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since it looks like we won't have a summer....

on August 14, 2010 - 5:16pm

i'm ready for fall...let me explain....

i live on the central coast of california--technically, i guess it's really--geographically---southern california, but everyone kind of dismisses california from san francisco northward, so for all intents and purposes, we say the Central Coast. We have very mild temperatures, and by that i mean, we don't have any seasons to speak of. our coolest temps are in spring, winter is often lovely, and fall is wonderful....summer, supposedly, runs more from july til october, but so far, we haven't seen any summer. our days are still in the low to mid 60s, and a thick marine layer obscures any sunshine from around 6 pm til noon (or later) the next day. usually, this pattern goes away by the second week of july, but here it is, the middle of august, and it's still with us. it DID get sunny before noon today, and they say it's changing, but we'll see....

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i'm back

on August 8, 2010 - 12:08am

hello all.....i am back from the mountains....we had a blast. while i didn't get the nature fix i was looking for, i got a whole week with my family--all of them--and that was more soul-satisfying than a month in the trees, so, i'm a happy gal.

we tubed down the Truckee River one day, went into Reno another afternoon for an evening baseball game at a minor-league stadium. I got to tour the northern end of Hwy 49--the Gold Country---even did some gold-panning (i made more money from the dime i found in a parking lot, though!). i went to farmer's markets and a craft fair, hoping to support the locals. My sons hiked, my hubby kayaked (alone and with the sons), and we relaxed and ate too much!!! the house was lovely, with every amenity. the weather was perfect, and the mosquitoes stayed away. on the way home, i hit the southern Hwy 49 section, and my boys, who were traveling with me, indulged me and graciously didn't complain as i regaled them with historical tidbits.

i'm home tonight, and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. my cats are ignoring me, probably mad that i left them alone, but i'm happy to see them.

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on July 12, 2010 - 10:35am

you know the story....boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy dumps girl. i have been dumped. the man of my dreams has decided he needs his space and is leaving me....I've given the man my loyalty, trusting he'd be as committed to me as i have been to him...but no. he's found someone he finds sexier, who seems to be more on his wavelength, someone that calls to him silently, but confidently.

josh is moving to NYC.....i know i'm not the only SoCal girl whose heart is breaking right now. Why is it that i feel this is happening to me alone? that i am the only one feeling rejected and scorned? how could he do this to ME, AND ME ALONE???? part of me wants to take to my bed, hug my pillow and whine, "why? why? why?" and part of me wants to assume the sour grapes attitude--"Go ahead and go. I never loved you that much anyway"---stance. and the last part of me wants to laugh out loud because feeling like this is quite possibly the silliest of many silly things i've felt since josh came into my life....

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bored? or have i reached that age

on July 8, 2010 - 1:29am

where i should be shouting, "get off my lawn"-type tirades at the neighbors????

i look on the boards and it is boring. i want to say something inflammatory just to see if i can kick up a ruckus. My mom always told me i was contrary, and it's coming back in spades now. i took a potshot about the east coast whiners and the heat----like NO ONE else in this country knows what 105 degrees feels like---PUH-LEASE!!! i prefaced it with a Sarcasm Alert, but honestly..... the south and west get heat like that all the time, so why no press about that??? one member said that it's newsworthy because the east coast doesn't get that kind of heat usually.....uh, this is not so....every year, they get heat, and then there are the winter snowstorms...Jiminy Christmas, people!!! you get snow every year....stop crying about it like you've never seen the stuff before.

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more time to kill

on July 5, 2010 - 11:36pm

i should go to bed....i'm not tired, but i should go to bed. i have to get up at 6:45 and it's 11 right now, so i really should get in bed. the problem is (besides my natural compunction to never go to bed so early--yes, 11 PM is early for me), i got up at 10:15 this morning, after a lovely 8 hour sleep, so, i'm just not tired. it's that simple.



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