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Enough is Enough!

on March 26, 2007 - 10:18am

"If it's not one thing, it's another". I like that quote. I should find out who said it. My son was sick all weekend, which we were told was bronchitus (sp?). I took him to a clinic on Sat. because his doctor doesn't have office hours and they prescribed three medications, all incorrect (according to his pediatrician). "You should never take a child to _". The do not know how to care for them properly". So, he was basically put on adult medication for something that children don't get. That's the first thing his doctor said to me was "Kid's don't get broncitus".

So, it really begged the question and I asked. WHAT DOES A PARENT DO IF YOUR OFFICE IS CLOSED ON SAT.? Fair enough question I thought. I didn't feel it warranted a trip to Baptist Emergency. His response..."Call our office". OK! We can check that off of our "We Did the Right Thing" list. We called Friday evening AND Saturday morning. The "new doctor" told me that it would be perfectly adviseable to take him to the clinic. What am I missing here?

So, I told him that. His response: "She's new and doesn't know about _ (the clinic)". Great! Fabulous!

OK...normally, I love his pediatrician and understand that they were absolutely swamped this morning. But please! So, 4 prescriptions later, we have him on the right stuff and now he says it could turn into asthma! Deep breath. It's gonna be alright. I just so bad for Cameron. He has had to endure this crappy stuff all weekend for nothing. One of the meds he was on makes "adults extremely hyper". So, extremely times 2 for a 4 year old! Jeez!

So, I'm home today wishing I could do this forever. I dream of walking in to my office, packing a box and wishing everyone luck. Just like that. No two week notice. No bargaining. Just "I'm outta here". A girl can dream!

Ok...gotta end this one on a good note. For you readers out there...there is an excellent book I'm reading called "The Know-It-All". The author read the entire encyclopedia Britainica. His chapters aren't numbered, they are lettered for each volume he gets through. He tries to tie in the mountain of facts with his real life. It's really like a memoir. He is hysterically funny and witty. I don't have the book handy, but I think the author is A.J. Jacobs???

Anyhoo, better go. I'm going to watch the latest and greatest Grey's episode. Woo Hoo! Should be very interesting!

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on March 23, 2007 - 11:39am

TGIF! I'm so glad it's Friday! It has been a good one also. It's quiet in the office and I have Josh giving me my own private concert through earbuds. What more could a woman want?? I'm trying not to sing out loud because I don't think anyone around here would appreciate it very much.

I logged on to the boards this morning and read some of the concert reviews. I MISS JOSH SO MUCH! Glad to see that he has added more tour dates and that some are close to Florida. I know he will get here eventually. If I remember correctly Tampa and Orlando were at the tail ends of both of his first two tours. Everyone keeps saying that they just get better and better with each show. I'm just excited to be able to go again.

So my son was pushed by a "friend" at school the other day and he lost his balance and landed right on the corner of a brick on the outside of the building. He bled all over the place and scared the little brat that did it half to death.

Poor little guy...he had a triangle-shaped hole in his forehead. I took him to the emergency room and they had to use glue to close it instead of stitches (because it was such an odd shape). I have never heard him scream so hard! He broke blood vessels under his eyes from the pressure of him screaming. What a helpless feeling. I had to hold him down so he wouldn't move. It is so hard to be a parent sometimes. My heart felt like it was going to burst!

My husband wasn't there to help me get through it as he wasn't the first time he needed to visit the emergency room. Not to turn this negative but I truly feel like a single parent most of the time. I really don't know what to do. He isn't going to change. I realize that. Not that all of our problems are because of him. It goes both ways for sure. I just wish we could get it together.

If it weren't for our I started to write that last sentence, I realized that there have been millions before me who has said what I'm about to say....I don't even need to finish the sentence.

