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mermaid theatre

on October 28, 2006 - 3:42am

OMJ! i got to go and see josh yesterday at the mermaid and he was great! we got to sit right at the front next to Paul Gambaccini (well i wasn't. i was next to Jackie (spaceyfan) who was next to paul)...

i took some pics but i only had a disposable camera so i couldn't zoom in (not that i really needed to) abd i had to keep winding it on which was a bit loud... got a few though so lets hope they come out ok!

seeing as i didn't know what anyone looked like i stood about 5 ft from them looking like a lemon!

the orchestra played for the first half - i wish they'd only had a small amount of time... more josh please!! and then they had a 20 min interval... it was only meant to be 15!!

but when josh came on... wow! i think i enjoyed machine most... he seemed to enjoy that one more too... imo... and joked about wearing his pjs seeing as we were the only ones who could see him...

2 members of G4 were there... sat at the front but round to the side... they didn't look too happy but i bet they were loving it really!!

we all went round the back to meet him... sept i had a train to catch... stupid train!! so i left it as late as i could before going... no josh... :( i had to run for the train too... and then on the train found out i'd missed him by about 5 mins!

next time, josh. next time!

i also replayed the concert at home on the bbc radio 2 site... skipped the orchestra

ok... tour dates nov 7th?!?! bring it on!!

see you later when i've come out of the clouds!

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on October 13, 2006 - 11:30am

Yay, friday at last! this week has gone sooo fast though. but for some starnge reason it feels ages ago since it was monday...

it was my birthday wednesday... it was cool... didn't have uni until 2 o'clock so didn't have to get up early!
i love those days, not a morning person at all... shame i have to get up at like 7 on saturday... the reason for this? i have rowing which requires waking up early and going out in the cold sheffield weather... for the possible chance of capsizing... hasn't happened yet but it could... Its meant to be highs of, like, 9 (degrees) C tomorrow (don't ask me what that is in farenheit) havent got the foggiest...

why is it somethings are metric and others still imperial?? temperature in celsius, small units in centimeters etc... like the dimensions of an A4 piece of paper (29.7 x 21 cm) (I did Graphics at A-level and knowing this was very useful) but long distances and stuff is in miles...


Yeh, so my birthday (this is like a little kid now. you know how, whoever they meet (even if they don't know them), they tell them EVERYTHING they got for their birthday/xmas etc) thats what i'm gonna do!

don't worry this is a very brief version... of course i asked for something Josh-related. The live at the greek dvd/cd... watched that within 10 mins of opening... and chocolate, lots and lots... and lots... of chocolate... Thorntons... mmm...

ok now i'm rambling... i can't even remember the point of this journal entry...

i also bought Josh's first album today... listened to that a bit... now i have all my cd player in my bedroom taken up with josh! it only holds 3 cds at a time though.... roll on nov 7th... hmm... wonder which one'll have to be replaced...

Ok. now that i've bored you all to sleep... who needs sedatives?! lets read about Jenny's fabulous week... for as long as you can without falling off your chair backwards... don't hit your head too hard... NOTE... buy a beanbag!!! one of those big ones that you can lie on that cost about $200 (£100 for me, evryone has to be included)... ooh maybe instead of Josh Cusions and pillows we could have Josh BEANBAGS... yay... i would totally buy one of them... or two... or maybe... nah... one'll do....


just remember, Christmas is only a few months away!! the perfect excuse to buy Joshie stuff and heap it upon unsuspecting victims (not literally Heap it on them of course, just pass it to them gently)

Thankyou... and GOODNIGHT (or middle of the day)... Ok... GoodNIGHT/DAY/MORNING* (*delete as appropriate, or add your own)
Now i'm really going to shut up... (note to self: don't eat so much sugar before writing a journal entry... oooh... me crazy!!)

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on September 26, 2006 - 2:56am

Hello again my lovely people...
Ooh, that reminds me of when I went to Rhodes a few months ago. There was this man there at our hotel that finished every sentence with "My lovleys" e.g. "ok, my lovleys, if you want to dance, you can dance, my lovelys..." etc. etc.
Ok now I'm off subject, ah well...

It is currently 10:47am and I've been awake about 2 hours (late for some but not for me). I should still be asleep, well maybe not for about 15mins, but my dog was persistently barking at the window cleaners next door. She doesn't like people on ladders...

ooh.. just remembered I was making myself a cup of tea... oops... it'll be cold now. still has the tea bag in and no milk etc. this normally happens... i think to myself "i know, i'll have a cup of tea...", put the kettle on, and forget it... wasteful person... don't worry (if you actually cared about my tea-drinking habits) i'll heat it up...

I drew another sketch of Josh the other night. This one was good except that when I'd finished the eyes are slightly smaller than they should be... either that or everything else was too big...
I would show you but my scanner (or rather the computer that the scanner's connected to) is being stubborn and refusing to work... *shouts at idiot computer*. :(

Got an interview today for a job... not a good one though... just til Xmas. I applied when I needed money but now I have a student loan and not much to buy with it so thats just sitting there... oopsie... it'll look good on my CV though (or resume to the people that don't know what that is... you might have guessed anyway...)

That's all for this lovely edition of my life to date...



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on September 24, 2006 - 7:04am

OK. So its Sunday (well it is where I am anyway. You could be in one of those areas where it is now Monday (poor you) or still Saturday (you're lucky). Been awake for about 5 hours and still feel dead. I'm not really a morning person. It normally gets to like 11 at night and I feel like I could go swimming or something. Thats when I normally have most inspiration. In fact most of this week I've gone to bed at 1am after doing random Josh-related things, playing music, listening to music, drawing... I am weird?

I've been trying to play "Remember when it Rained" on the piano (well keyboard actually, and not a good one either. You can get ones that have the touch volume thingy to have piano and forte etc. but no. mines all one volume...) Anyways, its ok. Just need to remember all those flats in the music, and some of the notes go below my keyboard range. I love that song. Especially the semiquavery bit near the end.

Can't wait for Nov 7th! Sadly its about a month after my birthday and I'm NOT waiting til christmas to get it. It's long enough from now!

I tried sketching Josh which turned out ok. It so hard getting those eyes though. They're so beauiful and smiley. Oh well... If at first you don't succeed..... This was at like, 1 in the morning as well.

Ok, byee for now. Sorry if I bored you. You've done well surviving to this point.

Hugs for all (unless you don't want one. Your choice)


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