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It's Christmas Eve!!!

on December 24, 2008 - 7:32am

It's going to get really busy around here very quickly. We are going to make and decorate our sugar cookies as soon as the girls get up. We are going to go deliver more Christmas presents to some of our friends sometime around lunch time. We'll probably come home and play games until it's time to go to Bible Study (we don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday--we observe, reverence, and remember Christ's death and forgiveness of our sins every Sunday...not just once a year...For us, Christmas is a time of giving, friends, and family togetherness). After church, I'm kind of hoping we can scope out some Christmas lights...our extended family isn't all coming into town until tomorrow afternoon. We're all meeting at my grandmother's. It's the first year since Craig and I have had kids that we're "just the 5 of us" when Santa comes. Usually my brother & his family at least are with us...

Well, enough rambling from me. I have some other baking and straightening to do before the kids get up.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Go Figure!

on December 21, 2008 - 3:58pm

So...after the temperature being near 70 for the past few days, and rain for the past week...Mother Nature decides to laugh at me once again and take away any sign of precipitation yet plummet the temps to the teens!!! LOL Looks like our forecast is toying with the possibility of ice/freezing rain on the 23rd...wouldn't it be nice if it just kept on until it gets to snow on Christmas!?! Hey...a girl can hope, can't she? "If you just Believe" I think is how that song goes! hahaha

I had such a nice baby shower today. I am so completely humbled and thankful for all the nice gifts we received. It was just a nice, small, cozy shower with mostly my closest friends given by my sister and my best friend...

Well, I'm going to go change out of my dress clothes (we just got home from church) and put on some cozy pj's. Then, we're going to eat and work on holiday projects...and maybe watch a movie or two!

Hope everyone has a warm, wonderful night!

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Rain, rain, go away...

on December 20, 2008 - 12:46pm

The cards have been mailed, the shopping is finished... We have lots of baking to do and some sewing, too... All in all, though, I feel pretty good about where we are with the holiday preparations.

Tomorrow is the baby shower that my sister and mybest friend are giving me. I begged them not to, but they insisted. I have to say, I'm very humbled at the gesture...

I still have a little while (as far as I know) before the baby comes, but everything's ready--the crib is set up, our bags are packed...

Now, if we can finish these last few projects and catch up on the laundry, I will be set to "relax" mode! LOL Yeah...right. With the kids out of school? Probably no such chance!

Well, gotta go check to see if dinner's done...

Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!!!

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on December 17, 2008 - 6:26am

We had a wonderful visit with our best friend last night. We were able to have our Christmas gift exchange like we do every year, I fixed dinner, and we just sat and talked and caught up. The girls were so excited to see him, too. It was really funny to me to see how they reacted to him being here. Riley just wanted to sit and listen. She seemed to hang on every word he said. Kara was a little show-off! My sweet, calm, laid-back Kara...whew was she something else! And Cassidy just adored him. She had to sit beside him at supper and everything. Just like she does with my brother and my sister...

On another note, in anticipation of our guest last night, the house is now clean! I now get to focus on projects and baking! YAY! My goal is to not let the every-day cleaning pile up, though, while I'm being creative. Talk about a challenge! haha

I'm gonna try to keep this to a minimum today. I am so "long-winded" on here! So, I'm going to keep it to a "minimum" today and go look at some cookie recipes!

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9-1/2 more days...

on December 16, 2008 - 7:55am

...til Christmas!

Well, the weather sure isn't very predictable around here! They changed the forecast, it seemed, every 15 minutes yesterday until they were predicting an all-out ice storm. I just knew the girls wouldn't have school today, so I even stayed up late to finish reading Breaking Dawn. Stupid stupid idea! While I loved the book, the girls did have school, we got no ice, and I'm like a zombie! I slept hard--just didn't get quite enough of it...oh well. I'll just take a nap later if I can.

I had another weird dream last night. Apparently I'm missing one of our best friends...we haven't heard from him in several months. He's a college professor, very busy with writing books and such. Craig talked to him last--that was either July or August. And his sister and grandmother came to see us last month. But, to be one of our closest friends (like a brother to both of us), we just can't seem to make connection lately... Anyway, I dreamt he came for a visit. Nothing major--he usually sees us at some point around the holidays. (He lives several hours from here & flies in to see some of his family that lives in a town not far from us...) I'm just afraid that for the first time in about 9 years he's not going to be able to visit this year. He was even here with other members of our family when I went into labor with Cassidy 4 years ago! Craig and him would watch ballgames together. The girls would play boardgames with him. He's just been such a huge part of our family for so's no wonder we're missing him!

On another note...have you ever noticed how much more "Josh" that Josh is when he makes his appearances in the UK? No, I'm not really keen on Katy Perry's music or anything, but Josh's appearance on 'Nevermind' was overall hilarious. He just seems so much more comfortable there than he does here in the US. I wonder why that is...

Now I'm on to the organizing! You'd think at some point everything would arrive in its own place. I'm beginning to realize that shuffling things from one spot to another doesn't organize it at all. LOL I've been getting rid of lots of things that aren't necessary around here, but there's still so much to toss... I just have way too much of the inherited "packrat gene" still in me, I guess! hahaha

Hope everyone has a great day!

EDIT: As I live and breathe!!! About 30 minutes after I submitted this post, I got a phone was from the friend we haven't heard from!!! He asked if we'd be home tonight and if it was ok to stop by!!! WEIRD! He lives almost 900 miles from here...what, really, would the chances be that he call and ask to come over THE MORNING AFTER I DREAMT HE HAD COME TO VISIT!??! I don't even remember saying 'hello' when I answered the phone...instead I questioned his ESP abilities! LOL



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