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Kitties and peanut butter ....

on August 15, 2006 - 5:20am

Are kitties supposed to like peanut butter? Okay so I'm making myself a pb&j for breakfast, I know it sounds weird but I am out of bagels and I had to eat something. You KNOW how I feel about cereal ... and Shadow jumps up and starts pawing at my hand while I was spreading the peanut butter. Well he loves the cream cheese of course when I'm putting that on a bagel and so I laughed and told him kitties don't like peanut butter - obviously he didn't care because he proceeded to stick his hook-like claws into my hand and pull it towards him so I let him lick the peanut butter. Would you believe the goofy cat loved it!!!!!!!!! He sat licking his chops for quite a while after that, it was pretty funny. Jeez, all the kitties are either injured or sick in some way ... Snowy nearly got crushed wihle we were moving, Harley's still peeing blood .... Darth needs to get fixed, what else??!! I hesitate to ask. Man I'm tired right now, I've been up since 4 with a headache and though the headache's gone away I am left feeling very sleepy!!!!!! Wonder if Josh still takes naps during the day? Heh heh heh ....

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Does anyone remember?

on August 14, 2006 - 4:06am

Does anyone remember what is an ice pick? Cuz that is what it felt like I had sticking out of my eye at 3 this morning!!!! I went to bed with a pounding headache and woke up with an ice pick sticking out of my eye. That's no fun at all! I went in search of my migraine meds and after moving you can about imagine my plight. FOUND IT! *sigh* Thank you God! I feel better today but man am I tired! Any advice on how to stay awake today???????

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Spongebob shower curtain? LOL

on August 13, 2006 - 11:38am

Okay so we've moved -- we're still not complely out of the old place - the garage is still full of crap! I have to go over there today and clean it out. Of course Kyler's working so he can't help so it's up to me and my son who doesn't want to do it. Well duh! Who does? Come on! My damned knee is so swollen and usually when it's swollen and fills up with fluid it's just uncomfortable and hard to bend but today it actually hurts -- like there's PAIN in it! LOL So I'm not looking forward to going over there. Not to mention it's hot out and though I'm not sugar and will melt ... I'm tired of being sweaty and dirty -- *sniffle* (are you feeling really sorry for me yet? Okay I'll keep trying ...) And I just want to sit here and write -- the story is starting to get into my head and I have to let it out ... I haven't been able to just sit and write for ages ....

On a better note, once this place gets settled it should be nice ... I look forward anxiously to that day ...

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Sleep? What's that??

on August 2, 2006 - 4:47am

Going to be another scorcher here again today in the lovely midwest. The temp's going to hover around 100 but the heat index is supposed to be around 115-120. Ugh! Well it is summer, right? Now come February when it's -14 we're going to say "Oh what I woldn't give for some of that 100 degree heat!" LOL When our patients start to complain about the heat I ask them, "well it IS summer, right?" Then I remind them about the winter ... people complain no matter what it's doing outside, if it's sunny it's toooo sunny, if it's cloudy then it's dismal ... I guess the whole idea is that it's something to talk about. Hey, I can talk to anyone about anything, I just like to talk!

My daughter's getting a big preggo belly already. It's adorable. Well I never thought I'd see the day when she would be carrying around a bun in the oven but I have to admit -- BETTER HER THAN ME!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha! I'd rather be old and fat than pregnant again. We started moving into our new place yesterday and Duncan already has a new "best buddy" or at least that's what this kid called himself. Oh, you know the kind, the little ones that stand around going "Hey what are you doing? I'm hungry, do you have any food in here? My mom said I could come in and play! Can I have your pickle?" Well Duncan wasn't wanting to share his pickles but he eventually gave one up and then when the kid ate his last pickle Duncan just about went though the roof! He told me later he wanted to call the police! Hahahahaha! Listen, take the kid's toys but don't TOUCH the pickles!!! So the kid drags his mom over - who I have to tell you is a bit ummm lets just say she may be a few bricks shy of a full load - she's got the typical lesbian haircut (now I'm not prejudiced against lesbians because some of my best friends are! but you know the 'do!) and she was wearing a tank top and no bra, you know how I know she wasn't wearing a bra? I'm glad you asked that because her boobs were sagging down to her waist and pulling the top down with them! I told Kyler later she probably should have tucked them into the pockets of her shorts!!! Okay, that was a hideous site if there ever was one! It's taking me back to the days when Mike and Caryn were little and the kids used to come over and dump out all their toys and then leave me to clean them up, you know now I'm older and wiser and know how to irritate little kids subtly rather than blatantly. I'm thinking the blinds are going to stay closed in THAT house for a long time!!!

