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on November 17, 2007 - 11:19pm

Oh God, please just kill me....or take away this migraine!!!!! I don't get them very often, thank God, and I don't get as sick with them as many people I know do...but I still just want to go home, crawl in bed and sleep for weeks!!!!

I'm a failure as a Grobanite....LOL. OK, that was a bit of a joke. This morning, someone brought their child to the lab for some tests. I went out to help them, and the dad noticed the lanyard I got at the Salt Lake City M&G with Josh's name all over it. And he mentioned that he thinks Josh is phenomenal (which, of course, we all know he is...). This was unexpected because most men around here ask me who Josh is, and the women are more likely to know about him. So it was kind of cool. OK, so we got to talking about Josh, and I had to tell him about my fantastic luck in's my failure...I NEGLECTED (can you even believe this?) to mention Noel. Yup, I'm a bad Grobanite. hehe Well, maybe he will find out about it somehow anyway. haha.

Nothing much else going on....I've decided I'm not cooking for Turkey Day...YAY! I don't like to cook anyway, although, I can usually do Thanksgiving pretty well. But Sam has to work all day, and I have to work that night. I can't really put a turkey in the oven and then try to go to sleep with no one else around. So, I told Sam not to expect Thanksgiving dinner. We both have Christmas off, and I can cook then. Yup...sounds like a plan.

The message boards are driving me nuts!!! Yesterday morning, I had more trouble...and so did everyone else! I was online for a couple of hours and only able to post on the message board for about 10 minutes. GRRRRRR! I PM'd Wyatt because I was so fed up. I felt bad about PMing him because he probably gets a million PM's about that every day!!!!! But my patience has worn thin with the board problems!

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Tension Everywhere......

on November 16, 2007 - 2:33am

My goodness....there must be something in the air. No one is happy!!! Lots of tension among my co-workers, tension on the message board, tension among friends. What gives?

Two weeks ago, a couple of my co-workers got into a shouting match. I heard about it that evening when I ran into my boss at Walmart before I went to work. That night, when I arrived at work, I just asked (in my typical smart-@$$ fashion) "are we having fun yet?" Well, one of the people in the shouting match that day rolled her eyes and said, "oh, yeah, loads of fun." Then I said, "I ran into Michelle tonight and she told me it was ugly." I was then asked what else she said, and I said not much. Then I was asked, "Why did you bring it up then?" As if I intentionally was trying to pick a fight or something. Anyone who knows me (well, except Sam..I seem to specialize in fighting with him...hehe) knows that I HATE confrontation and will do whatever I can to avoid it. Well, then I told her that I heard there was some "tension in the lab." That is all I said about it because I didn't really plan to pursue it....

Last week on Monday, 2 other people got into a shouting match while I was still at work...and tonight, in another department, there is tension among a couple of the workers there.

And all those crazy people I work with wonder why I prefer working at night ALONE? No mystery to me...

Yesterday, on the message board, there was another thread that got deleted started by someone who apparently forgot to take their meds. This person starts some kind of controversial thread every couple of months....

Something seems to be in the air....

OK, on a happier note, I stopped at Starbucks on Tuesday. That Groban guy just seems to follow me everywhere...he was there that day. ;) I bought 2 more copies of Noel...after I said I wasn't going to buy any more. But I keep thinking of people to give it to. Anyway, tonight before I came to work, I stopped in...and all of the copies of Noel they had were gone. YAY!!! GO JOSH!!!!

I set my TIVO to record the AMA's because I have to work that night, and I'm guessing that I won't see much of it. I'll either be sleeping or getting ready for work. I noticed that Jimmy Kimmel is the host...what do you bet that in addition to presenting, the Joshman gets roped into some silly skit. I don't even want to watch the AMA's, but I will to see if there's a silly Josh skit. LOL

Sam is funny. He recently got transferred to electronics at Walmart, and he keeps me posted as to how many copies of Noel they have in stock and whether they get sold. That just cracks me up. I also told him (joking) that it's his job to make sure ALL the Josh CD's are in front so they get sold. He keeps telling me that he actually does make sure they're in front...and that I'm supposed to tell people in the fan club he does that. What a silly guy!!!

