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is this PCD???

on October 7, 2007 - 10:02pm

is it just me, or are some of you suffering from a general feeling of malaise? i'm not all that excited about the xmas cd, even though i know it's going to be wonderful. i'm just not ready for the holidays, and they will be here before we know it. i used to be one of those people who had their shopping done by thanksgiving, their house all decorated up the day after thanksgiving, christmas music playing all the time....the last few years, that feeling is gone....perhaps the Noel CD will give me back some holiday cheer....but, anyway, without any third leg yet announced, i just feel disinterested in most things josh....i barely reply on the boards...nothing is of interest to seems like the same old, same old....i hate it that this lethargy seems to be permeating into the rest of my life....i just started a new job, and that takes a lot out of me--all the stress of learning something new, and all the new faces i have to learn...i'm terrible with names now. so, i'm chalking this up to that new development in my life...i hope it gets better....someone at warner bros, or brian, needs to announce a third leg of josh's TWO YEAR tour.... if i'd known that anaheim was going to be my last concert of the tour, i'd have gotten the VIP seats and not been relegated to seats so far away. i thought i'd be seeing josh three or four times this tour.....i won't fly anywhere, so i was expecting more shows in california---please don't get me wrong--i know there are many of you waiting in florida and the midwest, and you'll think i'm whining cuz i only got to see him three times....oh, gosh, as i write that, i'm making MYSELF ill with disgust!!! forgive me....
i just want to feel like there is some other concert OUT THERE in the future that i'll get to go to sooner rather than later...that's that too much to ask???

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first day at the new job

on October 1, 2007 - 3:48pm

so, after being off work for over 2 1/2 months, i went back to work today. i think i'm going to really like it--as a school librarian. i love books, i can tolerate kids, and i love the, i went in, and had a good time. so often, first days are big headaches, but this was fun. i'll have to see how it goes thru the week...sometimes, ignorance is bliss, so i might just not have a clue about things yet.
i know the job is repetitious and mindless, for the most part, checking books in and out, shelving books--that sort of thing....but, i'm no longer good at multi-tasking, can't stand to answer the phone, and really hate trying to solve everyone else's problems. this is not rocket science, and i think it's a good fit for me. now, to find another part-time job, cuz, with all this library job has going for it, it's a bit thin on hours, so, i will need to find something else.....but i'm going to tackle this one first, get comfortable with it, and then worry....find me a xmas job or something....

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i'm back

on September 26, 2007 - 5:20pm

Our monitor has been messed up for the past couple of weeks, and i've been kept away from my precious FOJG's been torture, believe me!!! my son let me check my email on his computer, but he drew the line at josh....i don't blame him---he paid for his computer out of his own pocket, and if he wants to keep it to himself, that's his right. so, it's fixed now, and i'm back,and i missed you all so very much....
we had some unseasonably cool weather here in california last week....right now, it's very warm....but, in that week, i was feeling all, "fall is here", and so, put up all my halloween decorations. early, i know, but, hey, i don't's my life and my living room, and by golly, if i want to put out all of my stuff, i will, and i did....
i got a job in the interim, too....been out of work for over two months....very nice, but the wallet is feeling the pain...i haven't actually started yet, but, soon....i'll be a school librarian....about the only thing i'm more passionate about than josh is books, and if i can encourage on little kidlet to read more, then, i've done my job. i'm hoping to really like the job, and i'm really looking forward to having summers off, and breaks at xmas and easter, and all those three-day HOG is a teacher, and he's been bugging me for a long time to hire on with the school district, and after many failed attempts, i got hired, so, i'm looking forward to going to work for the first time in my life....i just hope i like it, now....
so, happy to be back here among you feels like home......

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cruising the boards

on September 10, 2007 - 10:47am

i swear, since i started really reading and writing in the chat room, i think i've gained ten pounds. i'm here, instead of up and moving around. add to that, the dodgers are on TV every night, and i spend too much time there, as well.....i go thru withdrawals at the end of the baseball season, even if the dodgers don't make it to the playoffs (which, sadly, has become the norm)...i still watch the playoffs and root for whoever catches my fancy. but, here, there is no "off-season", and if it's not a new CD, or tour, or contest we're all obsessing over, we'll find something to keep us occupied. right now, we're all suffering from the PCD---or whatever you call it. i feel that i can finally push myself away from the computer and get on with life as i knew it BFOJG (before friends of josh groban). i'm not anticipating the next show, not wondering when the next cd is coming out, not wondering if i'll win a contest.....i feel that i'm in a dormant stage....i can quietly slip out the door from the party known as FOJG, and get back to my routine. It's time to spend only one hour a day here, instead of two or three. until there is something new to kvetch about, you won't see me much. i'm off to get on with HOG will be so happy.....

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can't wait for halloween

on September 7, 2007 - 6:16pm

i'm insanely goofy for halloween....let me say right here and now, i'm 52, and my "baby" is going to be 20 here soon, so no one goes out trick-or-treating, i don't(usually) have to deal with costumes, and we hardly get any little hobgoblins at our door because the local elementary school has a Halloween party every year that sucks the kids off the streets....but, in spite of all this, i love, love, love's always been my second-favorite holiday behind christmas, but, lately, i'm thinking i like it even more. if you're an uber-christian and think it's all about devil worship and black magic, well, nothing i can say will change your narrow mind, but, for me, it's all about dressing up, getting to play, scoring candy, and just having a good time. nothing criminal, mind you, just goofy fun....even my dad tipped over outhouses way back when, and i've never done anything even remotely mean-spirited or nasty. so, anyway, all the halloween stuff is coming out in the stores, and i just can't help myself....i keep buying things in orange and black...and i can't wait to put it mantle is constantly changing, depending on the season or holiday, and right now, it's plain and unadorned, waiting for fall to come...i live on the central coast of california, so we barely get a fall season...we have our best weather thru september and into october.... but, i always use the calendar as my guide, and by golly, come september 21st, the stuff comes out of their Rubbermaid totes and my living room explodes in ghosts, pumpkins, witches, monsters, skeletons and doesn't matter if it's 100 degrees inland, the calendar says it's fall and, that's my story and i'm stickin' to it.
i often wish i lived back in new england, where they really get a fall, with the colors and the smells, but, i am a native SoCal girl, and don't think i could live in the cold and snow. so, i'll stay here, with my warm halloweens and no fall to speak of. and i'll keep putting out the decorations, and keep buying the bags of candy, just for the few kids who do come around (besides, i always buy what i like, just so in case there's any left over, it's mine!!), and keep on believing that one night of mischief is a child's right (and a grown-up's)....



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