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What Can I Say???

on January 30, 2009 - 8:31pm

...he was absolutely charming..........can't wait for the next live chat!!

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on January 29, 2009 - 3:46pm

Oh boy......LIFE has happened again here and I haven't journaled for 10 days again!

I have to say, as much as I love winter and SNOW - I am SO ready for warm weather...for physical reasons, mostly! But life is good - busy as ever - but GOOD! :)

Hannah is excited; she's touring 5 states in a week with her Augie choir. They left this morning and landed in Oacoma SD - I'd never heard of that city. I guess it was a 7 hour bus ride - I bet those kids were happy to get there!

Austin is getting excited to purchase a new car (well, USED, I should say) as he'll be turning 16 in July. So him and Mark have had fun searching the net and local papers for one. It's fun to see him so pumped and it's a great reason for them to spend some fun quality time together.

I'm anxious to hear back from Josh on that chat line....anybody have the "heads up" on that? Nessa???? We celebrate our birthdays next month and I'll "celebrate" my roll over accident (on the 24th) after the Closer know when I "FLIPPEDOVERJOSH" lol

Hope this finds you all well. I had another Josh dream. Not sure WHY this is happening so much - maybe 'cause I'm SO ready for another album and tour???? They're the funniest dreams though - in every one of them Josh and I are just good ol' pals/buds....I'm not at all starry-eyed...he just seems like part of the family. WEIRD, I know! Probably because that's how I truly see Josh....humble and kind and not "above" the rest of us at all. God Bless you JOSH GROBAN!!! YOU ARE LOVED :)

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on January 19, 2009 - 9:27am

OK - so here's what I'd ask him to do or say if I ever got through on this new upcoming LIVE CHAT. Since we share the same birthday month, I'd have him simg Happy Birthday to me! Oh God, I would........******thud********

Oh...........sorry about that! (back up in chair)...

OMGOSH OMGOSH OMGOSH! A quick addition here. I went up on thatjoshgrobanguy to see if "My Country Tis of Thee" was on, and of course, it was! THANKS TO WHOEVER PUTS THIS UP FOR US!!!! Anyway-he sings with Heather Headley and as I was listening I thought - "I KNOW that voice!!" Well, she played Aida in "Aida' - one of my very FAVORITE musics of all time!!!! I just thought that was so cool; just had to share it with all of you!

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It's a heat wave................

on January 18, 2009 - 5:27pm

Like, WOW - it hit 32 degrees here today. The wind in my face was......warm? Did I say warm? I almost found myself laying out on my deck.....but I didn't feel like shoveling five feet of snow of it first. LOL

Sharon (joshisboss) is being so helpful trying to find that album I'm so desperate for. Isn't it cool to have friends all over the world willing to help out a friend "in need" :) - and all of us in love with Josh's music - and by the comments I got back, some of us are long time "Rollers" as well. I tell ya, I'd give anything to see Les in concert again :)

Speaking of.....I'm so excited to go see Jesus Christ Superstar on Friday. My sister is driving to my house - she's an hour and a half away; then we're heading to Sioux Falls to pick Hannah up and then out to eat at my favorite place "Red Lobster" and then an 8:00 show at the Pavillion. It's the farewell tour for JCS with Ted Neeley and I'm happy and blessed to say I've been able to see him perform 4 times over the years. That's another guy I'd love to meet and get a pic with - anybody out there that can help me with this too? lol

I feel so "star struck" lately. It's been kinda fun to forget about life for awhile and just get lost in "Star Land"..........

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on January 17, 2009 - 8:57am's what I'm looking for. When I was a teenie bop I was IN LOVE with the Bay City Rollers.... particularly with the lead singer - Leslie McKeown. Anybody else out there a Roller fan????

I've been googling and searching and having the most fun and nostalgic moments the last week on websites, etc watching old footage, pics, etc etc. Well, I found out that he has continued performing and has his own band called "LEGENDARY" or "Legendary BCR" - anyway - I HAVE TO GET HIS NEW RECORDINGS!!!

I've checked Amazon (they have all the BCRs albums) and I've checked Amazon UK and I've checked - THANKS TO ALL OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS!! You're the best :) - but it's not there :(

Now I'm wondering if I can only download some of his music by MP3 (as I saw on his website) - So anyway........

I will keep searching and hoping someone from here might be able to help! This is the first time I've taken a Josh break and spent so much time on another man's site - oh oh! LOL



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