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tears roll down my face

on September 24, 2007 - 6:57pm

well, today was one of the most saddest days of my life. full of tears and full of love. today was the funeral for my grandmother, and of course, being so sentimental...i was crying the whole day today...

my cousins, my brothers, parents, uncles, aunts and friends where there...

my grandma was and still is so special, and she was just full of flowers that everyone brought of my cousins (julio) is just so sweet, when someone was crying, he would just make you smile with one of is bear hugs.

i feel so tired and i feel like i'll probably be crying for this week, but you guys are here and you all make me feel so special and loved.

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more of me

on September 22, 2007 - 5:10pm

it was raining cows and pigs last night!!!! yeah, i said cows and pigs....cats and dogs didn't fit..since the rain was pouring like crazy!!! kind of scary but i put the AWAKE album on my stereo on low and Josh just soothed me to sleep.

well, today i go spend some time with family and tomorrow i have a fair type of thing going on at my church.
good music, good food, and live performers...i'll be selling the bevarages...kind of sucks cuz i did that last year, and sticking my arm in huge tubs full of ice and cold drinks is not so entire arm goes numb and kind of blue....

on monday, it will be one of the most sad and confusing days because it is the awakening for my grandma and the funeral...

i'll write more on tuesday.

love you guys!!

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RIP Grandma Paula

on September 19, 2007 - 11:46am

my granmother didn't make it to wednesday (today).
we received a call last night, around 10 pm, from my aunt.
the doctor had confirmed that my grandma had passed away.

my dad took my mom to the hospital and a lot of our family was there.
i couldn't go, my dad didn't want me to.

i just wanted to thank all of the grobanites here, who have been praying and who have left me beautiful words for my family...that means a lot to us, you guys are great!

if it wasn't for josh and his music, i don't know what i'll do...thank you josh, i love you.

my grandma is off to a better place, and she can finally rest, and look out for us here.
i had always wondered how it felt like to lose someone really close to when i heard that josh lost his grandmother...i wonder how he felt..., i know....not a great feeling, be we have to move on.

RIP Grandma...i love you!

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on September 18, 2007 - 8:33pm

the tubes where suppose to come off tomorrow (wednesday) but the doctor did it this afternoon.

after that, now, we just have to sit, and wait, and see what grandma still wants the same decision...

my mom told me that my grandma looks so tired, she just wants to rest...

thank you to all the grobanites for your sweet words and prayers, i love you guys.


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i couldn't do it

on September 16, 2007 - 10:32pm

thank you SOOO much too...MezzoSopranoNoel, FlippedOverJosh02, synchrosk8er, beezee, for your means a whole bunch.

well, i went to go see her...i just couldn't sing the lips where was just so painful and i felt so bad, that i couldn't even say it to her...but i did sing it in my head while my younger brother and i were holding her hand...
that is as good as i could do...
my older brother didn't come with us because he gets too emotional but he is going to go see her on wednesday (the day that they take the tubes off)...

when i saw my younger brother (Edwin) look at my grandma, it made me want to cry because of the reaction on his face...i couldn't cry infront of him, because then he would have cried, and then everyone in the waiting would have been crying...

thank you all for the prayers...we'll see what happens on wednesday, and i'll report back here.

thanks again, i love you guys..




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