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on October 12, 2007 - 11:38pm

so, i checked out that andy mckee guy who plays on, "the little drummer boy", oh wow....he has an unorthodox method of playing, that's for sure.....reminds me of old surf music---i'm married to a guy who's been surfing since he was 10, and i've seen my share of surf movies, and back in the day, it wasn't all thrasher music, but often lilting and flowing sweetly. that's what andy's music puts me in the mind of....the soundtrack to the epic, "five summer stories" featured an orange county, california band called Honk....that's what his music reminds me of.....and that's a very good thing. i will be buying his cd off itunes when i get paid. being off work has really cramped my spending style.....
so, i took a few hits for my review of the noel cd....i figured there'd be more. i've thought about it more, and yes, it's the song selection more than anything else. reminds me too much of high mass from my forced catholic upbringing....i have a real aversion to the catholic church, and i'm trying to get over it so i can enjoy this cd more....i do like the contemporary songs well enough, but boy, those hymn-sounding ones just turn me off. i can almost smell that horrible, choking incense. for anyone who's happily catholic, please don't give me a lecture on my blasphemous ways. it will fall on deaf ears.
so, i'm putting away the cd til after's too soon to get in the christmas spirit....i'm ready for halloween!!!

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you'll all hate me

on October 12, 2007 - 12:43am

am i the only one out there who is perhaps a little bit disappointed with, "Noel"? i must qualify that by saying that Josh's voice is perfection,and the musical arrangements are gorgeous, but, the CD just left me asking, "is that it?" i think it's because of the song choices....none are songs i'm terribly in love with, and some, i really never liked to begin with...ironically, my favorite song on the CD is one of my least-favorite xmas songs ever, "The little drummer boy" i like how he changed it up a little....but most of the rest of it is just too heavy for me... i know he wanted to go traditional...i get that...maybe it reminds me of church too much (my memories of high mass are not fond ones). i also like, "i'll be home for xmas", another contemporary song... anyway, there, i said it...

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got my special cd/dvd

on October 9, 2007 - 4:28pm

so i went out at 8:45 to my target and got the only available cd/dvd---found out later that a friend of a friend was there at 8 and bought three of them, and there was one, maybe two left..don't know if there was one more, or who got it, but, that's it for the only target for over 60 miles away....i had wanted one more, for my mother in law, who is not anywhere near a target, but i'll just send her the regular cd, and she'll be happy....i hope they get more, so everyone gets one who wants one. lotsa disappointed grobies out there....
i haven't watched the dvd yet...our computer is being obnoxious and won't play it, and our dvd player is unhooked from the other night---one of our cats caught a mouse outside and brought it in, and it ran behind the entertainment center...we had to unhook the cable, and dvd player, move the unit, and get the mouse....i won't kill a poor little mousey--it was outside, in its world, doing its thing, and wasn't trying to get into my world, so, we just trap them and let them go. it upsets the cats, but, hey, life is tough all over. so, i'll have to wait til the house is clear, the dvd player is hooked up, and then i'll watch my dvd without fear of being made fun of.....the screencaps posted are adorable.
can't wait to see it...i have to go back and play, "i'll be home for xmas", just to hear josh talking......

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on October 8, 2007 - 7:23pm

i feel so happy and upbeat today...could it be on account of, "noel" coming out tomorrow?? well, yes and no. it's just a lovely day, and life is good, and my kids are all healthy and safe, and i'm tremendously lucky. it's just icing on top that a new josh cd comes out tomorrow---or, if i go to Target at 9:45 tonight, it might be in my cd player at target sometimes jumps the gun with putting out new releases on the monday night.....i was reading in the LA times about other artists who are releasing christmas CDs, and the article was about how they are coming out earlier and earlier, and they mentioned a couple of artists, but NO, josh was not one of them...i've never even heard of the other singers--country artists, apparently, and that's not what i listen to---
but, how could they ignore josh???? It's the freaking LOS ANGELES TIMES, his hometown rag!!!!! sheeeshhhh!
but anyway, i'm sure it'll do well despite the lack of publicity....once he's on oprah, sales will go crazy. we're lucky we get advance notice, so we can get all the cds we need before the general public knows about them....
so, i'm going to go enjoy the cleveland indians knocking off the damned yankees....if i can't have my dodgers in there, at least i can relish the thought that the yankees are going home early....

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is this PCD???

on October 7, 2007 - 10:02pm

is it just me, or are some of you suffering from a general feeling of malaise? i'm not all that excited about the xmas cd, even though i know it's going to be wonderful. i'm just not ready for the holidays, and they will be here before we know it. i used to be one of those people who had their shopping done by thanksgiving, their house all decorated up the day after thanksgiving, christmas music playing all the time....the last few years, that feeling is gone....perhaps the Noel CD will give me back some holiday cheer....but, anyway, without any third leg yet announced, i just feel disinterested in most things josh....i barely reply on the boards...nothing is of interest to seems like the same old, same old....i hate it that this lethargy seems to be permeating into the rest of my life....i just started a new job, and that takes a lot out of me--all the stress of learning something new, and all the new faces i have to learn...i'm terrible with names now. so, i'm chalking this up to that new development in my life...i hope it gets better....someone at warner bros, or brian, needs to announce a third leg of josh's TWO YEAR tour.... if i'd known that anaheim was going to be my last concert of the tour, i'd have gotten the VIP seats and not been relegated to seats so far away. i thought i'd be seeing josh three or four times this tour.....i won't fly anywhere, so i was expecting more shows in california---please don't get me wrong--i know there are many of you waiting in florida and the midwest, and you'll think i'm whining cuz i only got to see him three times....oh, gosh, as i write that, i'm making MYSELF ill with disgust!!! forgive me....
i just want to feel like there is some other concert OUT THERE in the future that i'll get to go to sooner rather than later...that's that too much to ask???



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