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dancing with the stars & american idol

on May 23, 2007 - 3:58pm

Dancing with the Stars Monday night was amazing. I didn’t write down scores or anything but from what I remember they all did really good. At the end of the night Apolo was first, Joey was second, and Laila was third. They danced again last night and they all got perfect scores, therefore they were still in the same order. We found out who won last night. Before that they had to kick someone out. Laila fell short of being in the top two. I always thought that Apolo has a bigger fan base then the rest of the celebrities. He won last night. Julianne’s face was priceless. She was so surprised and happy. Did you know that she is from Salt Lake? My grandparent’s told us that last night. Did you also know that Apolo is going to move here? I think it is so that he can be near the Olympic Speed Track so that he can train for Toronto. Laila was disappointed that she did not win but I think that Maks was more disappointed. He really wanted to win. But Apolo Anton Ohno won because he is an Olympic Champion and all of America knows who he is…and he was really good.

American Idol is on tonight. We get to find out who wins that. I think that Jordin has a better voice than Blake. She will win. But Blake will still get a record deal because they always do.

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Angel & Dancing with the Stars

on May 15, 2007 - 8:02pm

I just heard Josh and Sarah McLaughlin sing ‘Angel’ and I love it! It is so beautiful. I am so glad that I have a copy of it.

And now ‘Dancing with the Stars’ the semi-finale… It was freaking awesome last night. I am so glad that I got to watch it.

Week Nine…
1) Apolo and Julianne. I love her green dress. They both look really cute. That dance was awesome. They got 10:10:10 from the judges. Dance: Quickstep. Song: Mr. Pinstripe Suit by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Julianne looks really young with her hair like that. They got 10:9:10 from the judges. Dance: Cha Cha. Song: Push It by Salt 'N Pepa.
2) Ian and Cheryl. I thought that dance as good. I don’t think he is up to par with the rest of the dancers. They got 9:10:9 from the judges. Dance: Tango. Song: Maneater by Nelly Furtado. He is Elvis. lol They got 10:10:10 from the judges. Dance: Jive. Song: All Shook Up by Elvis Presley.
3) Laila and Maks. They got mad at each other. lol Laila looks like an Egyptian in that dress. They got 10:10:10 from the judges. Dance: Quickstep. Song: Walk Like An Egyptian by Bangles. I love that color of pink. It suits them both. The dance was nice. They got 10:10:10 from the judges. Dance: Cha Cha. Song: She's A Lady by Tom Jones.
4) Joey and Kym. That dance really good. I think they look good in white. I like it. They got 10:10:10 from the judges. Dance: Foxtrot. Song: My Guy by Mary Wells. That dance was really good. They got 10:10:10 from the judges. Dance: Jive. Song: Jump Jive N Wail by Brian Setzer Orchestra.

The results show…
That flamenco dancer was so cool. The second song by Enrique Iglesias could be a really cool song if it was live. Ian Ziering and Cheryl Burke were voted off tonight. I think that was the best choice. He just wasn’t quite up to the level of dancing as the other dancers were.

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job, Superman & Survivor

on May 14, 2007 - 3:18pm

So I have been working at my new job for half a week now. They made a list of projects that they need me to do and that list is quickly shrinking. lol I like working there. I feel like I get paid well for what I do and I like the work. Everyone is really nice. I am not yet in the payroll system but I really hope that I am in time to get a paycheck. They pay every two weeks.

This weekend I watched ‘Superman: Returns’. It is the first time I have sat though a whole Superman movie. I really liked it. I want to see one and two sometime and then watch it again since it takes place after those. Brandon Routh looks a lot like Christopher Reeve.

The Survivor finale was last night. The whole season was really great. I am so glad that they are doing another one. One of the main reasons I watch it is because Jeff (the host) is really hott! Usually he only wears button-down shirts but last night after we found out who won he changed into a brown long-sleeved shirt with dark blue jeans. He looked really hott!! I kept staring at him. lol He looks so cute with his dimples. Next Survivor is going to be in China.

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job & dancing with the stars

on May 8, 2007 - 9:30pm

The interview that I had yesterday was great! I was not nervous at all. After Dancing with the Stars I got a phone call from the guy telling me that I got the job. I am really happy. I start tomorrow. Now I need to pay my dad back and not spend anymore money so that I can afford to go to a Josh Groban concert and go to school next fall. Now I won’t be sitting around the house all summer. lol

Speaking of Dancing with the Stars…I haven’t posted about it yet. I watched the results show too so you can have my thoughts on that as well.

Week Eight…
1) Ian and Cheryl. I don’t like the feathers on her dress. The dance was ok. They got 8:7:7 from the judges. Dance: Foxtrot. Song: Baby It's Cold Outside by Tom Jones. I like her dress. I agree with the judges about it not looking natural. They got 8:8:9 from the judges. Dance: Rumba. Song: Imagine by John Lennon.
2) Joey and Kym. I like the fluid motion of the dance. Kym’s dress reminds me of a bon-bon. They got 9:9:8 from the judges. Dance: Waltz. Song: Always by Frank Sinatra. I like that dance. They got 10:9:10 from the judges. Dance: Mambo. Song: Pump It by Black Eyed Peas.
3) Billy Ray and Karina. Karina looks good in pink. It seems like she always wears black or pink. The judges are being really harsh on them. They got 7:6:5 from the judges. Dance: Foxtrot. Song: Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette. That dance was just ok. They got 6:7:7 from the judges. Dance: Mambo. Song: My Way by Los Lonely Boys.
4) Laila and Maks. Did Laila cut her hair? It is shorter than I remember it being. It looks cute on her. I think that they did a good job. They got 9:9:9 from the judges. Dance: Waltz. Song: May Each Day by Andy Williams. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Maks’ footwork! It was amazing! That dance was so awesome! They got 9:8:9 from the judges. Dance: Jive. Song: Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Studio Group.
5) Apolo and Julianne. How do you tango to this song? It is so weird. That dance was amazing! Julianne does amazing choreography. They got 10:8:10 from the judges. Dance: Tango. Song: Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield. That dress is so cool! I thought that dance was awesome! I loved it. It was my favorite one. They got 10:10:10 from the judges. Dance: Paso Doble. Song: Carnaval De Paris by Dario G.

The results show was amazing! Nelly Furtado was the performer. She sang two songs. During her first song the dancers were Tony and Elena! I always enjoy watching them dance. Maks and his little brother had a dance-off. I was really neat to see him again. They did a really good job. The couple that got voted out tonight was Billy Ray Cyrus and Karina Smirnoff. I was glad to see him go because it didn’t seem like he wanted to be there. He had given up. I am surprised that he has lasted this long. But I suppose that he has a lot of fans that kept him there. All the other couples are so much better then him though.

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New Era & job search

on May 7, 2007 - 9:04am

I was reading the New Era yesterday and I came upon an article that made me scream out loud. There is an article called ‘Right on Key’ about William Joseph. I love his music. It was fun to read a different perspective on his story. I never thought I would see David Foster and Josh Groban in the New Era but they were both mentioned. lol It was a very good article. One thing that William says I stopped and thought about. He said, “When people hear my music, they can feel something in it. They want to know what it is. They can just feel a difference.” Before I knew that he was LDS I wondered because of they way he presents himself and the way I felt when I listened to his music. He is an incredible musician. I know that he is blessing lives with his songs.

I have a very promising interview today. I really need a job before the end of the month so that I can pay off the debt that I created when I bought my Josh Groban tickets. lol I also need to start saving money for tuition in the fall. And I am completely bored out of my mind. I need something to do! lol



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