YAY for Nessa...member of the day!!!! I still think member of the day should get a phone call from Josh...or maybe a PM on the message board. Wouldn't that TOTALLY ROCK? hehe

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Some Days It's Just Not Worth It!!!!

on November 13, 2007 - 12:39am

I really hate when I try to be someone's friend, and I try to be honest about something that bothers me as kindly and lovingly as I can and it freakin' blows up in my face. But such is life sometimes.

There is a situaion with a person that I've kept quiet about for far too long. This "friend" has been having a really difficult time of it. Anyway, I don't mind listening, but some of the things said, starting way back earlier in the year sounded kind of outlandish to me. OK, honestly, I did kind of stop paying attention, except for a cursory sort of "listening" because it was starting to sound really exaggerated, and also because it was almost all negative. I have enough negative energy in my life. I don't need help in that area!!! Part of what bothered me (and not just me) is that this complaining was so public and it just brought us down. I'm not trying to say this person had no right to talk about this, but some things just don't need to be aired in public. I despise attention seeking behavior. It is so childish and I think that's what some of it is.

So I sent a message to this person to tell them that I am available by PM, e-mail, phone, etc if they need to talk, but the public airing of dirty laundry made me uncomfortable. I thought the message I sent was worded in a loving, caring fashion, and clearly reiterated that I am indeed this person's friend and that I truly care about them and their situation.

Well, I was then publicly accused of being "two-faced." (although my name was not mentioned, but I'm not sure I care if it would be mentioned because those who truly know me would figure out the truth, and those who would truly want to know would ask my side of the story!) Now, here's what really gets me. While calling me "two-faced" I get a visit to my profile and a comment telling me how much she loves me and misses me.

I could have told her what I needed to say in a much more cruel tone, and I in fact agonized over how to compose the message in a way that would make clear how I felt, while still not sounding mean and hateful.

So, I guess I shouldn't care so much...but I do. Not what people think of me so much...well, that's not entirely true. I do care what my friends think, but anyone else, who gives a flying F**K!!! Like I said, those who matter will try to sort out the truth. And if they don't, then I guess they don't really matter as much as I thought. thought for the day....

Some days, it's just not worth chewing through the restraints!


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No More...Well, OK....One More

on November 11, 2007 - 7:38am

I swore last week that I was not going to buy any more copies of Noel! At this rate, I'll make it go platinum all by myself. haha

I've given several copies away, in addition to copies people asked me for. A couple of weeks ago, I got a copy for a friend (and also the former supervisor at my second job) and I'm hoping to see her this weekend to give it to her. Then last night, I got a copy to give to another friend, and when I got here, a second friend asked me if I had burned her a CD she asked for...and I said no, but then I said, I have something better and I gave her a copy of Noel.

Is that clear as mud?, today, I told Sara when I come over next month on the 8th, I would bring her a copy! Since my second job is 70 miles from home, and I'm only here one weekend a month, that's the next time I'll be here.

I started a new thread on the message board. I think there are only a couple of us who actually use it, but I'm still loving it. I've made a new friend...who has been a friend, but is getting closer because we have some of the same "issues" with some of the people in another thread we used to frequent.

And the message board got a facelift. Too DAMN bad they didn't kill the gremlins that make it so frustrating to use at the same time.

Nothing much else going on. Sam was trying to go back to his old crap, and I told him he better not. He was doing better for awhile, but it seems like that's always how it is. I get PO'd, he behaves until things "blow over" and then it's the same old crap. But he is trying, and I can't really expect him to change everything overnight. It's better, and better is always good.

We bought a Nintendo Wii last Tuesday. I can't believe he talked me into that. The last video games I ever played were on the Super Nintendo. So this is a challenge. I told Sam I want Guitar Hero III so I can try to beat Josh. He just rolled his eyes. Like I have time to get that good anyway!!!

Not much else going on here. Just plugging along!

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No Trip For Me.....

on November 1, 2007 - 10:15pm

Well.....the title says it all. I'm not going to NYC with Joivana.

My boss did not give me the time off that I requested to go. Now, I have to say, I'm really disappointed, but I'm also sure it's probably for the best. I'm still paying off my credit card from the last "Josh" trip, which, by the way, was worth every penny I spent.

She rarely turns down time off requests, so, I know if she could have given it to me, she would have.

Nothing else going on....



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