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My friends are so goofy!

on December 15, 2008 - 7:31am

One of my best friends sent me this e-mail. It's so silly, I had to laugh out loud...thought I'd share the laugh with you!

The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert. After they got their tent all set up, both men fell sound asleep.

Some hours later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says,
Kemosabe, look towards sky, what you see?

The Lone Ranger replies, I see millions of stars.

What that tell you? asked Tonto.

The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute then says,
Astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies.
Timewise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three in the morning.
Theologically, the Lord is all powerful, and we are small and insignificant.
Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow.
What does it tell you, Tonto?

You dumber than buffalo. Someone stole tent

Now, it's time for me to quit procrastinating and get busy around here! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Did I mention tired???

on December 13, 2008 - 7:57pm

As tired seems to be my theme these days, we're still managing to plow through the items on our 'to do' list that we'd like done before baby boy gets here. Craig has spent all day working on cleaning carpets and rearranging furniture in our room (also where the nursery will be). I haven't gone up to see the end results...I can't wait, really, but for some reason I'm nervous! haha I guess it's because I have one more load of "regular" laundry to do and then...I'll be washing baby bedding to put on the crib, etc... That means time's getting closer VERY rapidly... And still, I'm excited. But nervous still yet.

Craig had to go in late to work tonight, so I'm going to do all the ironing (hoping I can find a good movie on tv). I was sure to take a nap earlier so that I could work more while he's gone and the girls are in bed. I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the house cleaned after church tomorrow. That will leave next week to get my Christmas cards mailed, start on the baking and work on some of the hand-made gifts. Well, it's really going to be me helping Riley with hand-made gifts. She's making initial pillows for all her friends & cousins for Christmas gifts. Also, Thursday is our last Girl Scout meeting for 2008; we're having our Christmas party here... and Craig is wanting to have all his employees and their 'significant others' here Friday for dinner for the holidays... and then next Sunday is my baby shower. Yep. I'll be sleeping the 3 days til Christmas after that, huh?! LOL

Didn't mean to ramble on about my 'to do' list... I guess seeing it in writing helps seal it in my mind...

Well, I'm going to get on with the ironing. I want to hurry and get it done, because if I do, I'll have more time before I go to bed to read some more of Breaking Dawn. I must say, the other 3 books in the Twilight series are good...but WOW. NOTHING in book 4 is what you'd expect!

Hope everyone has a great rest-of-the-weekend!

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lost...confused...frustrated...tired, too

on December 12, 2008 - 6:17am didn't end up snowing here. BUMMER! I'd settle for a white Christmas...*crossing fingers*

A friend of mine and I struck out last night to finish up some Christmas shopping. I did pretty good. But now, I am wondering why in the world I left this house on a school night. I don't know what it is with Riley sometimes, but she goes through these phases that are so cotton-pickin' frustrating. By the time Craig took the girls to school this morning, I was in tears. Yes, I realize I'm pregnant, but I truly have not been terribly emotional this time around...(for whatever wonderful reason that may be!). She sat here for an hour-and-a-half yesterday after school doing nothing. She had been grounded last weekend and had a little more left of her punishment to "serve"...she had said that she had tests to study for, but no homework...and she had volunteered to cook supper for last night (I don't make her cook--she just loves to..). Right before I left, I had asked her to put some Christmas Party invitations in her backpack for the girl scouts. By the time I got home, I found the invitations in the living room floor, Craig said she had a bunch of homework, and the basket of laundry (part of her punishment from last week) had not been folded. When she got up this morning, she (*GASP*) had nothing to wear! It's like we never even said a word to her about any of it!!! She did get supper cooked, but the thing is I had told her that was only AFTER her homework and chores were done... So, I am just at a loss. I get so tired of trying to explain to her what we expect. It's like she was knocked over the head and just doesn't get the info. registered! Her grades are slipping, too, because of incompleted assignments and lack of true test-preparation. I cannot for the life of me figure out what's going on...

Well, this entry turned out to be much longer than I meant for it to be. I'm not even sure it makes any sense. I'm going to take a quick nap while Cassidy's still sleeping and try to "reboot" my system for the day! LOL

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Thank you

on December 11, 2008 - 6:23am

To all of you who made such sweet comments on my really means a lot to me...I know I'm not the only one around here who finds the friendship and support refreshing and comforting at some of the most crucial times...

Well, we're in the "home stretch" around here...for school, work, and BABY! The girls only have 5 more full days of school after today, Craig only has about 4-1/2 full days of work left before the holidays, and we are getting very close to time for our little guy to make his arrival! I've just about got everything I was wanting "organized" finished around the house. There are a few things I can't (or shouldn't) do, like some touch-up and trim painting that still need to be done, but other than that and general house cleaning, I feel pretty good about where we're at. So now, I have just a few more presents to buy, I get to sit down and do my Christmas cards now, and the holiday baking can commence!

Looks like my northern friends I've been begging may have just come through for me! We're supposed to get some snow today. I'm not getting overly excited just yet--right now it's all south of here; I'm crossing my fingers that it will be coming this way later today. I was hoping to have at least just enough accumulation to be able to take the girls' Christmas picture we do every year out in the snow this time.

Well, I'm going to get up from here and get something done while I have some energy this morning! I hope everyone has a great day!

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on December 8, 2008 - 10:23pm

What is the deal with the boards these days? Now it seems it's my turn to be locked out of the message boards... and my e-mail was returned when I sent word to Wyatt... go figure.

On a larger scale, it looks like none of my family will be coming to my baby shower my sister and one of my best friends are giving me...even though they planned it when the others will be in town... Yeah, I'm trying not to let it bother me. I mean, my mom missed my college graduation and all but 1 shower in my lifetime (she came to 1 bridal shower--I had 3; and she didn't come to any of my baby showers...and I've had 3 babies)... I don't know why I'd expect anything else. My goal? To never deliver such pain and confusion to my own daughters... Hard as I try to ignore it, I still hurt... as a mom myself, there are just some things as a mom I feel are kind of 'expected'. Simply BEING THERE for my children is not ever even a question for me...

Also, I'm not sure why, but lots of my Christmas cards are being addressed to "Mr. Micah Chandler". I'm a MRS! I don't take offense, per se, but that's the reason I have "female" marked on my profile! I know my name (Micah) is often used as a male name, but...I am definitely a woman! You'd think I'd get used to it...occasionally even some of my alumni correspondence from college is addressed to "mr"... This is the 3rd year I've participated, but the first time I've had this problem...

Oh well. I guess I'm just blowing off "nonsense steam" before I go hit the sack. Clearing my head, so to speak. I'm tired. Being as close to delivery of baby #4, I guess that's no wonder, huh? :)

Night everyone!



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