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lucia made me do it

on October 17, 2007 - 5:53pm

i got lucia bangs!! i saw a video of her performing. HP After Dark with Lucia Micarelli. (it's over at her thread) i love her hair, so i got bangs.

omj! my brother has to take conformation classes at church. he is just not budging. he does not want to go, but us, catholics, take those classes. my dad just went upstairs to hurry him up, and i have a gut feeling that there is going to be some major SCREAMING. he should just do it and shut up. and he needs to stop being a baby.

it's only for 7 months, he already missed a month and a half.

since he's the youngest, he's used to always getting his way, which makes me and my older brother mad. and now, he has no way out.
he better not get his way this time, if he does, my dad better let me go to NYC and see Josh at the GMA. so there.

O! there goes the screaming. talk to you guys later.


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should i tell wyatt?

on October 16, 2007 - 2:26pm

ok. i don't want to be a baby about this. but, us FOJG members pay to be a part of all this excitement. i'm not complaining. when we sign up, we have access to things that non-fogj-members don't get. right? like, the behind the scene videos and the thursday surprise. well, there is someone on myspace, that takes our thursday surprise videos and puts them so non-members can see. that person told me that she isn't a member of FOJG. so how does she get them? that's basically stealing from us. should i tell wyatt? but what can he do?

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holloween help

on October 15, 2007 - 1:42pm

my younger brother and his friends are making a small maze for holloween. in our drive way. last year was their first year and it was a success! people were getting scared and they didn't even want their candys.
last year, i was a devil who handed their candys if they made it through the maze.
this year, my brother wants me to scare people, but i don't know what to be.
help me out. what do you guys think?
something gross, creepy and/or dirty. (the scary dirty not the naughty dirty)

i need ideas!

btw, we already have clowns (really ugly clowns) and samara from the ring.

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sexy piano

on October 13, 2007 - 9:54pm

"that's sexy, that's just sex right there" do you guys recognize that saying by our man??

well, today i went to sing, at church and we use the same piano and i just could not get that quote out of my head. and i was in church, during mass.

it's all jdawgs fault! ok, i'm not mad at him.

the babyshower for karen was a hit. everything was pink and white. a lot of presents, not enough seats and tables..a lot of family and friends showed up.
i'll go over to her house and see all the gifts.

have a safe sunday!!


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a shower for an upcoming grobanite

on October 12, 2007 - 5:26pm

tomorrow is the babyshower for my sister-in-law, karen. she is expecting a girl, leilanni. i have a lot a work ahead of me.
my nephew, derek, is spending the weekend with us. he loves his Yosh, and he hasn't seen the noel dvd, so that will be his bedtime movie.
also, during the babyshower, i have to leave, and go sing at my church. only two of us are singing and one is playing the piano. the sexy piano.
i'm just like josh, i don't like going over a new song more than two times, then i over think, and at the time to perform it, i don't do so good. so, my choir only practices one song once.

that's a great idea.

have a great weekend, my loveable people.

briana, i'll call you!!




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