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on being a witch.....

on October 26, 2007 - 11:21pm

quite a while ago, i started a thread here that died a quick death. i am a practicing Wiccan, or, Neopagan, as i prefer, and i asked if there were any others out there. no one came forward, but i've seen things written by others that leads me to believe that perhaps they delve into something similar. i got some nice comments from christians who were supportive. i never mentioned it again, but since it's nearly halloween, i thought, what the heck? this is my forum, and i can write about being a witch.
i don't call myself a witch. it's too hard to fight against the negative image, started by the catholic church way back when, and perpetuated by hollywood. i'll state the misconceptions---we don't fly on brooms. we don't turn cheating lovers to toads. we don't make crops rot, cows stop giving milk, or cause droughts. we can't make Josh fall in love with you with a few sprinkles of love potion (darn). we don't consort with the devil. we don't even believe in the devil. we don't have naked sexual rituals with other people, or animals. give me a freakin' break!!! since the religion of wicca is so individualized, we all have our own way of practicing it. but there is one hard and fast rule---we strive to do no harm, to ourselves, others, and animals and the earth.
we do rituals---just like in any church. in fact, there are many similarities between wiccan ritual and the catholic church's mass. i only speak for myself, as i do not belong to a coven; i practice solo.
ritual is simply putting yourself in the right frame of mind to use the energies that you have to your advantage. it's a routine, just as fasting before taking communion, or crossing yourself when you enter a church,and anointing yourself with holy water. you sit, stand, kneel, repeat after the priest. there are special incantations that you say when in the confessional. wiccans have incantations, too depending on what they are celebrating. i might use a certain colored candle, depending on the day of ritual, or a certain type of stone, or fragrance of incense. we use salt water for purification, just as catholics use holy water. it's all symbolic, and the power of the symbol is what we put into it.
for me, the practice is very basic. when i hold a certain stone, or sit staring into a candle, it's mostly just a reminder to be a better person---to keep me mindful of how i can better live my life to the benefit of others. i strive for patience, tolerance, happiness and gratitude. i try to recycle. i try to not use the paper towels that i have such a dependence on. i compost, and don't use pesticides on my tomatoes. i try not to drive too much (and usually fail, but i do try). i have a special place in my heart for animals, so, i do the bulk of my charitable donations to the Humane Society. this is another way of walking the walk. i try to be a moral, decent person. i'm not a bad person; i'm a very good person, 90% of the time. I'm human and i mess up, just like everyone else.
I could go on and on, defending my choice. i just want people not to snicker when someone says they're a witch. i want people to realize that it is a moral way of life. i want people to open their minds and hearts to the possibility that maybe, perhaps, hollywood has it all wrong. gee, d'ya think???
anyway, have a happy halloween--i know i'm going to, and it has nothing at all to do with being a witch. it's all about the costumes, the spookiness of the night, and the candy!!! have fun, everyone be safe, and don't eat too much chocolate (if there is such a thing)....

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fires everywhere

on October 23, 2007 - 9:41am

california is on fire again. it happens every couple of years. so far, my part of the state has been relatively spared---we had fire in July and August that resulted in the 2nd largest fire ever in the state, so we've had our fill, i guess....we just had another one that was only 1500 acres, that was contained before all these fires in SoCal started up. we had use of the air tankers before they were called south, so right now, we are okay, and LA and San Diego counties are getting ravaged by at least 15 separate fires. In SD Co, more than 1000 homes have been lost so far...Malibu started the party, but only lost a handful of's still not out, and people are evacuated, but it's nothing like san diego. my friend sandy, who lives in san clemente, has her son and his family with her, as they were part of the 250,000 (no, that's not a typo--250,000!!) ordered to get out. His town, Del Mar, has already lost a lot of homes, and he is not only concerned for his home, but the homes of several friends and coworkers. the spokesperson for San Diego fire said simply that they do not have the resources to protect all of the houses in the fires' way, and that many people are going to lose their home. this is sad, but, not a rare tragedy. we've not had much rain, and yet, developers continue to build in the hills and back country, where fire is a naturally-occuring event (at least one of the fires is arson, but downed power lines from the high winds are also to blame) at this time of year. what is truly frightening is that, unlike a lot of our fires, which are in the hills and open areas, these fires are coming right down thru tracts of homes. you'd think the streets and structures with tile roofs would be some kind of firebreak, which might allow the fire to consume the first few homes along the edge, but these flames, and the wind, are unstoppable. the embers just drift down to other homes and the paved-over streets mean nothing. it's in the air.
we have more wind and high temps all week, with some humidity returning to the air by the weekend....who knows how many other homes will be lost by then? they are setting backfires, and i hope that helps....i don't worry about josh---i know he's not even in the country---but malibu is a huge area, and his house might be miles from the burn zone. same with his parents. i worry for everyone in the mountains around Lake Arrowhead (a lot of retired firefighters i used to work with live up there), and in all of san diego county. i worry for the firefighters, the ancillary help, and the animals....don't even get me started on the animals!!!

