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my completely JOSHed life

on March 27, 2008 - 3:33pm

hi all! this is a good example of my completely JOSHed regular life... i was driving to a job interview. on the corner where i had to turn into job site, was a store by the name of.... come on guess!! "josh's spot!" i am so NOT kidding. he's around me aaall the time. i just look up and say, "I looove you, baby!" and guess what? I GOT THAT JOB! on the spot. i knew i had it in hand when i saw that sign. now, come on, you gotta agree, it's toooo many times he's around me to be coincidence. he's not around you guys too like that?
did i tell you all here what happened at the job i just quit? totally JOSHland too! i'll talk about regular stuff on this thread too, but if i have JOSHed stuff, i just gotta tell you that! at least first.

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josh in gb

on March 26, 2008 - 9:37am

what to put in here? one time, i'd like to write everything up, in chronological order. have i told, in here, the story of my post pic? back and forth killer convo. josh so funny even darren was leaning in, listening and laughing.
green bay, "awake" tour. we were at the hotel pre concert. one of josh's buses was there.we really didn't totally think josh was though. after a bit of all of us visiting in lobby, in walks darren! omj! i'm croaking, quietly! after a bit of convo with us, i'll bet he was testing the waters for josh, darren,"josh is here. he'll come down and sign. one item, take all the pics you want but no posed pics!" we went out to the bus, lined up, aaaanndd in a bit, out comes josh! scruffy, glasses, yummy! i was in middle of the line. i handed josh the guitar pic. have you seen them? custom, josh's siggy face one side, tariq's on the other. i'd had tariq sign it the night i got the pic. josh took that pic, pointed to tariq's siggy and said, "you had TARIQ sign it first!" with a big grin on his face! me, "sorry honey! i saw him first!" then josh turned the pic over to his side, josh, "i already DID sign it." the picture caught josh pointing to the pic and saying that. me, "nooo you didn't" josh, "alright i'll sign it!" and he did! back and forth killer convo, looking into each other's eyes... i just can't take it sometimes.

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on March 25, 2008 - 4:44am

hi all, m and g means meet and greet. do you know what a meet and greet is? if you know, stop reading! a meet and greet is a formal planned event, held usually before a concert. they have a seperate fee. they are planned by a team of grobies who live in the area of the concert. the grobans SOMETIMES show up to the big ones, josh never shows up anymore, he USED to though. i shouldn't say NEVER josh, 'cuz he HAS shown up at tanglewood, TW or tw, means tanglewood. i should tell you THAT tw story next, here it is... tanglewood where i got my best friends house, for the first time and she's lived there 20 years, jack and lindy and JOSH!, in the same room as me, all on the same day, the TW concert, lots of grobies were there, this is MY version, no one else writes about the concert. josh came out onto stage! OMJ! he was looking so good. first time, actually ONLY time, i ever saw him in a tux. he sang some songs, omj! he sang so well. john williams, JW, introduced one song, JW," i'm not sure why is was requested that we attempt to include this next selection in tonight's program..." me to DOG, daughter of a grobanite, "molli! quick get the glowlights, "vincent" (starry, starry night)! JW, cont,"but we did some research and found that it WAS performed in TWO films, so it is quite apprpriately performed here,...don mc lean's "vincent"." at that moment, AAALLL the grobanites in the audience raised their glowlights! so many of us! the look on john williams face when he saw all of us, he was shocked. i'll bet he thought, "this kid is getting big!" and then the look on JOSHie's face when he saw the look on JWs face! aaahhh! priceless. i'm pretty sure josh had no idea how many grobanites were there. i think that josh felt the GROBANITE love, way down deep! maybe for the first time. WE knew, "why "vincent"!" for us. for the grobanites. all the audience watched us sway our lights. at the chorus, the high last part, "and when no hope was left inside..." we all lifted our glowlights way up high! the whole audience watching us! i sat in the non grobie section, lots of the other people at that concert didn't even know who josh was yet! the people around me, "who IS this guy? i don't even know him!..." etc. watching josh sing "vincent" at that concert is one of my favorite josh in concert moments ever.
josh showing up at m and g! we were all a buzz! back at tent. us, "is he coming? is he coming?" after a good bit, he didn't show up right away after concert, DOG and me were at back of tent again! in our lindy spot. we saw a set of lights coming toward tent! we grabbed each other, "OMJ! it's josh!" and it was! the limo stopped josh got out and went into tent. josh, "hi everybody!" all of us FLEW to our feet. annie sang her song.josh, so cute, playing along. josh gave a little speech, told us, "don't beat each other up on the boards!" and left! what a night.

