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Yay Winter!

on January 28, 2008 - 7:36pm

So... I live in an almost desert. It should not dump 8 whopping inches of snow in a single day.

But on the upside, I did get a paid 1/2 day off at work! Woohoo! So much fun waking up at 6, seeing snow, calling the operations hotline, and then finding out I can roll over and go back to sleep for a few hours :)

But I didn't sleep the whole time - I used part of the morning to groom Spectre (gotta love those hair knots behind the ears and the long, claw-like nails). Then to reward myself, I ran on the treadmill and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark (and instantly departed off to a happy fantasy world involving Josh and a fedora and a few other props... was sure easy to run :)) Sounds odd, I suppose, given that treadmills were originally used in prisons, but it was a nice empowered feeling. I kept up a 7mph pace for 5 whole minutes! If someone had told me last summer that I'd be able to do that, I'd have laughed real hard.

On a related tone, I've decided the most difficult day to be on plan is the day right after you've been off plan. *sigh* But, I tried to phase myself back on gently: part of dinner tonight involed Oreos :) Granted, not nearly as many as the other day, but that's a good thing. I had my favorite treats and was still on plan for today. Go Me! If the weather were to favor it, I might even go out for doughnuts in the morning instead of eating the same old cereal.

Oh yeah, almost forget the best part of the day. The weather was supposed to turn ugly again towards the end of the day... so my manager let me take off early and work the rest of the day from home... which involved a bunch of reading... and XM Radio :) (Hey- they got all the hours out of me, I was plenty productive... just cozy and thoroughly enjoying myself :)) The aforementioned weather blast didn't happen, but I was sure glad to avoid the traffic for a day.

Now, I just have to get back on the work wagon tomorrow... Maybe an Oreo or two for lunch tomorrow will help :)

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Too Good to actually be "Good"

on January 27, 2008 - 10:26am

I blame the gosh aweful roads outside for the wagon tipping over last night.

Alright alright. It didn't tip. I leapt off.

Why do I hate having to admit that? Oh wait, that's right- I'm a perfectionist and it drives me nuts when I knowingly do silly things. I never acquired that taste for alcohol, so my college years weren't filled with weekend hang-overs, at the time I thought people that did that to themselves weekly were (in brutal honesty), idiots. I had a bit of an epiphany though last night that my urges to eat pizza and Oreos must fall into the same vein.

(Get ready for it- I'm actually going to put on my big-girl panties and say it)

Last night I was an idiot. It involved way too much pizza and way too many Oreos.

Okay, that said, as I'm lounging on the couch trying to lose myself in Oblivion (Elder Scrolls IV on the PS3, no one has to worry about me being REALLY stupid ;)) I end up mulling over my bad habits and I've come to the conclusion that even though I wasn't on plan last night, it wasn't a total failure.

First though, here's where I blatently went wrong:
- I was "good" all this month. I was actually being "too good" which translates to depriving myself and falling into a diet mindset. If I'd have induldged a little more along the way, I wouldn't have felt like rebelling and being so "naughty" last night. I can't "catch-up" on all the "off-limits" foods if I still eat them while I'm on plan. There are no "off-limits" foods.
- I ate too much too fast. I ended up feeling overstuffed because of it and it killed the fun. I could still have mypizza and not make myself feel sick if I hadn't off tried to inhale everything so fast. That was just silly.
- I didn't write down everything. Even if I overeat or don't count the points, I should ALWAYS write it down.

Okay, here's what I actually did right:
- I ate what I was craving. I'd been talking pizza for weeks. It's like my best friend's mom said once: "If it's worth dreaming about for a couple of days, you should eat it!"
- I actually DID plan for it. Earlier last week dad was feeling lazy and suggested pizza but I actually said no because I was low on points at that moment and hadn't really saved any for pizza at that time. Yesterday, I went to my usual Saturday Pilates and then stayed and tried a 2nd Pilates class for extra APs. I also went and walked around the mall for an hour or so window shopping (even more extra APs). I even ate breakfast and lunch yesterday (small and low points) to keep myself from being too ravenous by pizza time.
- I threw out the leftovers! Yeah, I said it. I ate what I wanted of the pizza and the Oreos and I threw out the excess.

So there. I leapt of the wagon. I did it of my own free will, foolish though it was. My whiny side would like to point out that I tend to suffer from these urges once a month with peculiar timing that would supply a convieniant excuse for my leaping off, but I'm not going to use it. I was off plan but I chose to be off plan - my hormones did NOT make me do it. The biggest lesson I've learned from this is that I really need to learn how to break this "off-limits" mind set I have going. I think I saw on Lucia's blog once that "moderation is the new black". I really need to get a better internal grasp on that one. I tell people all the time that the best part of WW is that "I can go out and eat pizza and doughnuts everday if I want! You just have to learn how to compensate reasonably for it." Maybe I should give it a try.

(Edit: Wow... I'm surprised they don't have a character limit on these journals. I'm going to abuse this if I'mnot careful!)

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Good till the last minutes

on January 25, 2008 - 11:06pm

So... today was great up until about 20 minutes ago.

Skated great this morning- even drew a rare sign of approval from my coach for my spins! I'm more of a jumper, I struggle with everything else (though the Pilates have helped a TON).

Work went well too. Thanks to the presentation from a visitor today, all the work I've been doing since I started got to be VERY popular. I barely had time to listen to my apparently adopted theme song for the day (YAL... but you could probably guess that ;) )

I even rocked the points today. Had enough left over to indulge my sweet tooth more than I normally do. Better yet, week 2 of eating more and working out harder paid off and I lost weight again this week! To treat myself I tried a new WW dessert recipe involving chocolate, bananas, and ricotta cheese. NUM.