Does anyone wonder who Josh is dating? I do. Not that it's any of my business, but it would be interesting to know. I applaud him for keeping it private. Just shows what a great guy he is. Whoever it is, she is lucky to have him! Can you imagine what that would be like? I would want him to sing me a lulluby every night to put me to sleep! (heavy sigh)

For my fellow Grey's Anatomy fans (if there are any), WHAT IN THE HELL WAS UP WITH THE LAST EPISODE? I don't watch it when it comes on television, but download it to my Ipod and watch it when I can. I just watched it last night and I couldn't believe it! Izzy? George? Sorry to bore all of you non-GA watchers (as if I'm not boring you already...:)

Can you tell I don't want to work? It's 3:30 and it's a ghost town at the office. Not sure why I'm hanging around because I'm certainly not being productive. Josh is now singing "Your Still You" (another heavy sigh). I've been completely Joshbrained for weeks now. I got to touch his hand....did I tell you that! He has THE softest hands on the planet! Wow. I bet his lovely face feels the same way...ok...STOP! Wrong place to start thinking like that! Jeez!

Alrighty then. Did anyone think that Josh sounded a little like John Carey when he pretended to take a bite out of the sneaker in the latest video? When he said "Yummy". I wonder if he is a fan. Probably.

My sister-in-law is officially psycho. Her husband and his kids have moved out but she is thinking about taking a job at the SAME FREAKIN' PLACE HE WORKS! Is she nuts! First she is talking about getting a restraining order and now she is going to be in the same building every day. She is a one-woman soap opera.

I guess I better go. Happy Friday!

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Can't Think Of One....

on March 16, 2007 - 3:47pm

Hey guys! I am so glad it is Friday! It was a short week for me, but I truly couldn't stand to spend one more second at work! I really need to get an attitude adjustment and FAST...!

I finished all of my performance reviews on my staff and the one person I knew I would have a problem with gave me the problem. She's a manager and doesn't get that when sales are bad, raises aren't that great. She also doesn't realize (until now) that she is the most grossly over-paid person in the corporate office. So, there you have it.

A few months ago my goal was to leave before having to do the reviews. What was I thinking???

Anyhoo, a cool thing happened on the way home from our annual Leadership Conference in Orlando last week. I drove back on Saturday afternoon not realizing it was the last weekend of Bike Week in Daytona. YIKES! Traffic was horrible and we creeped along for several hours.

I think I may have mentioned this in a post a long time ago, but I have a "GOTJOSH" plate, a "Josh Groban Fan" frame and a smiley magnet on my car. As I was sitting in traffic, there was a group of about 5 motorcyles to my left. The girl riding on the first bike turned back and yelled "look at the plate", pointing at my car. Apparently, there are some biker chicks out there that are Josh Groban fans!

I often wonder if people notice the plate and either say to themselves "I know that guy", or "Hmmm, I wonder who that is. Let me look him up"? Trying to spread the Josh anyway I can!

So right this very minute, I should be getting ready for the Raleigh concert. I'm so bummed that I sold the tickets, but I really thought at the time it was the right thing to do. Even though I just saw him in NYC I'm still bummed.

I actually cried in the cab on the way back to the hotel on Monday night. I felt like a kid, upset that something incredible had to come to an end. After each concert, the PCD gets even worse. I so hope that he announces his summer tour soon and one of the dates is in JACKSONVILLE, FL! I would be beside myself! Of course, if he comes back to ANY venue in Florida, I will be there no matter what!

Well, I must go now. Winslow is screaming to get outside (our cat) and my son is wanting me to play with him some more before bedtime.

Happy St. Patty Day!

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Talk About a Roller Coaster!

on March 14, 2007 - 5:23pm

OK...this is the entry that I wrote last night but didn't post because I ran out of time:

Last night was incredible! My husband and I were talking about what our favorite parts of the concert was last night and I couldn't come up with just one thing. Here is my list:

1. Josh's impecible performance. 'Nuf said!

2. Lady Smith...they performed and although I loved watching them perform I loved Josh's enjoyment performing with them even more! He was having a great time.

3. Josh was Josh! He was having a great time and it showed. He looked confident and even moved a little :)! Good job Josh! You had it going on!

4. I finally touched Josh. He walked right in front of us during "In Her Eyes" and I grabbed his hand. My left hand (and my heart) will never be the same.

