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backstage, rumors & CDs

on July 19, 2007 - 8:53am

Even though I am bringing three people with me to the concert I am going to enter the backstage contest anyway. If I win I’ll have to see who wants to meet Josh more and take them. I am not going to enter for a while because my concert is at the end of August. I think I know what joke I am going to send in but if I think of something else I want to be able to change it. It is a lot of fun reading the jokes that have already won.

So there are eminent rumors about Josh’s Christmas CD floating about FOJG. Well they are not so much rumors as they are fact. Warner has been giving these facts so they must be true. The CD will come out in September. I really like that because than I can get it in time for holiday shopping. I hope he releases a single. One that is different and really good. If David is producing the whole CD I know that it will be awesome. I also hope it is a complete CD with 15 or so tracks. Michael Bublè has a Christmas CD, which I own and love, that only has five songs on it.

I got two of the CDs that I ordered from FYE. I received David Foster’s Rechordings and River of Love. I love them both a lot. I have been wondering who sings ‘Grown-up Christmas List’ for a long time. Now I know that Natalie Cole sings it. I really like hearing piano versions of songs that I here on the radio. It is really interesting to strip the song down to the basics. I was really happy to get these ones first because I have looked everywhere for them. They are my favorite David Foster CDs.

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independence & FOJG journal

on July 13, 2007 - 9:50am

I talked to Dad last night about moving out. He didn't have any issues with that. He just thinks that it will be hard for me to get enough money to pay for living expenses. We talked about it and have decided that I will stay in the house. But we did work out some compromises so that I have more independence.

I know that people read these posts. So I want comments! Tell me who you are, where you’re from, anything interesting about yourself, pretty much why you are reading my FOJG journal. What do you like about it? Are you a regular or did you just stumble across it? Do you like reading my randomness? I know that posting here helps me to sort out my thoughts and clear my head. It is (or was, before I lost it all) fun to go back and read about what I wrote.

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skin, Bublè, my car & CDs

on July 12, 2007 - 2:54pm

I figured out why I breakout with a rash. I get a heat rash. It is caused by sudden change in temperature and sweat. I don’t sweat too much so it surprised me to find that out. It itches like crazy but it always goes away everyday. If it doesn’t go away then I have a problem and should consult a doctor. I first started getting heat rashes in the wintertime when I was wearing nylons a lot.

I have been trying to win Michael Bublè tickets over the radio. I tried yesterday and didn’t get through at all. And I tried this morning and got through but they had already got a winner. I knew the answer to both questions. Yesterday they asked what suburb Barnaby was a part of. It is a part of Vancouver. Today the question was who’s daughter’s wedding was Michael discovered at. And that would be Canada’s prime minister, Brian Mulroney. It takes me forever to get through. It is quite annoying. When I lived in Colorado I called the radio stations all the time and it only took I few rings. Here it takes about ten or fifteen rings and even then I still might not get a person.

I talked to Dad last night about buying the Honda from him and he said that I should wait until I am 21 so that I won’t have to pay him so much because of the depreciation. That made a lot of since to me so I am going to wait. We’ll see about what he thinks about my idea of moving out. I am going to talk with him tonight about that subject.

I just went to FYE (For Your Entertainment). I browsed around the store and was found some things that I want but it was reminding me of more stuff. So I went back to work and got on the website and ordered eight CDs. I bought two Josh Groban CDs (Josh Groban [Bonus Tracks] and Closer [Bonus Tracks]), one Michael Bublè CD (Let It Snow), one Ten Tenors CD (One Is Not Enough [Bonus Tracks]), and four David Foster CDs (David Foster, The Christmas Album, Rechordings, River of Love). I am really excited for them all to come. The Ten Tenors CD was on backorder but everything else will be coming at the same time because they were all in stock. I don’t know what I am going to do with my old Josh Groban CDs. I know that some of the Grobanites have copies of every version of every CD that he has ever made. But that seems silly to me.

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school & storage

on July 11, 2007 - 6:21pm

I finally signed up for my fall semester. I am glad that I got the classes that I wanted. The way I arranged my schedule allows me to be able to work in the afternoons. That will be good. Then I will be able to get some money for gas and be able to save for another semester.

For the past week I have been organizing my room. Now I feel like I can live in it. I really like what I did with everything. I got these really cool boxes from Target and was able to organize everything easily into those.

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Concert for Diana, books, moving out & Josh

on July 5, 2007 - 4:17pm

The Concert for Diana was ok from what I saw. I missed the part that I wanted because I was at church. Thank goodness for the Internet. People have posted videos on You Tube. I missed the whole Andrew Lloyd Webber part which included Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman singing ‘All I Ask of You’, Andrea Bocelli singing ‘Music of the Night’, and Donny Osmond (with others) singing ‘Joseph’. I wanted to see those most of all. If we came home thirty minutes earlier I would have seen them. I was really disappointed and so I went on the Internet on Sunday to see if I could find Josh anywhere. Nay’s website had it up. I watched that and it made me happy. I love Josh Groban and Phantom of the Opera! The other performances I looked for today. And I found them and it made me happy to know that I could watch them.

I read all six Harry Potter books and have thought of some things that need to be included in the last book. Steven is reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He hasn’t read any of the other books but has seen the movies. I haven’t seen the fifth movie yet but I want to see it sometime. Since I am done with Harry Potter until I can get the seventh book, I decided to read Eragon again. I got Eldest for my birthday. I want to read the first one before I read the second one. I saw the movie of Eragon and I didn’t like it. It didn’t really follow the book. I was surprised the author let them take out stuff. I wonder when the third book comes out. I think that Eldest came out last year so I am going to guess next year.

I want to move out of the house. I looked into an apartment and I can’t afford it. By the end of the summer I am barely going to be able to have enough money to go to school. Maybe if I am able to work during school I will be able to move out for winter semester. I want to get my own apartment but that would cost so much money. I might just live on campus. But that would cost a whole tuition. But it would be nice to be on my own. I don’t know if I would be able to keep the Honda or not. I should ask Dad about it. Maybe I can buy it from him. After all I have been driving it for three years. I pay for the gas. I wash it. I take care of it. The only reason why my dad owns it is because he bought it originally and his name is on the title.

I went to the mail box and screamed when I looked through the mail. There was a white envelope with a VA return address. I skipped to the house and opened the envelope. I got my Josh tickets. I couldn't breathe and I was shaking I was so excited. I am holding Josh Groban tickets in my hand! I am so happy right now!



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