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And we survived!

on April 26, 2008 - 7:45am

Not sure how I got through the week: still no fridge and work is driving me crazy!

In particular, one of my friends at work (and yes, I say friend because he's a sweetheart and I would tolerate an unkind word against him!) has a not-so-pleasant habit of brining me problems at the end of the day... as in he's knocking on my office door at 4:45 and I'm planning on leaving at 5:00. *sigh* Yesterday there was a serious bug that needed fixing, but boy does it ever ruin your Friday to have to stay a extra HOUR after work only to find out the problem is caused by a mistake in your code.

And I'm still fighting a dying fridge. The new one was supposed to be here and delivered YESTERDAY. *angry finger taps on desk* I'm learning alot about eating out and staying on plan this week!

Okay... *sigh* It's like my dad always says: every one has their biggest problem. I really am very grateful that mine are so petty. Now, off to listen to Josh on the way to Pilates.

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What A Week

on April 22, 2008 - 6:54am

And it's only Tuesday!


The fridge is definitely out: I broke down and bought a new one Sunday and so naturally the old one has been working perfectly fine since. Oh well, it'll be nice to have the peace of mind back! And the ability to trust grocery shopping again. Boy, have I learned a ton about how to survive without a fridge this week. Now I'm really looking forward to "having to" clean out the fridge: nothing unhealthy is going to make it from the old one to the new one!

Unfortunately, the lack of fridge has meant eating out a bit more which translated into a not-so-happy weigh in yesterday. *sigh* But I've gained a level of maturity lately: I totally blew all my weekly points plus some at my friends birthday. I'm fully aware fo this because I actually came home and wrote it all down anyway!(Actually I was still OP at the party, it was the "oh, I can eat the cookies too I guess" demons that plagued me after I got home that wrecked things. What was I thinking!?!) I've been keeping really good track lately too and even though I've had little to no willpower lately, I'm atleast not lying to myself while I'm over-doing it.

Now... if only Josh was right that 'its just the wieght of the world' :P

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New Skates and Broken Fridges

on April 19, 2008 - 8:00am


But on the upside... MY NEW SKATES ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Except boy do my feet ache. I don't have the boots broken in yet (despte the heat molding and the lacing them up so tight I get blood blisters on 8 fingers) but I love them love them LOVE THEM!

And then our fridge decided it wanted to die while Dad's out of town fo a week. Not cool. I've been fighting with it to keep the food from thawing and spoiling and so far I've been winning but it's like I have to be on constant vigil.

And in other news, I think I went on an actual "date" last night. I simultaneously discovered what a problem I am. I either like a guy a whole bunch right away, or it takes me forever to warm up to them (Believe it or not... Josh actually falls into the later case: I loved his music from album one, but didn't turn into a full fledged Grobanite until after the Super Bowl)

Of course, this isn't how the rest of the male population operates. And, so it seems, a girl can't just be nice without being interested. *sigh* Now I'm a little afraid a guy I'm only a little lukewarm towards (translation: truly mediocre date with loads of forced small talk) thinks things went better than they realy did. Honestly, the guy took the effort to get my phone number and actually followed through with a specific date in mind and that should really be rewarded! I don't have the guts to do that. Really, it's not him, it IS me. But I hate feelign so wicked for not being interested in seeing him again. I'd kinda like to get out of having to see him again, but I hate feeling like I have to be mean, but I also don't believe in leading nice guys on (oh, did I mention he's a Fireman? That should INSTANTLY add to his hottness factor but even that didn't help enough). And I really don't believe in being in relationships with people you aren't realy interested in just because you're bored.

Oh... the worst of it is that it was me, him and three of his friends (one of them was dad's poker buddy that we puppy-sat for who also happens to be a fireman about my age) at a hockey game. I had more fun talking to his friend than I did the guy I think I was supposed to be on the date with.


Time to go make my ankles hurt with the new Riedell's- that will help.

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Heh. Wow.

on April 13, 2008 - 10:44am

So... Sir Elton John deemed it time to descend to the mortal realm and play a show for all us WSU Cougars in the Palouse last night.

TWO HOURS AND FOURTY MINUTES of solid music. No opening band, no introduction, no intermission. He just strolls out with his band, sits down, and proceeds to ROCK with nothing but a few pauses between songs to sip on his water with lemon, stretch his legs, and bow.

WOW. Haven't had that much since Josh in Nampa. (And bloody heck, I got a HUG then!)

Thank you Sir Elton John for an amazing evening!

(PS Water with lemon is now my new power drink. If it can keep Elton John powered that well for that long, it must be magic elixer!)

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In Need of Focus

on April 12, 2008 - 8:01am

Wow. Shiny sparklies on the news page! Not sure had that much alotted for Josh merch... but that is a rather attractrive braclet.


So.. when I joined Weight Watchers about a ear or so ago, it was mostly on a lark to see if t would work. It worked for my best friend and I was unhappy about my too big clothes fitting snug and avoiding mirrors. It went super well to start with but boy, these last 10 lbs are getting rough. I start to make progress, then I blow it. It's like I can talk big but have no follow through.

So now I'm in a bit of an existential quandry where I'm questioning my ability to finish ANYTHING. Taking stock, I have 3-4 novel ideas that are about 100 pages long... and haven't been worked on for months (this isn't counting the silly Josh fan fic I was inspired to try... that's about 4 pages long and poor Josh is stuck in a sticky spot). I've also been "planning" on going to grad school... but haven't even started researching. Now I'm a little scared the applicaiton season will pass me by again without my name in a pool anywhere. I got my skates the other day... so now my excuses wont be "My skates are bad" but "New skates! Can't work with them yet..."


What is it about spring that makes us spring clean our habits too?

Incidently, all this of course made me throw on YAL the other day. I'm starting to get a whole new appreciation for the fact that Josh's stuff comes across so polished and so complete and so focused. He finishes every phrase and there are no little details left out. The boy is amazing.

Okay... of to re-motivate because beating myself up won't help. I think I'm going to bust out Panis Angelicus again too- I know it was on Noel... but it's not really a "Christmas" song and to pull something like that off "pretty much in one take live with the orchestra", you need some amazing focus and follow through. Maybe a little will rub off on me.



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