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on February 29, 2008 - 5:56am

Well, our Josh must really have hit the big time such that his birthday was big news because those clowns at work were waiting to ambush me on Wednesday.

I'm not at my desk more than 30 seconds before five of them plus my one of my office mates come running in with a cupcake and shout "Happy Birthday Josh!" My other officemate turns around and asks (genuinely confused) "Who's Josh? Oh! Is that your boyfriend?"


To make matters "worse", I was wearing this year's fan club t-shirt. That just opened the floor to an all day trivia contest involving every one else scowering the wikipedia and other freely available articles and asking me ever nit-pickier questions until I couldn' answer them without looking them up some where. I won't comment on how far I got other than to say some one remarked after lunch that I might want to consider therapy and/or Josh might want to consider a restraining order. (In my defense, any reasonably seasoned Grobanite can answer questions like "What's his dog's name?")

Then I get treated to a photo-shopped surprise later that day. Let's just say, I think I look better next to Josh ;) (I was laughing SO hard).

Except then office conversation turns to the fact that I'm 24 and I've not had a boyfriend since the 1st grade. ("How come you're THAT single?!") So then I had to spend the rest of the day explaining that I'm really not trying to actively be single, but apparently I'm hard to impress and I have high standards. *sigh* On the "upside", now they're all trying to set me up with the single guys they know. I'm not against it, but I did warn them my standards are high (Coworker A: "Does he have to be named Josh?" Coworker B: "No... but we might someday have to break her of any talk-in-her-sleep habits she's got...") and I can be awefully tough to get along with sometimes.

Ah well. I didn't make much billable progress on Wednesday but it sure was fun. I hope Josh and Chris had as much fun themselves!

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on February 26, 2008 - 7:12pm

I've decided that while I really do like the month of February - really, I do - I'm really glad it's the shortest month of the year. Seriously, it can't go by fast enough for me.

It's *just* light enough when I leave work that I actually need my sunglasses to drive home and I feel all that happy "I'm off work and free!" pep... except that it's dark by the time I get home.

It's *just* light enough when I get up in the morning that I think about heading outside to get a head start to wearing out my dog for the day... except that it's still frigid and frosty and even Spectre doesn't really want to go out.

It's after the holidays and so I should be "safe" from all the naughty foods... except that Valentine's and Easter seem to fall *just* close enough together this year that the commercializing-happy retailers throw out the Easter candy while the Valentine's leftovers are still in the clearance bins.

There's *just* enough daylight and warmth on the weekends that I can take Spectre out for a proper walk/run in the park... except that everyone else and their dog (not even exaggerating there, really) happens to have decided the same thing so it's crowded and I can't let Spectre off her leash for a real run.

It's only one day, but dangit they put Valentine's day RIGHT SMACK DAB in the fricken MIDDLE of the month so us single girls get to endure all the overhyped build up for half the month and then the recycled stories from our un-single coworkers for the other half. (Yes, that's two complaints lodged against Valentine's day... I'm single and grouchy about it - memorizing Josh's V-Day message hasn't helped.)

But really, I've decided the stickiest part of February is that it's *just* SO CLOSE to Spring that it mocks me. I've had New Year's, I've done the winter thing for long enough thank you, let's make with the WARM and sunny already! It's the waiting that's killing me!

Oh! Before I forget: Josh? GRRRRRRRRR! I've had that stupid song from Jimmy Kimmel's STUCK IN MY HEAD all day!! *fume fume* While I just about died of laughter when I saw it (woke my dad up at 5:30 this morning I was so loud), it's extraordinarily difficult to get through 8 hours of work when I'm still inwardly giggling! Oh, not to mention trying to explain it to my disbalieving coworkers what transpired without singing the song or pulling up the YouTube at work. *fume fume* Besides, how dare you sound/look that good while you're at it? For crying out loud, have mercy on us poor females! *fume fume... squeal... giggle... fume fume fume*

...But Happy Birthday to you and Chris anyway :)

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Can some one stop the ride please?

on February 23, 2008 - 7:55am

Boy... nothing like a whirlwind couple of days of traveling. I suddenly have some new sympathies for our Josh! Way too many cities in way too many days, all just to see us... how does our boy do it and still sound (and look ;) ) so good all the time? Seriously amazing to me.

