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joke contest

on August 31, 2007 - 7:25am

Well, I didn't win the backstage passes. Bummer. I'm ot too upset. I hope there will be other chances. I must say, the one thing tha t really bugs me is the fact that winning jokes didn't always follow the rules. That is not right and not fair. I worked hard to find a joke that I thought was funny, clean and short-within the guidelines. Then they go and pick (several times) jokes that are wayyyy longer then the fifty word maximum. Not right and not fair. Why have any rules at all if you aren't going to follow them?

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on August 19, 2007 - 9:20pm

Well, life has really sucked ina very personal way lately. My very good friend was in a car accident with her 12 year old son. They walked away fromt he accident but the car was totalled. Paramedics wanted to take her to the hospital for x-rays just to be sure she was ok. When they did an MRI they found cancer in her lungs and on her spine. Everything has been confirmed and she has stage four lung cancer. They give her 6-12 months. Her son has many special needs and my friends husband works 60 hours a week. My friends husband has been great. Trying to do everything. My friend then got sick with a virus and ended up in the hospital with pnuemonia. She's been out a few days now. Her husband is now catching a cold. This is just too much. She is a really good person and has always worked for the betterment of her child and others. she has overcome a horrible childhood to have a really good, healthy relationship with her husband and child. She is a good friend. This is just not fair!

And my mom is moving to Florida. My brother in law is being deployed to Iraq in less than a month. And I didn't get a job this school year (I have worked part time teaching-trying not to work full time).

Thanks for the supportive words. Prayers, white light, good thoughts are all appreciated.

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still hope for backstage passes!

on July 14, 2007 - 8:58pm

Well, one more contest. Hope is still alive for backstage passes. I have to come up with a good joke. Anyone know Josh's sense of humor? Only one entry. Bummer. I've sent a call out to all my friends. I hope someone sends me a good one. That would be so awesome.

Leaving for vacation in a few days. Getting all the last minute stuff done but I am looking forward to it. My husband has a few extra days off of work when we come back so we may do some other stuff when we get home-depends on the money.

Well, off to the boards now.

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when it rains it pours

on July 6, 2007 - 10:09pm

And those sprinklers make it so I can't open my windows. I've told the neighbor that they shoot in my window and he tried once to do something but nothing has changed. So when he has the sprinkler on I have to shut my windows or we get wet.

Tonight my son was having a sleepover. My husband let the boys eat a whole large container of gummy worms and now they both have tummy aches and the friend wants to go home.

Have a swim meet in the morning and my daughter suddenly has some weird rash. It doesn't look like an allergy thing. It looks more incidious. She is suppossed to sleepover at a friends tomorrow also. My youngest two have an art class. Not sure now if I should let my daughter do any of it. We are going to try and get her in to the doctor in the morning. Hopefully we will hear it is nothing contagious.

And lastly, we leave for vacation in less than two weeks and the volunteer organization I work with had said they would give us money to attend this conference (what I call a vacation) and yesterday found out that they intend to reimburse us in November not give us money now. This is totally screwing us. I had planned to have that $400 and now we don't. So we have six people trying to have fun in Chicago for a week on $280. I can do it but it won't be that much fun.

Well, husband is back from dropping off my sons friend back home. Good night.

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on July 5, 2007 - 9:53pm

Well tickets finally came today. I'm so excited. Will be holding my breath until they announce the winners of backstage passes.

I also got a new phone a few days ago and was finally able to download a Josh ringtone. My last phone didn't have the capabilities. Never really cared until I realized I could have a Josh ringtone. Now I do and I never want to answer the phone. Just want it to keep ringing. :)

Hope anyone reading is doing well and had a good day. Bad part of my day was finding out that I will not have $400 for vacation that I thought we would have. Now we can't really do much while on vacation. That's a huge deal for us. Scrambling fast to figure out how to make that up in two weeks. Any ideas?

At least my tickets balanced out the money thing. One really good and one really bad.

Off to bed.



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