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the bedpost story

on April 12, 2008 - 5:03am

i can't believe you all are letting me tell these 'oldies' again. the bedpost story. i hope you don't mind the lead up to the actual happening, 'cuz the whole concerts are events for me. maybe, you'll let me tell " shirtless josh!" too? i saw that too. i'm pretty sure that i'm the only grobie who has seen that delicious sight.
the bedpost story, louisville, closer tour. i'm not the only grobie who saw this, but i'm the only one who's written about it, on threads.
josh started to talk, not intro'ing a song. friendly banter with the crowd... josh,"i got off the bus and up to my room. i jumped on the bed,..." huge crowd response. josh,"i jumped on the bed... " even bigger crowd response. josh," i can't even say the word, BED?" loudest, longest crowd response i've ever heard. josh, "well anyway... i jumped on the bed and i saw this thing flying right at my head. i thought it was ghosts or something." the hotel he was in has a reputation of being haunted. i remember the hotel... the seelbach. josh,"i got hit! on the head." the crowd,"awww!" josh,"i got a bump!" he ran up to the camera and showed the bump. he picked up the bedpost and showed us. it was HUGE! josh, holding bedpost,"i took it. do you think i'm going to get in trouble?" crowd,"oh! NO!" josh, " i'm going to return it!" he told the whole story, no blushing. i think it was because he was in control, not an audience member.
i just watched the clip. i'm close in this report. i think some parts josh said are edited out of the clip.

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the flying Ts

on April 12, 2008 - 5:00am

hi all, DOG=daughter of a grobanite, josh-speak. here's the story,...
how do i think the only grobies to hear/see this? glowlights. we were the only people in our section, who had them and they all looked at us strangely, when we brought them out. DOG and i sat down into seats which we knew were great. piano stage end, up just a bit, perfect view of backstage. we saw the groband running around, zack, tim, tariq, out of costume. me, "molli! look! LOOK!" we were happy, happy! the people looking at us! not knowing what they are seeing. the lady next to molli, "is this your first josh concert?" molli, "nooo! what is this mom? my fourth?" me, "yes, baby." me to lady, "it's my fifth. i just got back from seeing him in paris." the lady, "you went all that way just for josh?" me, "yes! i love him." the lady, "oh! you're one of those!" told her going to see him in a few days again, the lady,"stop! you're scary!" omj! darn. grobies way up behind us, heard us talking and they hollered, "what's your username?" i told them. they said, "we've read your posts. you're funny." that was the first time anyone recognized my username.
the concert. the opener? can't recall. JOSHie's part! every time josh ran in our direction, we waved our glowlights and mouthed, " we love you, josh!" our present from josh, for that earlier remark, " you're scary!", two smiles right at us. the first time he nodded, winked and smiled, it was so obviously right at us that the people turned to us, "does he know you?" the second time, nod, wink , smile, the people, "how does he know you?" DOG and i slapping each other! "he doesn't know us. it's the glowlights."
josh started to intro a song. which? i can't recall. FWAP! a red t shirt lands by him. he picked it up, CHICKMAGNET. he nodded, turned it to crowd. huge crowd response. josh started again. FWAP! another t. josh picked it up. STUDLICIOUS josh, instant, huge red blush, all the way from neck to hairline. josh, " oh! my!" he turned it to show crowd. the crowd is passing out. large crowd response. josh dropped the t, put down his mike and turned back to crowd. off-mike, josh, " i'm not even going to face the crowd." he grabbed and cracked each ankle. running both his hands over his face, " focus! josh! focus." he picked mike back up and turned around. DOG and i slapping each other, "OMJ! did you hear that?" FWAP! another t shirt. HEARTTHROB josh picked it up. craig, " boom! BOOM!" on the drum. josh tossed it to craig with a " here, you need this." he started up the intro again and got thru the song.
i just met the "throwers". they were so nice. i'm looking for the/a pic of him holding the HEARTTHROB t. no one seems to have a pic of that one. we call that pic the "holy grail" of grobania.

