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You gotta love a book...........

on February 18, 2009 - 4:17pm

....with a surprise ending :)

I've had quite a day - one of those "I can't get moving cause I'm ignoring reality" kind of I jumped into a book where I could escape. It worked! And it was so much fun, I've decided to jump right back into another book after supper!

And for once in my life I'm not feeling guilty. I think it's because I had to just chill or the consequence would be to turn myself in to a nut house. Just kidding. Life is never THAT bad; but escaping for a couple hours is really good therapy.

I hope everyone is having a great week.....AND SORRY for the downer blog. I should be excited and looking forward to my birthday next week, right? I have to order my birthday cake and have both mine and Josh's names on it! My jg friends will surely get a kick out of it :)

Well, better make supper for hubby and son....then off to my own little world again. Hannah gave me the book "STILL ALICE" - has anyone read it?

Happy hump day!

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Valentine Contest

on February 16, 2009 - 4:06pm

Have we heard who won??? I'm quite sure they're trying frantically to get ahold of me to say "congratulations!" lol

I just sent a "Happy Birthday" email to on to the store for my 20% off!

Well, I had a non-romantic, but very fun Valentine's Day. My hubby took the day off - he's in retail and works 6 days a week and every other Sunday - so it's a treat when he does that - a gift in itself! We headed to the twin cities to take in a show choir competition and met up with Hannah and her boyfriend there! Ate at the Pizza Ranch with them before heading home :)

I got a book from Hannah for my birthday..."STILL ALICE" - have any of you read it? I have to finish up the one I'm reading now first. Thanks for all the funny comments back from my last entry. You guys crack me up.....we'll just "age together", right friends?

What's for supper tonight? Chili here! And it's NOT chilly here - a gorgeous day - 36 degrees :)

Have a great week everyone! Hope all is well...........

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on February 12, 2009 - 9:17am

This aging process thing....what a journey! I swear I can't "hear" like I used to and I KNOW now that I certainly can't SEE like I used to.....

Went in for an eye appointment this week and need glasses - BIG SURPRISE...NOT! So, I get home and hubby says...."Well, do you need bifocals?" to which I stated.."They call them 'progressive lenses' dear." to which he laughed :) all out of fun of course; we're aging TOGETHER!! lol

I've never been much of a "reader" - but now I know why people love to do it. Reading was on my list of new years resolutions and I'm enjoying it so very much! I get it! - how you can get "lost in a book" and just forget about life for awhile! It's really been a joy!

So far since the 1st of the year I've read MY SISTER'S KEEPER, THE SHACK, and THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES. Now I'm reading SALEM FALLS by the same author as My Sister's Keeper - btw - an excellent book if you're interested!!

My friend Penny took me out for an early birthday dinner last night and gave me a bottle of wine from a vineyard her and her husband were at last week in Napa Valley CA! I can't wait to enjoy it with my hubby - maybe Saturday for Valentine's day! She shared pics from her trip and it sounded like SO MUCH FUN! I think that's a place I'd enjoy too....maybe someday :)

A quick JOSH NOTE....I loved his duet with Ellen - what a hoot - could they have had any more fun? OH, and I'm really really bad, but can someone tell me if NOEL took a grammy! I didn't get to watch Sunday night.....

QUICK EDIT........I just read Josh's blog and I see he didn't win. That's too bad - but hey - he's young and as we all know THE BEST so he'll have another opportunity!

So glad Sweeney showed up...I bet he was a wreck. JOSH I LOVE YOUR HEART!!!!

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It's In..........

on February 3, 2009 - 10:56pm favorite love song for the contest is "IN"!

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on February 1, 2009 - 7:17pm

....they played hard and almost had it!!!



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