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Josh on the Brain

on August 5, 2007 - 9:10am

Want to keep pinching myself about did it really happen with Josh. As I recuperate from the trip. Have an appointment with the surgeon on Thursday about my gallbladder. Gosh I hope I don't have to have it out. ---- but if that's the problem then that's the solution.

Meanwhile I didn't get up in time to get to church this morning - but will try to get to classes this week - Try and get there for the Rites of Caffienia next Sunday.

Blessed Be,

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Still High from Meeting Josh

on August 4, 2007 - 8:01pm

Finally got home from Hershey exhausted. Don't know how Josh does it everyday!! you are loved......... Slept most of the afternoon am so happy I got to meet Josh - I know that all of the wonderful people I met will stay in my heart forever. And will forgive me if I forget names so much has happenned

Meeting him gave me endorphines ? and they make you happy so happy I am. Thanks to Darren again for being such a sweetie and Leona you have a lifelong place in my heart. And the person who made it all come true RACHEL who took me on the trip.

4AM new entry

Middle of night and can't sleep - Still thinking of Josh I'm so obsessed. I'm so glad I have all music to keep me company..I'm also doing my laundry LOOL it's 4am. I go on the boards and post and am amazed at how many posts people put in. Rachel has already over 700 - me only about 50 or so. But I love my blog and the people who comment thank you all.

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I got to Meet Josh

on August 3, 2007 - 9:13pm

Well my dream came true at Hershey tonight. I got to meet the MAN in person. Leona1969 who had submitted the same joke as I did - heard that they just picked the joke out of a hat and Zach and I had a conversation about my remission from cancer and how I felt it was unfair that they randomly picked the joke. Leona had lost her parents to cancer and had no one to take back with her and asked me to go with her. What an absolute angel she was. All I could do was cry. Zach was really happy for me and then Darren came in the VIP room and heard the story and was touched too. So what was he like. AN ANGEL - I told him that when I was in Chemo I listened to him and that I felt he helped heal me. He looked at me and said, WOW. Thanks. And of course I said no thank you. So that was how he signed my program To Jodee, Thank you --- Plus he did his three encores. it was the best. I was floating on air the whole night. Leona you are an angel and I thank you with all my heart and soul. Let's hope the 10 month remission continues. Blessed BE. JoDee

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Hershey concert

on August 3, 2007 - 6:38am

So tonight is the next concert and most likely we won’t be headed to NC. I’m still working on the Social Security. But I am excited about the VIP seats not sure what that a l entails. Rachel went to the store and possibly to the outlets . So Back to the neckaholics this trip really did a number on my next and I wasn’t even driving. Rachel insists on driving and I don’t really mind she’s a good driver l(especially when I’m napping We will be tailgaiting with some people that we have met before and some new people. It’s all very very exciting. have been sick all day, I guess the MS and other diseases have gotten the better of me after traveling to meet Josh. I really thought I would get a REAL chance for VIP Greet and Meet but life is unfair.


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At Hershey

on August 2, 2007 - 10:16pm

Well I can’t get to sleep – my legs are really hurting. I have taken so much meds that should really do the trick. Rachel is letting me use her computer. I guess because I said I wouldn’t go online.

So the neckaholics wrote back to me an I’d like to write to them and tell me all them the answers to the questions they have asked me about myself.

Wrote to them about myself and then added to my blog but got bounced me off so I’ll add the stuff here and then put it on the blog .

So Rachel and I went to Hershey Park to day and we had the most wonderful time. My neck is killing me from carrying the purse, but then we got an all day locker and that made life a lot comfortable. We went on the carousel and the roller coaster and wow did I scream my head of while Rachel laughed. We bought the picture

We went on the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster and wow did I scream my head of while Rachel laughed. We bought the picture so now we have a memory. We also have some pictures from a disposable camera.

Rachel made an offer to go to the outlets by herself and I may take her up on her of OFFER.

Meds are finally kicking in - I didn't take oxy for I might get too drowsy.




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