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what was i thinking?????

on October 20, 2007 - 4:13pm

last week, i wrote that i was somewhat disappointed in josh's Noel CD....that it reminded me too much of high mass in the catholic church, and that those memories are not good, now i have to eat my words....
i didn't give the music enough of a chance.....i am now listening more closely, and feeling the songs more than just listening them....boy, was i wrong in my initial reaction. i have not yet worked my way thru the entire CD to reassess my opinion, but so far, i'm left shaking my head and thinking, "you must have been having a bad day when you wrote that"...this CD is glorious. the music alone is rich and gorgeous---let alone when coupled with josh's voice. man, all i can say is, what a fool i've been.....

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had an awesome Josh dream

on October 20, 2007 - 9:52am

i don't often have dreams where josh makes an appearance, and usually, when he does, he's very elusive. i'll try to get up close to him, just to say hi, but he's always a few steps ahead of me, and then he's gone. i had one dream once where he showed up at my work, and while i was surprised, i was mostly surprised that he'd be at my work. anyway, you know how dreams are usually just little snippets, one scene, and little else. well, this morning, i had an amazing dream that seemed to last a long time, and was thoroughly enjoyable.
now, i can usually remember a lot of details from dreams. they are very vivid, if nonsensical, and they usually leave me shaking my head and wondering what the heck they were all about. not this one. i had finally watched the dvd that came with the Noel CD, and this no doubt set the tone for my dream.
my daughter and i found ourselves in a large warehouse, just stumbled into it, and no one asked us what we were doing there or tried to remove us. it was like a movie set, but we knew it was something to do with josh. there were screens up along the ceiling, showing music videos. she and i sat down in some director chairs and suddenly, there was josh. he was a few feet over from us, talking and laughing to others, and i excitedly pointed him out to her. he walked right by me, and stopped, with his back to me, looking up at one of the screens, and asked, to no one in particular, "who is this?" he was struggling to remember the name of the artist. i got up the nerve to lean over towards the back of his head and answer him, "john legend", and he said, "that's it!" and turned around, and pulled up another chair and started talking to us. most of those details are forgotten, but i remember when waking that there were lots of things we discussed, but they soon slipped away. it was like in the dvd---we were facing him and he was talking about the tour, his plans for a third leg, even told us, when asked about it, who his girlfriend was.....he said, "echo is my girl....i just love her" he was directing the words to my daughter, who, at some point, had been talking to a couple of other women who stopped by, and i only saw them out of the corner of my eye, as i was concentrating on josh, but apparently, one of them was this echo girl. anyway, as i said, most details have slipped away, but in the dream, he gave us about ten minutes of his time, and just sat and talked to us, as gracious as always. what seemed so cool was his NOT being, "on", like he often is in his video clips. he wasn't trying to joke around, he wasn't being strictly business and only discussing music and such. he was just being conversational. in the dream, i kept reminding myself that, "this is josh groban and he's sitting here talking to just me and erin". it was that detailed, that i could remember to tell myself, in a dream, that this was an extraordinary thing.
okay, that's it....wish i coudl remember more...there are bits of things that make no sense out of context, like what the letter C has to do with our being there, what my going to Atlanta has to do with anything (i'm not, but in the dream, i was going to Atlanta), and who are the women with B and D names are???
they were in atlanta at the present time---that's how we got on the subject. HUH??? see, you know how dreams random and hard to piece together, but it all made sense at the time.
hope your dreams are as fun as this one was...

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life is good

on October 16, 2007 - 3:54pm

i love fall. i love everything about it, even the tiny, crinkled-up leaves that blow in the back door, and come in on the cats' fur...i love the big golden spiders with the bulbous butts that spin webs in the treetops, spanning the patio, hoping to catch anything flying by. i love halloween and reading scary stories, and watching every "haunted..." show on cable, even though i've seen them all at least twice.
i've been reading about the difficulties with the cd/dvd editions of, "noel"...i got mine the first day out, so, i can't complain. i feel bad for anyone who can't find it. i've been reading the threads in the chatroom and everyone sounds a bit rabid over this...
like how i get when i don't eat til four in the afternoon. i get cranky and threatening, and that's what these fans sound like. i think we're all a little hungry for more josh, and not in the form of a video on thursdays, or a new CD, but josh in the flesh. we were told there was a two-year tour, and by golly, it's not even been a year. i go from thinking i want what was promised me to thinking josh deserves more time off, more time to think about the next cd he has in mind, time to see his family and get a girlfriend. but, the baby in me is whining, and i think all the other grobies are whining, too....and we're cranky....we want our josh to come and see us, come and sing for us, come and let us wish for BSP and a chance to say hey at the bus afterwards.
so, for now, i'm only peeking in a couple times a day here, to see what's new besides the usual stuff. i'll go to my new job, concentrate on that, and put some of my josh energy to good use elsewhere. and enjoy the fall. i'm in california, and yes, we do have seasons here, you just have to look hard to see them sometimes. will wait for news of josh's appearances on the talk shows to promote the xmas cd....



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