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Cold...or something

on August 21, 2006 - 4:24am

Oh man...I think I've got a horrendous cold. My head is all stuffed up.
Yesterday I went to the grocery to get some cold medicine and sore throat medicine. I take the cold medicine and start getting extremely sleepy. What tha.....I picked up NIGHTTIME cold medicine. Brilliant!! So I take the sore throat candy and my lips get numb and my throat is still hurting. Sheeeeesh!
So HOG says "Here use my nose spray, it'll clear you right up!". I'm scared to death of that stuff because I've heard people can get hooked on it to the point of having to have it to even breath. I was desperate, so I took a couple of snorts. Wow - it was awesome!
Now, this morning I'm in the same boat, except a little worse. It's probably a sinus infection. I have to chew my food with my mouth open so I won't suffocate. Nice!

This chick at work last week that sits at the checkout desk had a raging cold. I felt like I walked through it with her every step of the way. Everytime I went by her desk that's all she talked about. You know some people can't be sick in silence. They have to share every detail with you. (Like I'm doing right now, LOL)
Anyway, I leaned into talk to her once about a patient. That's probably when I inhaled her germs. Who knows.

So I'm off to the store once again after I drop my daughter off at school, to spend somemore mullah on cold medicine.

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on August 18, 2006 - 7:06pm

I thought I better break this up into 2 because not long ago, I typed and typed, then hit enter and it kicked me off the websight. It wasn't a huge loss, just mindless ramblings. None the less, you never know when I may say something really worthy. LOL

Still don't have any answers as to why that patient died in our office the other week....and still no one gives a hoot.

Have you ever seen that movie "Falling Down"? I could relate to Michael Douglas's character in that movie on a much smaller scale, of course. Seeing that movie was like therapy, although I didn't care for the way it ended.

Now, my teeth are hurting along with my throat and I've been sneezing and I'm stuffy. Geez.....

It was a good work week. We got a bonus. That's always fun. It was time for me to renew my cellphone contract, so I bought a razor. I've joined the world of text messaging. It's a blast!

The first pic/flix I did on my phone was last weekend in Oak Ridge. We were driving down the road and saw a man lying in the median. He looked dead. HOG acted like he was going to drive on by because we were headed to the movies. (Sheesh, talk about complacency). I said "Wait, that's not normal in Oak Ridge....or anywhere really". My HOG is a police officer for pete's sake. He said, "Oh, alright", so he pulled over and called it in. I got it on my phone camera. Turns out he was a mexican dude that had WAY TO MUCH tequila the night before, got the doo doo beat out of him over a girl and passed out in the median on his walk home.

The kids got a thrill out of that whole thing. I said "Ok, kids, this is how you DON'T live your life when you grow up".

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My throat is killing me

on August 18, 2006 - 6:42pm

I hope I'm not getting strep. School is back in and here come the germs. My throat has been slowly getting sore. Strep will slap you down for sure. Kids are massive germ carriers. it is Friday night. Just hanging on FOJG for a little bit.

So tickled for the ladies going to see Josh at his LACHSA thing. I have a longing to go, I mean, I cannot tell you what that would mean to be able to go. Just one chance to see Josh in the flesh would be a dream. I wouldn't even have to speak to him, just see him and hear him sing. That would be tops in my book.

But.....can't up and leave kids in school and hubby. This is real life. I love my real life. I'm blessed.

Hope Josh gets to have that one day. He deserves a devoted wife that is supportive of him. And you know he would be a wonderful dad.

What he has now is very exciting and rewarding, but when you look into the eyes of YOUR children.......that's true love. Can you imagine the music he would write then?

I hope he takes time out of his career to pursue that, if it's what he wants.

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on August 9, 2006 - 8:49pm

Last week a patient came to see the specialist that uses our office twice a week. This man comes if for a dye test to see what his eye problems were in his retina. The man has reaction to the dye and collapses in our office. One of our employees saw the whole incident and said no one did CPR. They just bagged him and gave him oxygen. He layed there all gray until one of our optometrists came around the corner and asked if they had checked for a pulse. Now the man is in the hospital attached to a ventilator brain dead.
No one seems to care!!! Several of our doctors know what our employee saw. Yet no one seems to be up in arms over it. The specialist's employee said he knew he had done everything he should have.
So that's it huh? it doesn't matter how many questions we've asked or who we've talked to about it at our office, shoulders are shrugged and everyone carries on like "Oh Well".
If there was something we don't know, then fine, tell us, but what it looks like to me is a patient collapsed and no one had the smarts to administer CPR which resulted in this patient's death and no one gives a rats ass.
It has bugged the hell out of me to the point where I can't leave it alone. I keep talking it about it to people because I want answers!!!!! I'm afraid I'm going to get in trouble with my job if I keep it up, but I just want the one question answered!!! Did the guy have a pulse, so they didn't think CPR was necessary? Why didn't they try harder to revive the patient???? He was only in his 50's.
Why don't people care any more than what they do?
I can tell you right now, I'm not going to leave it alone until I find out something that will make me feel better. Because that was someone's father and husband and friend and brother. That's why. And no one cares.

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New CD

on August 8, 2006 - 8:09pm

Wow, I was PMSing on that last one. OK, moving on. LOL

I've been home alone for the past 2 nights. How nice.

It was painful to watch the Tears in Heaven video. That's wierd to say, but I had to psych myself up to watch it again. It was so good. I loved Josh's little blip in there. It was perfect. The whole combination of different artists made it awesome.

Like I said earlier in a post, there's several things I can't wait for on the new CD, but the one thing I'm excited about TODAY is what the lyrics will say. I'm more excited about this particular CD because I know he will have had more of a hand in it. We will be seeing the real Josh now. I absolutely cannot wait to see what it has on there.



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