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hi all

on April 18, 2008 - 8:47am

i have more josh stuff but since i vowed no more new threads for a while, i guess i'll write in here. not as much fun! but almost. my life is JOSHed from one end to the other. last night, out of the complete blue, MOG,"you know what cartoon movie i really like?(i took a breath waiting, knowing which one she's going to say), MOG,"polar express"! i mmmediately gave her the "josh look" without talking. MOG,"nooo!" me,"YES! he sings "believe". i saw one of the only two times he sang it in public!" his hand is so around my heart!
i almost forgot this too, at work yesterday, new job, one of the personnel ladies opened her desk drawer, every one of his CDs right in front! i told her the usual,, "guess what?" she couldn't believe it!

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josh and sweeney. jack and lindy, verona

on April 16, 2008 - 2:47pm

hi all, i get to tell more? yeah! verona, day before concert, i got to my room and turned on tv. what's on... JOSHie's song on one of the soaps. OMJ! this is gonna be a good trip. my cell rings, it's one of my "sisters". "come to the turning stone. the groband and josh are staying here." went there. i was not that far away. found grobies right away. we all kind of stand out. you can tell when someone is a grobie. we all paired off to walk around a bit. one of my JOSHie dreams was to get close enough to josh, when he was standing, to figure out for myself, how actually tall he is. we were walking in hallways, not stalking him! i SWEAR. omj! we sensed people coming quickly up behind us. we moved to the side and whoosh! a mess of people went around us. my friend... grabbing my arm, i'm dreaming about her doing that now, all the time,"margie! was that sweeney?" me, "it looks like him." my friend, "was that JOSH?" oh! be still my heart, yes it WAS! when josh heard her say, "josh!" he slowed and picked up sweeney, turned to us just a bit. he was scruffy, had glasses and a baseball cap on. josh, while walking quickly again, "on my way to rehearsal." a bit of people were there too and someone asked him,"does sweeney like the snow?" josh, "loves it!" josh put his head down and was outta there. so, how tall is he? well, much taller than me. he had brushed my arm!
we went to dinner. heard that we could hear the rehearsal! they were letting grobies stand outside the venue in the hallway. we went right there! how do you stifle screams of, "omj! hi! i can't believe it's you!" talking to other grobies, when josh is inside rehearsing? but, we all did good. piles of people walking past us, "who's in there? what are you doing?" us basically, "josh groban. the singer who's performing tomorrow night here." there were many people going into and out of venue door too. we could hear him with door shut, very clearly, but when someone opened it, AAAHH! totally could hear him. josh went out the back way! darn but, we knew he wouldn't come out the door we were all at.
day of concert, HOG of the lady running the m and g, was the elevator greeter. he was so cute. hog, "hi! first you have to give me a hug." me, "ok! but i really wish it were josh!" HOG, "allll of you are sayng that!" it was great! lindy and jack showed up. i didn't even try to get close to her. it's funny, whenever i feel josh and/or one of his people slipping away, i get them all much bigger and better later. jack and lindy left pretty quickly. the m and g broke up. all the grobies slipped apart. i went to the venue door i was assigned to go thru, and who was there? just inside the door? jack and lindy. all alone. i couldn't believe it! me, "hi lindy, how's it going? i'm margie76. i helped you slip out of the tent at tw." lindy, "that was a day, wasn't it?" me,"are you excited about the tour starting?" lindy, "well, actually it's a bit scary!" me, "aww! i'll try to keep scary spirits away from him." she laughed! i walked to my seat on air! i told the people next to me, "i'll try to not make you nuts! i just got to talk to his mom and dad, all by myself, again!" the lady,"his mom and dad! where? how?" she laughed. i pointed to them and brian too. her, "that's josh's mom and dad?" me, "yes!" that lady is a grobie too. i can't recall her name. she told me her family was coming to FL soon. i told her to call me. i forgot to give her my telephone number! lesson learned, when JOSHed, give people your tele number, first thing!

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on April 13, 2008 - 10:06am

hi all upstairs at barnes and noble, right after i'd met him, we were sitting and chatting, basking in the glow...up the stairs walks brian! omj! someone said, " hi brian!" he smiled and walked over to us! "omj! how much better can it get!" i was thinking. "tape recorder in brain on, this is gonna be big!" brian, " hi ladies!" someone, "how's josh?" brian, "josh is sooo happy! he can't BELIEVE how many of you are here this week!" then someone said something, i can't recall what. brian's response, "we looove the grobanites." brian shook our hands around the table and asked each one of us where we were from and what we did. my turn, i told him i was a school nurse, brian, "that must be interesting." me, " when are you going to bring josh to disney world? my HOG works there. come on! bring him!" brian laughed, "we are always trying to work out a deal with josh and disney!" me, "oh! yeah!"

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on April 12, 2008 - 5:38am

you guys are making me die with happiness! my local "sisters"are sick of these...
which one next? josh at GMA. i know of only one other grobie who's gotten his mind all to herself, no one else watching us, like i got here. one of my " JOSHie rules", never take your eyes off him when he is around. standing outside the studio, against the ground floor windows, waiting to go in. josh, inside! sitting on a stool, reading music, all in costume, wearing glasses still though. other grobies talking to each other, i'm watching him! i had a completely unblocked view of him, nothing between us but glass and air. watching, waiting... he lifted his head up, aaahhh! eye catch, me, heart pat, " i looove you, baby!" josh, wink, smile, "thanks!" then he looked right back down. i'll bet he thought, "rats! she caught me!" you guys can laugh, but that was almost better than meeting him, 'cuz i had him all to myself.
i held in my crying all week. sitting in the hotel lobby, waiting for ride to airport, HOG called me, "are you sorry it's over?" that was it! i sobbed. " i can't believe i finally met him, and i don't know what was better, meeting him, or when he talked to me thru that window. honey, whenever i'm ever mad at you, for the rest of our lives, all you have to say is, "new york" and i'll be quiet."

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on April 12, 2008 - 5:07am

tanglewood, josh's second time there. where i got josh, lindy, jack and my BFOGs, best friend of a grobanite's, house for the first time. my friend lives in brattleboro, VT. HOG had called her to have her call me and MAKE me go to see her. my BFOG, " you are sooo close. you ARE coming to me." me, " ok! let me go to sleep." i drove up there the next morning. my friend's hubby, we've known each other 26 years, " did you know that this is the part of the berkshires that james taylor wrote about in the song, (i'll think of it)?" me, " yes! i've been playing that whole cd since i got my tickets." oh! i know, "sweet baby james. the turnpike from stockbridge to boston...." the look on my friend's face when i got out of the car! worth the whole trip. her hubby, " so what is a meet and greet? will HE be there?" me, "he's not scheduled to appear, but we can hope! a meet and greet? grobie heaven. non stop josh talk with people who won't roll their eyes at the mention of his name."
the concert, john williams, and the last time i heard my favorite song, " mi mancherai", in concert. in the middle of Josh's songs, john williams, "i'm not sure why it was requested that we try to include THIS song in tonight's program,.." me, "molli! get the glowlights, "vincent". jw continued, " but we did some research and found that it was performed in TWO films. so, it is quite appropriate that we perform it here.... don mc lean's "vincent." at that moment all the grobies lifted their light sticks. the look on JWs face! when he saw all the glowlights! the look on josh's face when he saw the look on JWs face! priceless. i think that josh felt the GROBIE love, waaay down deep, maybe for the first time. i don't think that JW knew how many grobies were there. WE knew why "vincent", for us, the grobies.



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