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on January 19, 2008 - 3:19pm's everybody doing with that contest? I never watched any of those videos before today (although I thought I remembered the answer to one question from the Noel DVD - should've watched that more this year!), so now was a good time to start.
I was supposed to be folding laundry at the time, but I would much rather watch Josh than do housework. We're having a little party at my flat tomorrow - my fiance invited a work friend and his wife over, and some other friends might come by too. So I have to get the place looking like civilized humans, not pigs, live here. It's not that it's so hard or that there's so much to do, it's just that it doesn't feel much like a weekend when there's this much that I HAVE to do.
If I confided in him, I know he'd agree. The poor guy's at work today, and the sucky shift at that - 3-11 p.m. I really wish they'd treat him better at that job - if he goes, they have much more to lose than he does.

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on January 18, 2008 - 10:25am

Every time I see anything about the upcoming Sundance concerts, I seriously sound like an unhappy cat. When my fiance hears that noise and asks what's wrong, the answer's, "I can't fly to Utah!" I really should've joined a frequent-flyer program the second I got this job. Because I don't have enough miles saved and can't exactly flap my arms, I can't go to the Sundance concerts.
I know I shouldn't be greedy, that Josh was on my side of the country this November. But it's still got me down.
And yet, now that I think about it, do I even have time to go? My fiance invited a bunch of people to my apartment on Sunday, and I've got wedding stuff to work on. I think I've got the invitations and save-the-dates figured out, but I can't order anything without knowing how many to get and who to send them to. (I wish I could include more Grobanites and fewer "relatives" whose last names I don't even know, but that's neither here nor there.) I also have ideas for the flowers but don't know how to put them into action, so I guess I'd better call that florist.
Oh, and returning to the cat theme in the beginning, my sister is now, in her words, "a kitty mommy." (Does that make me a kitty aunt?) She brought Dexter home last night. He's just under a year old, fluffy, gray and white, and ADORABLE. I can't wait to meet him.

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The season's over

on January 14, 2008 - 6:24am

The season is officially over. The Rockefeller Center tree has come down, along with all the decorations in all of Manhattan's department stores. (They didn't even do one of my favorites - the Cartier bow - this year.) Okay, but that happens every year and I know they'll all be back. And I'm trying to look on the bright side - the end of the holiday season means the end of taking twenty minutes to walk into Saks or from one end of Rockfeller Center to another.
Sadly, the end of the holiday season also means the end of Noel - specifically, the end of all those wonderful ads for Noel. The giant picture of Josh near my office has come down, and I no longer see his face every time I pass a Barnes and Noble. I can't listen at work (given his effect on me, that would be tantamount to drinking on the job), but seeing that face makes me smile.

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Imaginary Business Travel Contract

on January 8, 2008 - 6:14am

1) You will let me know at least 3 weeks in advance if I can expect to be going to an event.
2) You will understand that the door for travel planning is closed 2 weeks before the event start date.
3) You will not interpret "uh" to mean whatever you want it to. It actually means, "I'm not sure yet, I need to check my schedule, can I get back to you on this?"
4) You will accept that February 14 (Valentine's Day), June 15 (fiance's birthday), August 12 (my birthday), September 10 (the date we've used as our anniversary), September 27 (what will be our wedding anniversary), and Josh Groban concert dates (usually determined 3 months in advance) are no-travel days.
4a) If you disregard this and force me to travel on a birthday or anniversary, the company will reimburse us for a fancy dinner out (wine and dessert included) upon my return.
4b) If you disregard this and force me to travel on a concert date, the company will reimburse me for front-row tickets, souvenirs, backstage passes, and flight and hotel fees if necessary upon my return.

I drafted this when I was very angry about a trip, and it felt good to write. I wish I could really bind someone to this.
But I'm not angry today. I'm happy - Josh showed up in my dreams again. He was in Rockefeller Center, wearing this long maroon coat that looked like a tapestry, and he waved.
I think I know what brought this one on: I was moody last night, and my fiance went on YouTube and played the panda song to make me laugh. And while I've never seen Josh wear anything like that, he was wearing a maroon hoodie the last time I saw him.

OMJ! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! I had the dream. When I was getting dressed this morning, I put on what looks very similar to a lucky item of clothing. Checking the boards leads me to wonder if I put on the actual lucky item, or if I knew to on some level. Why? BECAUSE JOSH POSTED!!!!!!!! I thought "Happy Happy Joy Joy" was some smug person who got tickets to Chess (can you tell I can't go?), but I was so wrong. It was him!
If this occasion doesn't deserve Vosges chocolate, I don't know what does!

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Family Planning

on January 7, 2008 - 6:58am

I have always been such a cat person, but can't have one in my no-pets apartment. (The only pet I can have there is my rubber ducky, Squeaker.) The closest thing I have is my FILs' cat Figaro. Not to brag, but he likes me best. He follows me around, comes when I call, and lets me pet and pick him up when no one else is allowed. That was tested when he scratched my face, but the marks are going down and he's forgiven.
As he doesn't really belong to either of us, my fiance and I can't take him when we get a new place. It's just as well; we have plans for others. The one we can agree on is a tortoiseshell to be named Zot (for her namesake, see Queen of Wands - He also wants a big black alley cat (to be named Greebo, regardless of gender), and I also want a silver tabby (to be named Dustin if it's a male and Willow if it's a female). I once toyed with the idea of Brogna (anagram of Groban) as a name for any gender or color, but don't think it'll work.
I know the title of this entry gave the impression that I was writing about something else, but pets can be family too. Not to mention I'd much rather have a cat than a baby.



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