But then I settled in to watch Troy on BluRay. The picture was amazing. I'll forgive them for the extra blood and for being forced to endure more of Brad Pitt's skin than before. But the person who redid the music for the entire film needs to be drug out to the street and tarred and feathered. It made my teeth itch to watch one of the most dramatic duels in poetic history be reset to the Planet of the Apes theme. It was devastating to watch the tragedy of the Trojan Horse and the sacking of Troy be drowned out by over-hyped music. But all that I could come to forgive.

Getting rid of the original closing credits song? NOT GOING TO FLY. Some one CLEARLY made a bad choice there. Honestly. If you're going to revamp your movie for a "2007 Director's Cut", why would you exclude the song from the best selling artist of 2007?

I'll go back to watching the original version, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Edit: Okay, they're still not entirely forgiven, but the graphics guys get bonus points for the CG blooper reel. Imagine the beaches of Troy being being stormed... by rubber ducks.

But I'm still mad about the lack of a decent closing credits song.

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on January 24, 2008 - 6:54am

Boy, last night turned into another adventure in the world flying at me all at once... For someone who enjoy's her lack of responsibilities, I sure felt like a single parent!

To start with, Spectre was sure cranky. I think it had something to do with this has been the coldest week we've seen all winter here (we live in a 'Steppe' technically, an inch or two too much rain to be a true desert) and she apparently REALLY doesn't like to be outside when it drops below 20. Sof rom the moment I get home, she's sticking her nose into anything and everything she knows she's not supposed to (and she's clever, good Lordy is she clever at getting into things!). For instance, I take out one of an empty paperboard fridge packs of pop, set it down behind me, turn back to grab something else out, and by the time I turn back again she has it in the living room and is tearing it into confetti. She's thouroughly enjoying herself... but this is why I don't buy her stuffed toys anymore :P

But all that's AFTER I get home. I still had to work late (dumb presentation to the boss's boss today, terrified!), fight traffice, stop at the grocery store, cook dinner, do laundry, do the latter two while consoling my best friend over the phone (she's fighting through some EVIL boy issues. I told her he's not worth it but the poor thing just can't help herself), fix lunch for me for today (cause that 1/2 hour between meetings today isn't going to be enough time to go get anything!), and clean up the house from Spectre cause I think we have company coming over tonight (sort of trying to get out of that, really I just know I'm being lazy).


On upside, it did all get done... oh but only after I discovered by email accounts had gone all screwy and that half the emails people had been sending me since at least AUGUST were going to an old gmail account I never use (and some of them were for work... not cool at all).

*pant pant pant*

At least my home-made onion rings, chilli, and cornbread turned out wonderfully :) (Heck, if I get nothing else right, I'll at least eat well!) I recreated one of my favorite restauant meals for probably 1/3 the points and it was OH so nummy :) And I did get to eat it in realative peace (relative being Spectre had forgone the paperboard shreding for the moment and was eating dinner herself and the laundry was going and I was off the phone.)

Still craving pizza though... I think that a run to the gourmet pizza place of goodness aroun the corner is in order this weekend (heh, AFTER the weigh in when I have my FPs back). This is week 2 of my attempt to actually eat all the points I have available and not look at those FPs as "oops" points for when I somehow "failed" to stay on target for the day. I think I've at least maintained but I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Now I'm counting down to the weekend... when everything shoud (ironicaly) slow down for me. When did the work-week humdrum become so hectic? Did the rats win the race without me knowing it? SHEESHA!

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Wait- That's not supposed to happen!

on January 22, 2008 - 8:32pm

Just about collided with some one half my height and a third my height on the ice this morning. The funny thing is there were three total people out there at the time. For crying out loud, I can't grow eyes in the back of my head. Most of the tiny one's necks are inconveniantly hip height for me when I camel spin which means if they don't learn that I'm allowed to skate too, I'm going to inadvertantly decapitate some one. *sigh* Oh well, plenty of MITF patterns I can sweat through on the crowded sessions. Still, three people and there's a near fatal collision. That's not supposed to happen!

Made massive programming strides today at work entirely by accident. Okay... trial and error at best, but definitely not thanks to some 3rd party "documentation". But it was at least fun teaching a natural language parser to extract "Josh Groban" as the group leader of a religious sect named "Friends of Josh Groban". Progress at work directly related to Josh? That's not supposed to happen ;)

I'm still fighting with my rattling wagon but doing considerably better than the other day. I think I hear the cheers on my side and so thank you all again! It's working :) I still want to go out and eat my weight in pizza and dooughnuts but the voice of reason in the back of my head (which seems to have acquired Josh's voice...) is reminding me just what a stomach ache I'd have afterwards and how bloated and pudgy I'd instantly feel. I'm making forward progress here. That being ashamed of what I eat? That's NOT supposed to happen.

Speaking of stomach aches... Pilates today as well. Heh. I shouldn't be mean, but really, the rest of the ladies in the class? What a bunch of WHINERS. Seriously. Stop finding excuses to put in 10%. You're only going to get out of that class what you put in. You want something different to happen? Try finding an excuse to TRY. On the subject of some of the exercises my abs had only one thing to say: "That's not supposed to happen!" (As a point of pride, it did anyway and I'll pay for it with a sore tummy tomorrow!)

But the ultimate of today? Heath Ledger? That's NOT supposed to happen! *cry*



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