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It's Monday

on September 24, 2007 - 8:11am

It's Monday, and I didn't have to report to jury duty today! What a great start to the week. Have to wait 'til after 5 this afternoon to see if I have to go tomorrow. Her's hopin' it's a slow week! I have so much to do still to get ready to sell my handmade kids' clothes, Christmas ornaments, and all kinds of other goodies.

We spent all day Saturday running around everywhere...the employee picnic for Craig's fellow employees was all day Saturday. Then, on the way home from that, we found out that there was a community fundraising benefit for my daughter's friend that was diagnosed with cancer, so we went to it. Spent too much money for our budget, but not near as much as we would've liked to! They're such a sweet family. It was so worth our time to just feel like we were able to help even just a little bit. Craig's also going to check into his company helping with a fundraiser for her, too.

I did find out something very exciting, though, while I was at the auction...there's another member of FoJG in town!!! And it's someone I didn't expect--we'd never really talked much, but I'm sure that's changing! hahaha I mean, I've known she's a really nice person for a while, now, but now I know she's got great taste, too!

I'm ready to hear some news one way or the other about a 3rd leg of Josh's tour...I'd like to let Craig know if he's getting me tickets for Christmas!! LOL No, I'm not usually the type that wants to tell him what to get me for Christmas (he usually does SO MUCH BETTER without my help!), but I would simply just have to make an exception this time! haha

Well, I'm off to work on birthday party planning for my soon-to-be 3-year-old. She's counting on a 'Max and Ruby' birthday party...when I looked for a gift for her for something (I think it was at Easter) last year and did an e-bay search, one of the results I ended up with had to do with Josh!!! Will I be that lucky today??? Hmmmm.....let's go see!!!!!! hehehe

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Really quick...

on September 22, 2007 - 12:35am

I'm still here!!! I've just been very, very busy--I haven't figured out how to sew and type on the computer at the same time!!! ...yet... hehehe

I hope to fill in all the "blanks" soon! I miss everyone on here, and have been thinking of/praying for all of you!

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3 Weeks Left

on September 15, 2007 - 8:53am

Only 3 weeks until my first attempt to sell "my creations". I've made a lot of different kinds of Christmas ornaments and will have them displayed on a tree, but I have SO MUCH MORE different kinds of things--including little girls' clothes--that I plan to have ready. It's just getting to the "crunch time" where I start to really pour every minute into my endeavor. Is that obsessive? Maybe to some, but I have a goal, and I intend to follow it through to the end. I am hoping to simply get my name 'out there' so that when someone needs that special dress for their baby girl, or a certain type of ornament for their Christmas tree, or that special gift for someone, they'll call me and ask if I can do it. I don't know what the future holds or what direction my "little business" will take, but I know I'm feeling extremely fulfilled in simply the process...

I finally got a girls' night out last night--spent way too much, but needed those clothes/shoes badly! And I feel absolutely no guilt in all that pasta I ate at Olive Garden...or that huge chocolate chip cookie I ate with my rasperry mocha I drank at 10:00 at night! LOL

I didn't get tickets for my daughter's birthday...oh well...I'll have fun planning a party for her of some kind. And with the money that I wouldn've spent on tickets--it should end up being a pretty nice little party! I have 'til November for hers...she'll be 8! I can't believe how time flies. My "baby" will be 3 in October...that in itself is unbelievable. My 5-year-old is recovered from her surgery, and is at full speed now. It's really cute to see all 3 of my beautiful girls sitting in their pajamas in the living room floor--working on "projects like Mama". They've got beads everywhere, but their working with their creativity, so I don't mind. I was so proud the other day when my father-in-law told my oldest daughter that she was gonna be "his basketball girl". Now, she's wanted to play basketball since she was 4, but her reply to him was so grounded--she said, "I don't know Granddaddy, I might decide to be in the band". Proud moment for me, I'll tell ya! I just like the fact that she--at such a young age--doesn't want to be pigeonholed into a "group" or a "stereotype" and that she seems to know she'll make up her mind when the time comes, rather than when someone merely suggests something.

Well, I just about forgot where I'm supposed to be in a couple of hours, so I'd better get ready. Some friends invited us to a fish fry at the lake this afternoon, and it's an hour's drive. Sounds like a perfect ride for Josh to come along for, huh? Even if it is only by iPod! LOL

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It's a new day!

on September 13, 2007 - 7:35am

Well, I'm gonna try again when the tickets go on sale to the General Public Saturday. But I refuse to be so bummed after that final attempt! Takes way too much energy! LOL

I've been recharged, although I still haven't taken my "me"'s amazing what a good-night's sleep will do. And I do plan to get my time this weekend while hubby's here with the girls. Next week my middle daughter will go back to school since it's been 2 weeks (tomorrow)since her tonsillectomy. With 2 at school, and only 1 at home, I should be able to get a lot accomplished toward my latest endeavors. It's only 3 weeks until my first attempt to sell my handmade things...I've gotten quite a bit made for the festival, but still have lots that I want to have ready to sell. If I don't do well, I don't know how I'll react; but I'm trying hard not to focus on the 'what-ifs'. I think it's just scary knowing that I like what I've made, and I'm proud of the "craftsmanship", but I am not guaranteed that anyone else will like it. I think a good back-up plan would be to donate it to those who need it (the little girls' dresses) or would get a little bit of happiness from it (ornaments). When you put a "little bit of you" in something you create, it really puts a fear of "rejection" out there. If it weren't for all the positive comments about my entry for the backstage contest to meet Josh, I would've been devastated! Especially since it was the first time I'd ever put something I created "out there" with the intention of it being "judged"!

Well, little ones are wide awake now (must've been Max & Ruby that perked 'em up! haha) and they want their breakfast!

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I am so bummed!

on September 11, 2007 - 9:27am

I'm so aggrivated! I just tried FOR AN HOUR to get tickets to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus for my 7-year-old's birthday. I spent $$ on the fanclub just to be sure to get presale advantage. Some advantags! Not only did it sell out (long before "my hour" was up), but there were already tix on e-bay--FOR ALMOST 2000.00!!!!!! It makes me so mad! There are some people that will pay that money for their child. Not only am I not one of them--I couldn't if I wanted to! I just want to cry in frustration...I called the venue to be extra sure. The girl said there will be more released for the general public sale later. I PAID FOR THE PRESALE! How stupid I must be. I don't even allow my daughter to go into the chat rooms in that fan club; basically I wasted my time and my money!

Okay. I'm done. I hope I can post something much more positive soon! It seems that lately, the harder I try to work toward being positive and rise above the negativity in life, more and more gets dished out. I am truly thankful for my blessings in life. BUT CAN A GOOD GIRL GET A BREAK HERE??? I don't even want to ask what more can possibly go wrong! And no, my attitude isn't all about some tickets...I'm just venting...and I'm way past due a "Girls' Night Out"/"Mommy's Day Off" or whatever...

Going to go have a good cry now. Love you all!



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