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my chris g story

on March 24, 2008 - 12:32pm

chris g? yes! i've seen him, haven't met him. here's THAT story. vegas, "AWAKE" tour. again, when i feel josh has slipped away from me, he slips his hand into mine and i get JOSHed even bigger than i would have. this story winds a bit too! i can't help that, hope you can follow... my florida sisters and i found out late that we were all going to vegas. too late to be able to go to the M and G, but omj! one of my "sisters" had THE MOST BRILLIANT idea ever! my friend, "we can't go to the m and g, let's work the check in desk!" which we did. i have ALWAYS missed grobies i wanted to talk to at these events. i didn't miss a single grobie this time. it was so grand. non stop, "OMJ! i can't believe it's you!" action. a little bit, after the party just started val, do you know her? she's the head of josh's charity, username, joshfanval. val, came up to us at desk, "the grobans are coming up!" me, "WHAT?" my friends turned to me. one of them, while grabbing my cheeks, i'm still dreaming of her doing that, they know i'm SEVERELY josh brained, my friend, "MARGIE! are you gonna behave? 'cuz if you're not gonna, you're gonna leave right now!" now, actually i don't know why they think i won't behave! 'cuz i have gotten jack and lindy, alllll to myself, no one else around and i behaved!
in the next second, into the lobby, in walks the grobans. jack, lindy and oh! be still my poor joshed heart, chris g! and chris g's girlfriend! chris looks like a young josh, a little bit. but i heard chris talking and he has josh's speaking voice, totally. they both have a man version of lindy's voice. they all milled around in front of us for at least 15 minutes. jack came up to us, he pointed to te un claimed nametags. jack, "didn't these people pay?" us, "they paid, they just didn't show up!" jack, "OK! then." there was a nice couple standing by our desk. they are known in grobania, but i forget how. at one point gthe HOG blocked my view of the grobans! me to the HOG, "OH! please can you move? you're blocking the most delicious sight!" he laughed and moved. the grobans went into m and g. we listened to lindy's speech. then the grobans left! i didn't meet chris! but watching him walking for the long time, hearing his voice! heaven.

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verona, "AWAKE" tour, part one, josh and sweeney.

on March 21, 2008 - 11:28pm

a magical trip, for sure. i got josh and sweeney and jack and lindy all on the same trip.
got to my hotel room. turned on the TV. what was on, the hand of josh, JOSHie! his song on one of the soaps. someone told me, after i told them this story, what it was, how he was on, my phone started ringing..."margie! get over here,(the turning stone).Josh and the groband are staying here." i hopped into to casino. i stepped into total JOSHland at casino. posters of him all over and him on the hotel muzak. grobies all over! i found my friend and we vixited with others for a bit. then we decided to split up and walk around. we were on JOSHie and groband alert, but we weren't stalking! i swear. we turned down a long hallway. all of a sudden, a large group of people whooshed around, past us! my friend, grabbing my arm,i'm still dreaming about her grabbing my arm,"MARGIE! was that sweeney?" me,"it looks like the kind of dog sweeney is." my friend, loudly,"MARGIE! WAS THAT JOSH!" omj! be still my poor JOSHed heart, yes! it waa josh. scruffy, glasses, baseball cap! and he had brushed my ARM! when josh heard my friend say, "was that JOSH?" he stopped, scooped up sweeney, half turned to us, josh, "on my way to rehearsal!" put sweeney back down and was outta there! someone down the hallway heard us all and asked, "how does sweeney like the snow?" josh, "loves it!" my friend and i slapping each other, "OMJ! did THAT just happen? josh and sweeney!" josh so funny. i can only imagine when he an entourage turned down that hallway and saw grobies! they must've thought, "rats! grobies!" but i behaved. i didn't scream at or touch josh or sweeney! one of my JOSHie goals was to get close enough to him, when he was standing, to figure out how actually tall he is. well, could i tell? no, too josh brained. all i could tell is he's taller than me!
one of my JOSHed vows, at the start of all my JOSHing i vowed if i ever saw him running around out of a concert setting, i'd give him a pinkie wave so he'd know i knew who he was, because one celeb said once, "when fans stop recognizing you, you're dead!", but i vowed to not talk to him! or impede him, outside of a concert setting. i held true to that. do you all like really long posts? or should i break them up? 'cuz THIS day has lots of parts that could be one gigantic post.



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