So yeah, moving ... OMG I'd rather have my fingernails yanked out. I hate it! I found a Japanese beetle in my hair yesterday while moving which of course unnerved me. They are really ugly not to mention their little feet pinch! Have I mentioned that I hate moving? 42 times? Here's 43 - I HATE MOVING!!!!!!!!! At least I'm picking my oldest child up from the airport tonight - at least I hope I am. he keeps calling and saying "I have a ride to the airport." "I don't have a ride to the airport." Well it it's anything like "He loves me, he loves me not" lets just hope he lands on "he loves me enough to give me a ride to the airport!" I don't understand how his girlfriend's family could treat him that way by telling him they don't know if they can take him to the airport! That girl lived here in my home for a year NOT working, eating meals here, using the Internet, watching TV, showering and basically not paying for anything and Mike needs a flipping ride to the airport and they can't provide him with that? It's very annoying to me but what can I say? I'm here and they are there and that karma's a biotch man!!

Yeah so remember that obnoxious kid I mentioned earlier?? Well I heard Duncan tell him that his sister's pregnant right? So he looks at me and says, "You're pregnant?" Well that was bittersweet right there - on one hand he was saying I looked like I could be young enough to be Duncan's sister *bats eyelashes* and on the other hand he was saying I was pregnant which meant I was FAT!!!! Hahahahaha! Kids are brutally honest - and I always say that if a kid tells you you're ugly then you KNOW you're ugly!!!!!!! Duncan says later, I'm going to ask him why he said that, maybe he meant something else -- awwwwwww!!! Now you see why he's my baby boy?

Okay so the sleep question - man, I can't sleep worth crap lately. I go to bed okay but then around 3AM I'm awake and can't go back to sleep. I woke up yesterday at 4 to a nosebleed. Good grief!!! Like now, I'm tired, I feel like my eyes could close and I could sleep but I rested my head down on the computer table and my mind begins to whirl and my eyes pop open! I can't wait until this move is overwith. I can't take much more of this stress. I think a JoshMassage will be in order. What do YOU think?? heh heh ....

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Is it really Sunday?? Already?? It was just FRIDAY!!!

on July 30, 2006 - 11:43am

Hey! Long time no see, eh? Yeah, I've been busy -- well working and such. Packing and crap like that too. We're moving next week and as much as I'm NOT looking forward to it, at the same time I AM looking forward to getting the h-e-double toothpics out of here! The kitties are a little spooked, they aren't liking all the boxes and packing and stuff though the empty boxes RAWK to them! One of them will be inside and another will be playing with them on the outside, it's sooo cute!!! So anyway ... I'm so excited about this new tour -- probably going to have to take on a part-time job just to pay for it but WTH I've got nothing better to do with my time these days other then writing ... and even now I'm kind of STUCK. I started a new story about a girl who finds out her husband of four years has been cheating on her for the whole four years and she takes off for her sister's house in LV and gets a flat tire in the rain and who should be her white knight?? That's right!!!! But it's not very far and it's not going as well as I'd hoped so I'm backing off and seeing if I get some inspiration. Perhaps after I move .... Or at least I'm hoping. I want to just sit and make wallpapers of Josh but the problem is I'm waiting until there are new pics ... kind of dumb to keep making nice wallpapers of Josh with OLD pics you know? He's just a little cutie!!!!!!!! Wanna pinch his ... cheeks -- heh heh ....



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