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Josh Groban, how do we love thee?

on April 30, 2008 - 11:49am

Let us count the ways! UP CLOSE (along with Tariq, Lucia & enough to see every pore on your face! what amazing camera work!!!), Live (for those of us blessed to have heard your voice live at least once in our lives), and in 6 days, Live via DVD!!! Not to mention on just about every TV venue coming in the next month!

Yes, I did get the Up Close DVD today. (Lucky that I needed more sewing supplies and had to go to town anyway! ;) ) Funny, I couldn't find it; however, my 3-year-old had NO problem! I was so glad I had her with me today!!! She was pretty proud of herself, too! We didn't have any luck looking for the gift cards, though...

And, I wonder, do you have ANY idea how hard it is to sew and watch Josh at the same time?!?! I have been known to accidentally sew my finger before--yeah, I don't think I'd even feel it while watching Josh!!! LOL Not to mention that with my new laptop, I can watch/listen REALLY up close! hahaha Craig will be thrilled, I'm sure!

Hope everyone's having a great day!

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I wanna go to bed!

on April 29, 2008 - 8:40pm

I would love to get into my "jammas" (as my 3-year-old says) and just get under my "blankley" (yep. the 3-year-old) and sleep 'til I can sleep any more!!! Unfortunately, though, this order I'm working on is an urgent one, and I have to sew...Why then, you ask, am I on my computer? Well, I'll tell you. My stinkin' sewing machine is on my nerves at the moment. Soooo, I figured it would be better to chill a minute and play on my new laptop a while rather than throw the sewing machine as far out into the back yard as I possibly can!!!!!!!!! Especially since I would like to be PAID for this job! I probably would do well to get it finished, huh? Okay, okay, okay...I'm going...I'm to bed...back to sewing...then to bed!!! 'Night Everybody!!!!!

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A beautiful and blinding morning!

on April 29, 2008 - 6:53am

After a little struggle last night, it sure is good to see the sun shining so brightly this morning! After we came home from my daughters' ball practices last night, we walked in the house and shortly my husband and I realized a $10 bill was missing from the countertop. It belonged to my middle daughter, and she had received it from her grandparents as a reward for a school honor she received last week...anyway, thinking maybe she had taken it and put it away, we asked the girls if one of them had taken it. Right away, my oldest (8) turned on her heel and hurried down the hall to her room. I asked her if she had taken it. When she returned, she told me she had. I made her go get it and give it back, of course, but was horrified--honestly, I thought we had already addressed this type of thing a LONG time ago. We talk about things like this often with our girls. At dinner, we asked our middle daughter what she thought should be punishment for someone who steals (she didn't know what her sis had done at that point). She didn't know, but my oldest said they should have their gameboy taken away. She was offering her own punishment...but we asked her what she thought happened to people when the police catch them stealing. She said 'they go to jail'. We asked her what she thought jail was like. She said, 'slavery'. We asked what she thought slavery was like. She said something like slaves were treated badly, and couldn't do the things that they wanted to do when they wanted to do them. husband and I decided that since she's the type you have to SHOW the lesson to, that we would put her in "jail" for a day. She had to get up at 5 a.m. this morning, make her bed, clean her room, and get dressed. She was to eat her breakfast alone. Then by 6, she had to load and unload the dishwasher, fold a load of clothes, and put them away, putting the next load in the dryer. All before we left for school. Since she completed her tasks so quickly and well, and didn't even complain once, she is going to be allowed to go ahead and eat with her classmates at school (one of us was going to go sit with her apart from her class...)for good behavior and performance. After school, she's to do her homework, some more laundry, eat supper apart from the rest of us, and then one of us is going to take her to pick up trash alongside the road in our neighborhood for about 30 minutes. After, she'll have ball practice, shower, and go straight to bed. No TV, no gameboy, etc. Tomorrow, she'll have no extra chores than usual, but we decided she's going to write a short paragraph (they've begun paragraphs at school this week...) about why it's wrong to steal. Then, when her teacher asks her what good thing has happened to her this week, she'll share what 'new thing' she has learned by reading it in her Bible Study class tomorrow night. I know it may seem so strict to some, but we couldn't stand the 'smile' on her face when we asked her why she took the money! By the time we had explained why it was wrong, she was very remorseful. We told her that she was forgiven, that it was over, but that when someone does something wrong, there are always consequenses, therefore, she still had to finish her punishment. She seemed fine--even more confident in herself--this morning, so I'm thinking it's working. Our hope and prayer was and is that she would never forget this lesson. I would much rather her have discomfort now, than to get the call from police someday that she's been caught shoplifting or something!!! I cried with her last night...she left me a note on her alarm clock that said, "I love you, Mommy. I'm sorry I stol." There was a necklace laying on it that I had given to her a couple of years ago that has 2 hearts side by side (I had told her it represented us when I gave it to her). I cried like a baby when my husband brought it to me...Needless to say, I was sure to put the necklace ON HER this morning before she left! That's the other thing--any time our girls get into trouble, we try really hard to instill in them that we love them no matter what. Unconditionally. Just like God loves us..........

Sorry I've gone on and on...I just felt the need to write it out and reassure myself that we're doing our best to do the right thing! It sure isn't easy!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Sweet Sunday

on April 27, 2008 - 11:23am

My thoughts were tellng me that since I have so much work to do (a huge order I have to get sewn ASAP), I had better log on in here first! I see the sun peeking out through the rainy clouds a little bit. Kinda gives me a boost to want to go get busy working a little before I leave to go back to church...maybe I will go work and just look forward to logging back on later...

Decisions, decisions...

Funny how used to I would just crash on Sunday afternoons and just sleep...I started Weight Watchers about a month ago, and I have had SO MUCH energy the past couple of weeks that
it's unbelievable. Hope it continues!!!

Hope ya'lls Sunday is great, too!

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on April 26, 2008 - 10:35pm

Breathtaking! "Sing with me" is what he said. Well, only if you could tell me how without being able to BREATHE! Only 9 more days 'til we all just completely pass out, huh?!?! And exactly what kind of Walmart gift card??? Who cares? I'll have 1 (or 5) on Tuesday! I'll of course have to check to see which of my friends will be working there that day just in case I don't get there in time!!! hahaha

Okay, enough randomness for me tonight. It's been a very weird day and it's way past my bedtime! 'Night!



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