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on August 29, 2007 - 6:49pm

Started the new job today - going to be piece of cake i hope. Getting ready to check the boards and get ready for tomorrow

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Beautiful Day

on August 27, 2007 - 9:26am

Woke up today feeling really good. (not to many of those) so I thought I would share with my grobies that fact.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment to fill a cavity that fell out not much fun to look forward to there, but am glad it will be over.

Wednsday I start my new job - Weird after not working for almost 3 years. (Doing lots of writing and trying to get disability - we see where that got me LOL)

Rachel off to NC soon R squared - have fun.

Tried to get on the boards darn gremlins are at it again. Guess I'll have to wait until later when they are somewhere else on the web ---


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on August 26, 2007 - 9:28pm

The Noel list as promised
Noel - regular edition
1 Silent Night
2 Little Drummer Boy
3 I'll be home for Christmas
4 Ava Maria
5 Angels We Have Heard On High
6 Thankful
7 The Christmas Song
8 What Child is this
9 First Noel
10 Petit papa Noel
11 It came upon a Midnight Clear
12 Panis Angelicus
13 O Come all Ye Faithful

There will be a special edition so be aware of that when pre-ordering

love all you Grobies,

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Hot and Humid

on August 25, 2007 - 6:16pm

So how is your weekend going? i can't wait for Wed - my first day of my new job. Even though I worked for the same company in 1999. Now I have a different goal - not just to answer phones but to work my way up to supervisor. Meanwhile one day at a time (As they say in AA and NA) Went to a meeting last night it was HOT like 60 people at the church no air conditioning and the sound was not very good hard to hear the people talking. But I got a surprise today my girlfriend came knocking at my door at about noon. She had no electricity so we went out to lunch came back and had a really nice day.

Today was Rachel's company picnic (too hot and humid for me) - then we got lots of rain - thunder and lightening. But we did need the rain.

Still looking for the ipod extension for rachel and rebekah for their trip to NC next weekend to see Josh. Wish I was going with them. But oh so glad Rachel is going - she deserves some time with her friends without her old mom. Been on the boards so that's all for now. Sure I'll have more to say later. Oh the song list came out for the Christmas CD I'll put it in my next entry.


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Interesting Night

on August 23, 2007 - 8:57pm

Well for those of you who have been following my ups and downs lately thanks for listening. I look and see how many people read my blog and I am blown away. Really!! Tonight was interesting. I went to an NA meeting. Something I really needed to do. When Rachel and I were on our Josh vacation she was very worried about how much pain killers I was taking and how zoned out I would become. Really didn't quite know how to handle it. So I started to lower my dosage it was hard very hard because I've been on the meds for over 10 years. But I'm down to 1 dose twice a day. I can go further down with a lower dose pill which the doctor gave me. He just told me to make sure that if I was in pain that it was ok to take the medicine. So I don't know If I'll ever be off of it but the people at NA told me to take it "one day at a time" I met some really nice people and 2 women gave me their phone numbers if I need to talk. You know most people are really nice especially when you share a bond with them. Like us Grobie's. So I'll start going to meetings and hopefully won't go back up to a really high dosage.

I had a good day in general. I went on an interview at TASCO Telephone answering service I worked for in 1999. I know Long Long time ago. But they may have a 12-8 pm shift open and it's really an easy job as long as you know how to listen, follow directions and type. Of which I do. Jenn has to talk to the other HR person and they should be calling me tomorrow with a schedule. When it rains it pours. The state finally came through with my financial aid and sent me what they owed me since February so the checking account is no longer overdrawn and my medical assistance might come through. Of course working I may get those services cut off so I can only make a certain amount of money. But I would rather earn it then get it from the state. Even though it's money I have put into the state through social secuirty etc. It was actually a fun job cause you get to talk to lots of different people so it's not boring. The only weird things no one sees you in your little cubicle yet you have to wear business attire. So I guess I'll have to go shopping after I get some money saved for comfy office casual clothes.

Rachel seemed really happy about my 99% getting the job, but she wasn't very talkative tonight. She had just gotten back from some fundraising dinner or something. Maybe she'll write about it in her blog and I'll understand.

Saw Josh on the Sundance Channel OMG he interviewed and everything I was tingling all over. He did three songs that I saw. OH how magnificant. I'll be taking it from my DVR and putting it along with the snippet from Ellen on VHS. So far several people have asked for copies.......... Not a problem. Lots of people don't get the Sundance Channel well I'm going over to the boards see what mischief I can get into over there.




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