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Winslow Came Home!!!!!!!

on December 29, 2006 - 10:32am

Winslow made his way back home! I'm so happy I can hardly stand it! Yesterday was hell. I made fliers to put around the neighborhood and when I got home, my husband and I put them out. My step-son, Hunter, came home from his trip to Wisconsin and was so distraught, I didn't think he would stop crying.

I heard Winslow outside of our bedroom window at about 4 AM this morning. I don't know how long he had been trying to wake me up, but he sure was happy to see me when I let him inside.

So, I sold my Raleigh tickets. I'm so sad I can hardly stand it. They were AWESOME seats too. Two good things that came from it: I got to talk with a very nice Grobie from Raleigh and the tickets are going to someone who has never been to one of Josh's concerts before. Now, I just need to sell Atlanta and then wait patiently for Josh to come closer to J-ville. My friend and I were talking at lunch about the possibility of him coming here. We had the Super Bowl; but could J-ville support Josh? Not sure. We are a big city size-wise, but not very cultural. I'm trying my hardest to spread the Josh! I've got my "GOT JOSH" license plate, my Josh license plate holder and my smiley magnet. All I need is a couple of large door magnets, some flags and maybe a bullhorn or speaker for the top of my car (he, he.....just kidding).

It's going to be a quiet New Year's Eve for us this year. We really have not done much in the way of celebrating the new year since Cameron was born and we would rather be safe and let the amateurs do their thing.

I was really happy to see Josh's post last night, but sad at the same time. Sad because he felt like he had to mention the Blender interview. I hope the folks who participated in that discussion takes a step back and realizes that it shouldn't have gone that far. Anway, he's a good man for sharing his thoughts on the subject and an even better man for saying hello! He absolutely amazes me.

To all who wastes their time reading this yammering, I wish you and your family, friends, loved ones, a Happy and Healthy 2007!

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As the World Turns

on December 28, 2006 - 7:54am

Winslow is gone! I am so sad and worried, I can hardly stand it. He normally cruises the neighborhood during the day and comes in as soon as we get home from work.

Open the garage Winslow.

We looked everywhere. Called every neighbor we knew. HOG didn't see him in the road dead anywhere, but what if he got hit and is hurt? We all love this cat so much! I've made fliers that I will post all over the neighborhood tonight.

How life changes in just a few days. Cat's gone; my sister-in-law has an orange-sized tumor that she just found out about and a land development deal that my husband and I are involved in has gone south! Crap!

All of this and I'm trying to quit my job so I can stay home. They say things happen in 3's. I hope we don't end up with a six-pack.

I am so bummed that I have to sell our Josh tickets. I don't HAVE to; but it is the wisest decision in light of our newest "issue". That newest "issue" could put us in severe financial trouble, regardless of my employment status.

What will 2007 hold? I'm almost afraid to find out.

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Just some yammering....

on December 27, 2006 - 6:39am

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Mine was great, but a lot of work. I hosted my first Christmas dinner and I prepared everything myself. That is the first time I've cooked for so many. It turned out very nice and I think everyone had a great time. Glad it's over, but still a lot of cleanup to do.

Cameron had a blast! He was so cute. This is his first year of really understanding what it all means. After we put him to be on Christmas Eve, my husband went outside to ring the sleigh bell. The look on his face was priceless! He was sitting straight up in his bed with a look of amazement. Then HOG banged up against the house and Cameron knew instantly that it was Santa on the roof (the story was that Santa did a touch-and-go because he wasn't asleep yet....he rolled over so fast and closed his eyes....too cute)! The next morning, I think he forgot that Santa was coming (that won't happen again!) and came in to our bed to snuggle. We had to remind him that it was Christmas morning. Children just make Christmas so very magical!

So, I'm selling my tickets to both Raleigh and Atlanta. I don't want to but being able to retire is much more important to me right now. Not that the tickets are breaking the bank, but I am trying to demonstrate to my husband that I will do anything it takes. Josh will come closer to J-ville (I hope) and we can go at a later time. My goal is to be able to give my notice by the end of January, maybe sooner.

My mind is already gone, which I'm not proud of. I have been an extremely loyal and hard working person for the last 9 years, but I'm just done. It's been a long road; one that I might take you down in future entries.

Hugs to all!

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Once to my "happy place"

on December 22, 2006 - 3:50pm

So this Blender interview. I went on the boards this morning/afternoon...whenever it was and read the interview. I laughed my butt off! Then, I come home and see all of the controversy that this has started.

So, now I'm chicken and posting in my journal how I feel about all of this bickering.

1. What the hell?
2. Why do people feel it necessary to be "police" of the boards? Moderators.
3. There has been much worse talked about in threads of which I have participated...and had a lot of fun I might add.
4. I'm sure our younger Grobanites have run across above mentioned threads before.
5. It is the parent's responsibility of our younger Grobies to monitor what their children are doing. Yes, it's Josh and parents wouldn't automatically be weary of the content of his fansite HOWEVER, parents must be vigilant WITH EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET. PERIOD.
6. There has been speculation that Josh was simply joking and cleverly dodging the uncomfortable questions with his quick wit. So, some of you people have met him, but how in the heck do you know if he was joking, dodging or being 100% honest? I am so tired of people honestly believing they "know him".
7. He is a 25 year old MALE people! And a very good looking, wildly successful one at that! Give him a freaking break! Oh, and by the way, he's also human.
8. Was this interview the "smart thing to do"? He is probably told what toothpaste to use. As if doing this interview and answering the questions like he did was TOTALLY HIS DECISION. NO ONE ELSE REPRESENTING HIM KNEW ABOUT IT! Jeez people!

I don't know if I hit all the points I wanted to make or not and right now I can't concentrate. My soon to be 4-year-old is wanting my undivided attention. I know this topic has gotten too much of my undivided attention and therefore I will shut up. I feel better! :)

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I Simply Don't Get It!

on December 18, 2006 - 10:00am

I've gotta say this and my journal is the only safe place for me. Can't go on the boards to speak my peace because it just continues the negativity. Negativity that I just can't understand because there are so many EXCITING things happening in the world of Josh! Why be negative? We should all be elated.

I don't get much of an opportunity to spend time on the boards. I just spent 30 minutes(yes, it was my decision) reading through a thread that someone started that had a perfectly good point. Maybe a little too harsh for some thinner-skinned folks, but it was legitimate. You would have thought WW3 started! Amazing!

Is there some psychological explanation for this kind of behavior? I'm not trying to be critical in any way at all, but I thought we are all here for one reason....Josh! This community can be a wonderful place, but I know from personal experience that if you aren't "IN", you are basically ignored.

I've learned to just poke my head in, comment here and there on whatever interests me and then move on. There is no way in HELL I would ever start a thread again. The several that I have simply died, which is fine. That natural attrition needs to happen.

Anyway, I just wish that, as we continue to grow, we can keep it positive and fun and non-threatening.

Soooo....on a more positive note! I just received my tickets for Raleigh and am still waiting for Atlanta. Is it March yet? Not that I want to speed up time or anything because it already goes by too fast, BUT.....

I'm thinking about retiring to be a stay-at-home mom. My job has defined me thus far and it is a difficult decision. Not to mention a major lifestyle change. But, I would love to be home for Cameron when he came home from school every day. I didn't have that, nor did I have a sibling that was home, so I was on my own. I turned out ok, but the world has changed a lot.

I'll make my decision soon. It's just a hard one.

Love to all!



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