the hand of josh, what's on radio? just this second? "february's song"

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the bedpost story

on April 11, 2008 - 2:49pm

louisville, "closer" tour... how grand is it that we now have to identify the tour, because he's been there so many times.
i've heard that maybe some newbies in particular, but all are welcome to read, might be interested in some of my stories so i'm going to write them here.
i'm not the only grobie who saw this happen, but i'm the only one who writes about it.
between songs, i'm close on this, i might not be word for word, josh,"i got off the bus and up to my room, jumped on the bed,..."loud crowd response. josh cont., "i jumped on the beeed...", even louder crowd response. josh,"i can't even say the word BED?" the audience exploded, the loudest crowd response i've heard until "the dollars". after a bit, josh,"well, anyway, i jumped on the bed and saw this thing flying at me! i thought it was ghosts or something. (the seelbach hotel, where he was staying, has a reputation of being haunted). josh,"i got hit on the head." he picked up a HUGE bedpost. josh,"i got a bump." he ran to the monitor to show his bump. audience,"AWWW!" josh,"i took it! do you think they're going to make me return it?"

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joshed at work.

on April 9, 2008 - 9:41am

i was at desk and my old deskmate, now in a different office, snuck up behind me,"when i am lost and oh! my soul's so weary." she sang. i LOOKED at her and sang,"when trouble comes and my heart burdens me..." then, we started singing together. we sang the whole song, back and forth, and in harmony. when we were done, lots of people clapped. it so made my day! i did not know she knew that song but she knew i did, of course!

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shirtless josh

on April 8, 2008 - 5:40pm

edmonton, canada. aka "shirtless josh!" where my adage, "there are no bad seats" was born. we were already, "rocky mountain high" 'cuz HOG worked for john denver for three years and edmonton is in the part of canada that the songs, "cold nights in canada" and "sweet surrender", to name two, were written about. got to the venue early. the fun started in line. people heard us talking, "are you from the states?" us, "yes!" now, what is the first queston that people outside of USA ask american grobies, "have you seen him on "ally mc beal?"" us, "omj! yes, i've seen both and i have one on tape." canadians hadn't seen those shows yet. they were green! got into our seats. up a bit, on piano side. perfect view of backstage. saw tariq, zack, tim and craig, running around, out of costume. DOG and i slapping each other, "look! LOOK!" we were happy! happy! the opening act, i can't recall who. JOSHie's turn. thru a door at back of stage, we saw the pre show peace circle. all holding hands. josh talking. then they dropped hands and with a " whooo!" swung out of circle. the groband came onto stage. josh standing all alone in that doorway. head hung down, hands clasped in front of himself, holding the mike. the music started up. josh, lifted his head, big smile, and went out on stage. we had a PERFECT view backstage. the people next to molli, "we've been watching you and your mom... you know all the words!" DOG and i looked at each other... "yes! we do! we looove him."
a hint... whenever lucia is alone on the stage, josh is off stage doing something. another adage, "never take your eyes off josh. follow him into the shadows." all night long we watched him, taking drinks, talking to the crew and, how i'm alive after this, i don't know, changing shirts. he swung tummy first right at us, thru the stage end bars, down to the floor. his dresser right there, he lifted his arms, off with the old shirt, buttoned, right over his head. on with the new shirt, buttoned, right over his arms and head. his dresser fixed his hair, patted his cheek, "you look good, honey!" and josh ran back out on stage. pics? sorry, no. it was waaay before i was even FoJG and i didn't know that such a delicious topic as shirtless josh, even existed. all i can say is, i want to learn how to knit.
i didn't really know that i'm probably the only grobie who's seen him like that, until my first meet and greet. at that party, we paired off to interview each other. when i told my interviewer that story, she screamed, "WHAT! i have to tell everyone THAT! right now." everyone looked. the way she told everyone that story, so funny. " she, she, she has seen josh without his shirt on!" fanning herself and acting verklempt.



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