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*Sigh* Start again...

on March 18, 2008 - 5:55am

Odds are, there is going to be a whopping big confessional from me later today. The irony is that I got my 10% keychain at my weigh in last week. This week? NOT good.

*sigh* Start again...

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I can has rest now?

on March 14, 2008 - 7:12pm

Some one at work rediscovered the lolcat Bible and we spent all day laughing at it. Good thing time flies when you're in stitches with your buds cause schnikies what a week! Lets just say I ended the last two hours of work today with 'You Are Loved' on one repeat. It helped.

I feel like I'e been working out like crazy lately... and now I'm hungry all the time! I had a bad weekend (the power trip to sectionals was not a point friendly day and neiter was my co-worker's birthday party) so I think I thought I needed to make up for it :P But the upside is that working out always works out for the best in the long run! Now I just need some sleep to shake the growing fatigue...

Work itself was long this week... but I picked up some new projects that are really exciting to me! Hopefully next week will go faster because of it.

But on te upside, despite all the madness of the past week, I made a 2nd 10% at my weigh in this week! YAY! So now I have an official 10% keychain to commemorate teh fact that I've dropped a whopping 31 lbs since October 2006. Have delivered healthy smackdown, go me!

Probably not the greatest thing that my "week is over!" celebration tonight was a Red Robin burger and milkshake... It burns the points but hey, I counted everying and I'm not on a "diet"! Besides, those Oreos sure hit the spot! Now to settle in and read the rest of WiGirl's story and then let my own Muse get to work. The week's craziness is ended, I can has rest now kthnx bai.

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I Will Do This

on March 10, 2008 - 7:55pm

So Saturday my skating coach and I left at "Oh GOD" thirty to drive for 4 1/2 hours to get to the USFSA Adult Sectionals (the competition started at 9:00AM and we didn't want to be late- you do the math). Our whole purpose was to go, watch, and figure out if I could get there at some point and how much pushing it would take and whether or not I thought it was for me.

It's SO for me.

I have never felt so excited in my life! It was AMAZING. I think I was even more excited than my first Josh concert (despite the 6th row tickets, probably sacrilige to say that around here but I think it may be true!) It was so inspiring to see that I wasn't the only person my age in the world who wanted to skate well. Normally if I compete locally, I skate "against the book": there's no one else I'm competing against, so they score me as if a "book average" person were competing against me (fortunately, I've never lost to the book!) But there were over 50 adult skaters at sectionals! 50! They had 5 different 'Bronze Freestyle' events!

The only problem was that after watching the 'Pre-Bronze' and 'Bronze' events, I wanted to get out there and skate so bad myself that I could barely sit still.

But maybe the best part was sitting there and realize that there were only 2 test levels between me and a chance to compete and go to Nationals. All my life, I've played at sports and held myself back with ALOT of self doubt. I'm from a small town, no one around here expects to be big at anything without moving away really. But sitting up in those stands, I had this revelation that if I work, I could be just as good as those top 4 skaters in the 'Gold Freestyle' event. I can train, and I can make it. I can jump as high and spin as fast. I will get the control and the speed.

Okay, I lied: the best part was watching the 50 year old woman with the absolutely KILLER sit spin and realizing that I have all my life to skate.

But still, the point remains: I can do this, I WILL do this!

(Oh yeah, you guys will laugh at this one: on the drive up I suddenly get Josh's version ot Little Drummer Boy stuck in my head... at least I think I do until I laugh and tell my coach that it suddenly popped in there for no apparent reason. But then my coach gets a sheepish look on her face and turns up the CD player- she STILL had NOEL playing in her car!)

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What just happened?

on March 7, 2008 - 9:05pm

So... Where was I on the 3rd? Which day was that?

Absolutly nothing major happened since the 3rd... just a lot of Pilates and skating and oh yeah, I guess I went to work those days too.

But it was a good couple of days at skating: I think I'm FINALLY getting strong enough that I can actual make progress on all the tricks. It's funny, I've been skating since high school but it's only been since I've finished school that I've actually been able to take ownership of what I do out there. Today we reworked my free-skate (my coach decided it wasn't difficult enough because I wasn't practicing it as much any more!) It will definitely be a challenge now! Then my coach had to get to her real job and all the other coaches and skaters ran off to wherever they go and the ice was empty... Empty ice + Josh on MP3 player == pure bliss (and total exhaustion)

I've been super good at tracking points lately and it's been paying off. I haven't undone the damage from the holidays yet, but I will. *sigh* Maybe this time around I'll decide that it's not worth all this backtrekking and stay OP and not have to lose this same 5 lbs all over again!

The only mucky part of this week has been the paper I have to write for work. Bah! First my boss tells me to write it, then spends all week chopping it to bits until very little of what I wrote is actually left. *sigh* He's not even that good of a writer and some of his sentences make me CRINGE but oh well. Someday it'll be me sitting in his place.

*YAWN* Okay, off to bed for me. Tomorrow I have to meet my coach at "Oh GOD" thirty in the morning so we can power trip it to another town where sectionals are being held. We're going to go scope out the competition and figure out just where I should be aiming for... >:)

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Random Discoveries

on March 3, 2008 - 6:26pm

Saturday i discovered I have no willpower at parties and noshed WAY too much at my officemate's housewarming party.

Yesterday I rediscovered my latent tendency to overwork myself as "compensation". Got up and realized I had no food for breakfast and since it was such a lovely sunny day (and warm!) I decided to WALK to the grocery store.

Yeah, I think I might be going insane.

Then I realized that the middle school is right across the street from the grocery store and decided that it'd be emptier than the park on a Sunday... so after breakfast I grabbed Spectre and a frisbee and walked back.

One exhausted dog later, I decide to go on a cooking spree.... which involved another carless grocery store run. (The neighbors are probably wondering about me by now)

Three vacuum sealed meals later, I decide to go shopping to reward myself... which entailed MUCH more walking.

By the end of the day, I had rediscovered my calves, that's for sure! I earned more APs for the 20,000 steps I walked (yay for pedometers) than I did for the 30 mins on the tread mill (did I mention I went insane yesterday?)

Today I discover that my boss has no sense of time. I'm seriously thinking of buying him a giant sign that says "WARNING: Dates on calendar are closer than they appear." Long story short, I get to write a bunch of research papers in a real quick hurry. *sigh* Just when I thought I'd get to use up some vacation, I get overscheduled and work up extra hours.

But while I'm hacking through paper writing today, I have this odd sort of "holy WOW" moment. I was listening to Josh (yeah, obvious) but all of a sudden it was like I was hearing him for the first time again. He's really good.

Seriously, Josh Groban is REALLY GOOD.

In fact, that's really the point of this rant. Josh Groban is REALLY really good and Alla Luce del Sole is still amazing. That, and I think I'm going to launch into a week long marathon of listening to anything and everything with his name on it (which entails a ritualistic cursing of my poor timing and inability to get my hands on an internet edition of Closer. Why O why must I suffer without ever hearing the album version of 'My December' and 'You're the Only Place'? *cry*)

Oh well, time to go console myself with a recently rediscovered musical passion ;)



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