5. We were in the front row; almost center. I've never seen him that close. How do you accept anything less than front one once you've experienced it??? How???

I really could go on and on about last night. If someone were to ask me what my definition of a "perfect" evening would be, it would be last night.

The one and only small downer was that we didn't get to meet him. I worked very hard on my entry as I'm sure everyone did. I probably spent a total of 8 - 10 hours and it was mainly because I had no earthly idea how to use the photo editing software. I will try to post it on the album cover thread. I am proud of my submission but can see how it didn't win. I can clearly see why the winning entries won! Job well done to all of the winners.

I took a blown up photo of my entry with me to the concert in hopes that I could get Josh to sign it but I didn't get the opportunity. My husband and I went into this little shop in the hotel across the street from MSG to get a Sharpie. It was nearly $5! You can buy a box of Sharpies at Office Depot for that! Too funny! I told my husband that I would keep that Sharpie for the next opportunity.

We went to F.A.O.

That is where I stopped. To continue....we went to the famous toy store and I bought a Homer Simpson doll that had a cape and a big "H" on his chest. My theme for my CD cover was "I am not a hero...", so I thought the doll was perfect! I had the opportunity to give it to him when he sat down on the edge of the stage. That made me very happy. that was going to be the finish of my post last night. The difference would have been probably a more cheerful and not so hurried finish but I had a CRAPPY day!

I got my long awaited review and it the result told me all of the things I needed to finally make up my mind on what I need to do. It was a decent review and a decent raise but I was basically told that I was being "antsy" and that the "grass is NEVER greener" and that I shouldn't expect "constant pats on the back for what I do". HELLO! I am more than aware that I shouldn't expect pats on the back every time I turn around. I have been with the company for 10 years. I get it!

I do, however, want to be recognized for increasing job responsibilites, 13 direct reports and responsibility for literally millions of dollars annually in company expenditures.

I have a new boss and with that came, in his mind, a new and wonderful opportunity for me to prove myself. START FROM SCRATCH! Does that make any sense at all???

Needless to say, my husband and I have a lot to discuss in the coming weeks. I can not perform my job at the level I know I should when I am feeling this way. I need to come to some sort of resolution in my heart and mind that will get me through this and give me a new resolve to do my job to the best of my abilites. Otherwise, I'm outta there!

Anyway...I would give anything to be back in NYC right now, watching Josh have a blast. Back to reality!

Love you guys!

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New York City Here We Come!!!

on February 28, 2007 - 9:41am

I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown in anticipation of seeing Josh in NYC! I have decided to attempt a album cover recreation and that is adding to my anxiety in a HUGE way!

I know I'm not alone in this, but I think I'm putting way to much stress on myself to make the winning entry. I need to CALM DOWN! I'm over-analyzing it. I think the intention was to make it fun; but it's not fun. Maybe that is why I'm having such a difficult time coming up with something.

I'm not crafty or artistic, so I'm having to rely on my heart and photo imaging software that I haven't learned how to use yet. I've gotta take a deep breath and step back for a moment. Just not sure how to do it.

I have told my husband about 100 times that '07 is my year to meet Josh. It would be perfect in NYC because my hubby will be with me and we are using the couple of days we will be there to re-connect with one another. The concert, where we are staying and the city are a perfect combination! The cherry on top would be meeting Josh!

My 4 yr. old would be ecstatic if we came home with a picture with Josh! He knows we are going to see him - although I'm not sure he knows exactly what that means - and he is excited and a little disappointed that he can't go. The other day he said that Josh was his best friend! How cute is that? We might take him with us when he comes closer to our neck of the woods.

So back to this contest. I have a few ideas floating in my head, but how does one come to the conclusion that "this is the one". Does it just happen? I guess I'll work on several versions and then get the help of some friends to decide. Deep Breath!

Ok, so I'm trying not to hang out too much on the boards because I want to be surprised at the concert. It's hard though. I'll take a peak at the titles of some of the threads and have to force myself not to revel in all of my fellow Grobies concert stories.

Alright, I'm going to spend the rest of my lunch hour brainstorming! Wish me luck!



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