I had to cover for a boss of mine who double booked himself to be at two conferences at the same time. So never mind that I've been out of school less than a year and an official employee for 4 months, off to Washington DC with me! Oh... except my other projects aren't happy about me being away so I had to power trip it: work Monday, fly over on a red eye after, conference Tuesday and Wednesday, fly back Wednesday on another red eye, be at a meeting for another project Thursday morning. Oh... and did I mention I picked up my dad's cold just before I left? Sore throats and clogged sinuses make wonderful travel mates. I wanted to curl up in a blanket with a bowl of soup. Insead I had airplane food, milkshakes whre I could find them (which of course made my weigh in go FANTASTIC this week >:( ), and no fruits or veggies.

And more sympathy points for Josh: because my trip got so rushed, I didn't have much time to warn people I'd be gone. So I come home to a flood of emails both at work and at home from people wanting me to do something that day and getting very cranky that I wasn't responding. It feels like I have a million phone calls to return and friendships to patch up (one of my girl friends from High School was in the hospital while I was gone, nice of me to not go see her >:(). Except I don't have the benefit of red-carpet swag to help. (Hey Josh! You going to need all that or can you send some my way?)

On the upside, some of the emails waiting for me at work were along the lines of "Thank you for going and representing us! We've heard that you did a very impressive job and have already gotten some promising business enquiries as a result!" I didn't think I had done enough (I targeted and shook a few key hands but I didn't really speak up much) but evidently I did something good enough for it to cycle back to my manager! Ironically, it was the note from her saying congratulations that made me happiest yesterday. I got hired under amidst a flurry of business storms so the manager who actually hired me ended up going off somewhere else landing me with my current manager who didn't know me at all. I don't think my manager really saw the point to me at first so it's nice to think I'm re-establishing the need for myself.

Except the problem now is that other chunk of meeting invites: apparently, I've acquired a new level of notority and more people want me now. It really is a good thing, but again, when I REALLY want to use some of that vacation time I've been acruing and haven't touched yet, I find myself too busy.

*sigh* Can some one stop the ride please? I'd like to get off...

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Now I need new guards!

on February 16, 2008 - 7:38pm

The months of waking at 5:00 to skate and the hours of Hundreds have paid off:

I passed my skating test today! YAY!

Had the moves in the field test this morning and did really well! +3 from all three judges despite me trying really, really hard to over think my fourth pattern. It's funny, I'm so used to skating with another 10 people on the session to dodge that when it's just me and that big, pretty sheet of open ice, I just about choke!

So that over with, I had to do the free skate portion. Lucky for me I picked good music - Lucia's version of 'Lady Grinning Soul'. I thought I did realy well, but then I had to redo my sit-spin afterwards :P Guess I need to do about a bazillion more squats and another half trillion shoot-the-ducks. Someday I'll get low enough!

And I have photo evidence too: Dad tagged along and brought his camera with the zoom lens. I've looked through all the photos already and but I keep nitpicking them :P I see a photo and think "Crud! Need more extension!" Dad looks at them and says "We should send that one to Grandma and Grandpa!"

But my coach had the best line: after it was all done and I have all the passing paperwork in hand, she looks down and says that I need new guards - the guards I have now are bronze colored, I passed that test, now I need some silver ones!

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Creepy Creepy Creepy!!!

on February 13, 2008 - 8:49pm

So... Went to Mongolian last night for dinner and discovered the cooks there are getting to know me. The place we usually go to has this "special house hot sauce" they throw on if you as them to. When they ask me how hot, I usually reply "Make me cry" (I LOVE spicy). Yesterday we go and they didn't even ask- th eone cook looked at me, winked, and said "Make you cry?"

But that wasn't the creepy part. That comes with the fortune cookies.

Now, I've taken a psychology course in the pschology of psuedoscience, and I'm fully cognizant of what's going on... but dangit if the fortunes I get form this Mongolian place don't have an above-average accuracy.

For instance: about three years ago, I got one that said "you are close to achieving your financial goals". The next day I get a call from the life insurance agent telling the company would be honoring mom's policy. Then there was the one I got that said "you will find your lost item within the week". Two days later one of my bosses hands me the class ring I'd left in the bathroom at work and had been freaking out about.

Yesterday, it was "you will face a test this week- you should reward yourself."

I take my Adult Bronze MITF and Freestyle test on Saturday.

But that's not the creepiest one. One of the "trademarks" of pseudoscientific phenomena like fortune cookies is that while they may involve "predictions", they never give specific dates. The creepiest fortunte I got was one that said "Remeber today. In three months you will experience a significant event."

Three months TO THE DAY later, I get a hug from JOSH at the Nampa ID concert during 'In Her Eyes'.


...So I guess I'll take the fortune cookie's advice and treat myself to something this weekend - after all, it seems to be right so often!



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