, but on Christmas Eve, I tried to do most of it so that I wouldn't have as much to do on Christmas day. So, I made my pumpkin cheesecake that day. I'm going along putting it together, and I found I didn't have vanilla extract. I know at one time, there was some there. So I went to the store and got some. Then I got further in the recipe and I couldn't find my nutmeg. I decided I wasn't going to the store again, and I used pumpkin pie spice. That worked because it has most of the spices my recipe requires. Oh...and guess what I found on Christmas day when I was cooking other stuff? No...not vanilla extract. Nutmeg. Scary place!

OK, so on Christmas morning, I decided to make a coffee cake for breakfast. I don't know what was in my oven, but there was smoke rolling out of it. That had NOT happened when I baked my cheesecake the day before, and the cheesecake did not overflow the pan. So, who the heck knows? side of the handle of the door came off. GRRRR! I had to figure out how to take the door apart so I could put it back together. I guess that's a benefit of working in a hospital lab because sometimes at work I have to take machines apart to troubleshoot. I'm not afraid to try to fix something, if it's not terribly complicated. Like I said, my kitchen is a scary place to be!

We had a white Christmas because it snowed to beat heck on Christmas eve morning. YAY!!! Now, on January 2, it can melt and be 70 degrees again. haha. Yeah, that NEVER happens in Northern Nevada. Tonight, one of my co-workers asked when it's supposed to warm up, and I said, "July." hehe

I wonder what Sam got me for my birthday. I know he got something, but I have no idea what it could be. I didn't even give him any hints, because honestly, there's nothing I want....Well, Josh could show up with a big red bow...that would be an awesome gift. *snicker*

In our ER, we have a big Christmas tree, and a bunch of presents to give to the little kids who come in. I was joking with one of the nurses, and asked if I could pick out a present since it's my birthday. She was so funny...she gave me a little bag full of stuff. A kaleidoscope, some finger puppets (I could do a whole show..there's Santa, a reindeer, a snowman, and a gingerbread man). And she stuck a bunch of other little stuff in there too. What a nut!

Wow, I have a boring life. But I wouldn't trade it. Some people have too much excitement and not necessarily good, either. On a sad note, one of our employees at the hospital, in another department, committed suicide on Christmas night. I didn't know him very well because he worked days, but whenever I talked to him, he seemed like a nice guy. That is tragic. Unfortunately, the holidays are a tragic time for many people. Sometimes I wonder if it's just too much hype to gear up for the holidays, and for some people...probably most people, it really doesn't live up to the hype. I don't know, but it makes me sad to think that a time of celebration can also be a time of great tragedy.

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Sad ...but life goes on.....

on December 18, 2007 - 7:25am

One of my favorite recording artists died this weekend. Dan Fogelberg was 56 years old. Really, quite a young age. He had prostate cancer. His songs always really speak to me. I've loved his music since I was in junior high. In fact, Sam and I had 2 of his songs sung at our wedding, because Sam is a fan too. We were lucky enough to see him in concert at Deer Valley in Utah about 2-3 weeks before our wedding.

Not much else going on. I have to do a bit more shopping. I need to get Sam one more gift, and I have to shop for Christmas dinner along with our lab Christmas potluck tomorrow at work.

Our Christmas party at work is on Friday night. I think they do that on purpose....they figure out when I'm working and plan the party around it. hehe. Yeah, it's ALL ABOUT ME! haha

Almost every year, it's on a Saturday night when I'm working the weekend, so I haven't gone because if I go, I always have to leave early, rush home and change clothes so I can go to work. So, anyway, I'm off this weekend...and this year it's on Friday night. I work every Friday night. I wasn't planning to go but since Sam's not working anymore, for now, maybe we will. Even if I have to rush home to change clothes and hurry back to go to work. Why not go anyway? I need something to help cheer me up.

It's supposed to snow today. I hope it does. I really would like a White Christmas. It's funny. When I first moved to Nevada, I was going to get rid of all my winter clothes because I figured it was hot. Well, it is Vegas. Northern Nevada is definitely not hot, except in the summer time...from about June through early September. Otherwise, it's cool, and winter is downright cold sometimes.

Anyway, I hope we get dumped on this weekend since I won't have to go anywhere then. Well, except church. But if I don't have to go anywhere else, that would be fine.

Maybe I'll find my Dan Fogelberg Christmas CD and put it in my car. If you haven't listened to really is beautiful. I've been listening to Josh in my car for awhile...a CD I burned with Noel, plus Oh Holy Night and Believe on it as well. I think I need a little bit of a change for a bit.

OK, I'm off...I really mean it this time. hehe

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Christmas....Plus...A Christmas Mystery Solved!

on December 15, 2007 - 3:53am

I've been reading a few entries that some people have written about Christmas. I agree with some of what has been written by others.

I worked with someone a few years ago who thought it was terrible to tell your kids about "Santa." OK, it is a lie. But I guess, I don't consider myself permanently scarred by that lie. There are other things in my life that have scarred me far worse than figuring out that Santa isn't real.

And I get sick of the emphasis on "Holiday Sales" too. Hell, my husband just lost his job. Guess what? We're not spending a fortune on Christmas. Besides, I have to buy gas for the car. Somehow that's more important than what the heck to do I get anyone for Christmas. If I can't get to work, nobody's 'gettin' nuttin' for Christmas.'

And, yeah (why is this turning into a vent? hehe) Why can't I say "Merry Christmas?" Well, I guess I can't to my in-laws because they're all Jewish, except my brother-in-law, who is converting and will be baptized at Easter. But, nobody cares if Christians are offended by something. Why is that? If Christians are offended, they are 'intolerant' at best. Don't get me wrong. I don't care what religion someone wants to practice. But don't try to shove it down my throat because I have a religion that I try to practice, (not always very well, I will admit.) Oh, that reminds me, a few weeks ago, I said something at work about going to church, and this nurse said to me, "you go to church?" I just smiled and said to him, "well, yeah, because church is for sinners like me, not perfect people like him." He just laughed at me.

Sorry, went off on a tangent comes another one...hehe. I decided since my birthday is coming up soon...12 Days (Oh, could I write a song...the 12 Days till my birthday?...hehe)...I'm going to get myself a cake with a pic of that curly haired dude on it. Sam will HATE it!!!! *snicker* Hey, I NEVER get a birthday cake because by the time it's my birthday, I'm sick of eating crap all month long that I don't want it. But I want one this year. So sue me.

OK, I promised...A Christmas Mystery solved. I don't know why I never thought about this until I was an adult, but I just didn't. Then a couple of years ago, I asked my sister about it.

Let me start by saying, I'm the youngest of 5 kids. And my brothers and sisters are all quite a bit older than I am. I used to call myself an "OOPS." But then someone told me that I was a "BONUS BABY." Hey, I like that way better!!!

Anyway, one of our Christmas Traditions was that we ALWAYS went to Midnight Mass. And that was way back when they actually had it at Midnight. That's pretty late for a little hoser to stay up. Anyway, Santa ALWAYS came while we were at Midnight Mass. I thought it was pretty cool. Then, when I figured out (all you little hosers, don't read this next part. hehe) that there isn't a Santa Claus, I didn't think much about it. Then as an adult, I was remembering about going to mass and Santa coming while we were gone. I couldn't figure out how my parents pulled that one off. So I asked my sister. And she told me that it was up to my brothers and sisters to haul butt into the house and get all the presents under the tree while my parents brought me in the house. Funny the things you think about when you remember your childhood.



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