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The tree outside is watching me

on December 16, 2006 - 2:09pm

Well hello my friends new and old margie76 thanks for the note and to my Charlotte's Web friend thanks for bringing me back to my childhood. Rachel came over this morning - I gave her the Awake CD from the club and she was so happy. It is great to have a child who appreciates you and has a relationship with you. She'll be 25 this year and I can't believe it wow. I wish I was able to repair the relationship with her younger brother whom I :lost: 5 years ago - stopped speaking to me and never looked back. But we all have our pains to bear. I like to imagine that he is as handsome as Josh and as happy. If he is happy that is enough for me.

Rachel watched the Oprah segement because she missed it and I taped we had to watch it twice LOL - I am feeling much better the doctor gave me another bladder instillation of mixed meds and I know it's a weird way to get medicine but it really helped I actually had enough energy to do some cleaning with Josh blaring of course.

I will be celebrating Yule soon - the women's spiritual group meets on the 20th and we are sharing gifts, food and a goddess game. These women are so wonderful and caring. Many of us also celebrate Hannukah, Kwanza and Christmas too our spiritual world and our visions may not be understood by many but it is what we feel comfortable with. For me it's mainly the goddess and the mother earth that I believe in. I am of Celtic origin so the Irish traditions are part of my celebrations. *secular - my Celtic name is Ita Keyley. When Josh sang with Andrea Corrs I was enthralled. Well I'm off to check your blogs. Blessings

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Difficulty Sleeping His voice helps so much

on December 9, 2006 - 12:03am

It's been a rough day and I'm having trouble sleeping. Went to the doctor for anti-biotic injection. If it doesn't help I have to go into the hospital on Monday and get an IV. The surgery I thought went well on the bladder but it was more inflamed than we all thought. Dad died of Bladder Cancer - it is curable, but that is not the one that will get me. it's probably the blood cancer. But I am blessed to have a daughter who loves josh as much as I do and who makes sure that I see him when he is in the Baltimore, Washington, Pennsylvania area.

Did I tell you I ordered the Awake internet version for her. Even though she bought the store version. It won't play on my car cd maybe the new one will.

I was so excited Gaby go pictures of herself with Josh when He was in NY. I would swoon...... I can't wait until he is on OPRAH ON Monday Dec 11 - WATCH IT!!!

Blessed BE all,

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The Greatest Voice

on December 6, 2006 - 12:54am

I thought I would go insane my lap top wasn't working and I couldn't listen to Josh Radio - having all his cd's you'd think it would not be a big deal but.......... Well I had my surgery on monday, it went well the doctor said there was more inflamation that he expected and wanted so I'll go through the surgery again in 3 to 4 months and every 4 months until the inflamation goes down.

MY TICKETS ARRIVED FOR THE DC CONCERT YEAH!!!!! I can't wait for Rachel and I to go. Staying in a hotel - getting dressed up and seeing Josh what a joyous occassion.

Oh did I mention Rachel is making me a lyric book - she was working on it yesterday (she should have been working on her thesis) but how could I be cross with her I mean it is Josh LOL> Gaby sent me pictures of her and Josh she met him in NY - WOW she's never seen him in concert but she got to be breathe in his space what a treat.

I ordered the AWAKE from online even though Rachel bought the cd for each of us in the store I wanted the extras. I will give it to her for the holidays. Well it's 4am off to bed with the help of some pain killers. Be well my grobanite friendes. Write me.

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Josh Saved My Life

on November 29, 2006 - 11:22am

If someone tells you miracles don't really happen psh! I am a josh miracle. I have Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, IC, emotional problems, and so much more. I spend alot of time alone and crying I probably have written of this before it seems to be a theme of my life. During my chemo I listen to MY Josh and it helps. When I don't the doctors notice my blood count is not as good. Josh as a cancer drug!!! Josh as a miracle. On Monday I have surgery scheduled and I have asked the doctor to please play Josh at least while they are setting up until I fall asleep. I'll be getting more surgery in January through June and will always ask for Josh. My daughter is another miracle. She has gotten us tickets to the Washington DC Concert - but not just that because I don't have a lot of energy, she got a hotel room down the block from the convention center. It's cherry blossom time in DC so the price was not cheap at all. She was just so concerened that I have every thing I need close by. This will be my fourth concert and her third. We are hoping he will add another spot in Baltimore where we live. To my wonderful Josh friends that I have met over the past 2-3 years I never would have imagined meeting a group of greater wonderous people you are a greatgroup. Bless all of you for your support in my life as friends and as grobanites. Thanks Gaby for the Pictures of you and Josh and I hope you LOVE your first concert. Allie I hope all is well with you and heather. Blessed BE My the Goddess smile down on all of you.

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Gastric Bypass

on September 4, 2005 - 11:59pm

Well I was scheduled for my Gastric Bypass on Aug 2 but the week before there was mass communication problems. The doctor had not gone over my psych evaluation and his nurse Cathy was all in snit because I missed her class.Which she said she came in special for me, but the office manager told me there were five other people there. The Doctor called me and yelled at me - I'm used to arguing with people in the medical profession after all they work for me - and being a medical social worker I know that I have to always ask questions. Well this Doc felt intimidated or whatever and told me I had NO RIGHT TO QUESTION HIM. Then he read my psych eval and told me I was not a good candidate. The letter was written wonderfully he was just being a prick. So I fired him.

I finally found a practice I want to do the surgery. They are more strick and the Doc (this time a female) says I have to listen to her or she won't do the surgery. But the way she explains it I understand why I have to follow what she says. She wants this to be a successful experience. So first thing I have to do is lose 25 pounds. Your probably wondering well if I am going foor the Gastric Bypass and I have trouble losing and keeping off weight is this an impossible task. But since my diet and life will drastically change after the surger this is a way of showing not only her, but myself that I can change my eating habits that are bad. I also have to exercise four days a week.

So the surgery is set for November 11 - provided I lose the weight. I have already lost 3 pounds. I am trying to get used to the exercising I start out at 5 minutes twice a day and I will increase as much as I can. I pick a good Josh song to start my stretches and one for whichever exercise I am doing. I am lucky I have Nordic Track, Treadmill, Ski Machine and a new XL Stepper (from QVC) It's small and I need to lean on something because all it is - is an air pressure stair thing with nothing to hold onto.

I have so much I want to write but am so tired.

Blessed BE and for those of you who follow the Wiccan path enjoy your Mabon Holiday at the end of September. I will be attending a Feast with storytelling, dancing, praying, and love.

Merry Meet
JoDee (Identify yourself as fojg in subject line if you want to write me so I don't think it's spam.



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