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A day of memories

on November 8, 2007 - 6:10pm

It was a year ago, yet I remember it like it was yesterday.
Josh's signing at Barnes and Noble was exactly one year ago today. I literally had to take off my watch for a while because I kept looking at it and thinking about where I was. When I woke up around four in the middle of last night, I thought, "I was already awake and getting dressed." During work I thought, "I was waiting in line, but was about to go in the store for my CD and wristband."
And as of now (9 pm), I think I was either on the train back or already home...after the happiest moment. When it was my turn, he shook my hand and I handed him a note on a page I'd torn out of my journal. (That's the beauty of letters - I can say exactly what I want to, and there's no mistaking that they're just for him.) The stupid rule sheet I'd gotten said, "He will not personalize"; yet, as I stood there, he asked me my name and signed my CD with it. (That sheet has "Oh yeah?" written next to that item.) He wasn't allowed to hug me, and I think he felt bad because I'd written "Hug?" on the outside of my note, because he took my hand again before I had to leave. I promised I'd see him on tour. My legs shook a little as I started to leave, but I got my strength back in order to leave the store...before I screamed. I couldn't help it any more than I could help pacing from one end of the subway platform to the other while singing happy songs.
Speaking of journals (paper ones, that is), that particular volume turned into one long story about how excited I was for that day, how happy I felt when it was over, and how new excitement about the tickets and then the concert took over. If that's what it is, it's one of my favorite stories.
I wrote all about the past because there's not much to say about the present. Bruiser's at the iPod hospital, and with any luck I should get it back tomorrow. And ROCKS! I don't use my blog to endorse products or services...but I can say only good things about places that give me big bags of fancy beauty products for free!

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Happy anniversary

on November 7, 2007 - 7:36pm

One year ago today, Awake came out. What a day that was. I woke up worried because my CD hadn't come yet, and I wanted it for the signing at Barnes and Noble the next day. But then I decided I would buy another one if worse came to worse, and went about my day. Later, when I called my fiance from the train station to say when I was coming home, he said, "Your CD came today."
I kept saying, "I don't believe you!" But he was right. I loaded it onto Bruiser (whose appointment got pushed to tomorrow) that very night, and was so busy getting beautiful for the next day that I didn't get to listen until the next morning. Here are my immediate impressions on some of the songs:
"Mai": If I were a goddess, I would want that song played in my temple to summon me. I am well aware of how weird that sounds, but it's how I felt. I hear that and I feel taller, glowing...and, upon learning the translation, appalled by the thought of, "Who made you feel this way?! Whoever it was, she'll feel my wrath!"
"You Are Loved": The first one I heard, and I love it so much. I hear that and am so happy that I feel like I'm flying.
"February Song": At the line "When all that you need to love/Is in front of your eyes", one of my favorite things to do is to open my eyes so that I'm looking at someone I love (sometimes my fiance, sometimes Josh).
"So She Dances": Josh was right; this is kind of a silly name to give such a romantic song. I hear that and go from feeling a sense of longing to a surge of joy, and by the end I've sung, "How could I ask for more?" along with him (sometimes at the concerts!) and can't keep the smile off my face.
"In Her Eyes": The words sound almost exactly like my fiance talking to me, which is one reason I love it. The other reason? He puts such feeling into that song and does it so well that it literally knocked me off my feet once.
"Un Giorno Per Noi": This song played in a dream once, after I'd walked through a warm ocean without getting wet. Hearing it when I'm awake is better than that dream.
"Awake": True beauty. That's all I can say. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful piano music that I want to try once I can be sure I won't butcher it...
"Smile": Oh, I DO smile when I hear him sing this song! It brings back memories of one of the happiest days of my life. I can almost see everything I saw at Rockefeller Center that day, and am so glad they decided to include it on the Internet-only edition.
I'm also glad I sent away for that edition, despite my worries. I learned the hard way with Closer. Despite finding all the missing songs (including the elusive "You're the Only Place"), I still didn't want to make that mistake twice.

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Silent Day

on November 6, 2007 - 1:46pm

Bruiser (my iPod) is broken. As I mentioned last Friday, the clickwheel inexplicably decided to stop working. When it started working again a few hours later, I thought it was just a little scare. But today it won't work at all. It's only a problem when I want to listen to something besides the Rent soundtrack (it got stuck on that particular title) or even that at a lower volume. In other words: THIS IS BAD!
Especially bad because Bruiser was an anniversary present from my fiance: an iPod mini with "My gift is my song/And this one is for you" engraved on the back. It was one of the best and most useful gifts he's ever given me. I still remember the day I got it: loading all the Josh Groban onto it first and trying to think of a name. My first instinct was Dory, inspired by Finding Nemo: It's blue and would sing to me. FOG quashed that plan by pointing out that another of that character's attributes, short-term memory loss, isn't something you want in an iPod. So I went with Bruiser after the chihuahua in Legally Blonde: It's little, cute, can cheer me up no matter what, and goes everywhere with me in my purse.
And until today, I've had no problems with it. The worst thing that happened was that I thought I'd lost it, and the agony I felt was comparable to how I'd feel if I lost my engagement ring (a possibility I don't even want to THINK about). But now Bruiser's fate is in the hands of the iPod doctor (actual name - I have an appointment tomorrow), and I worry - am I going to have to get a new one? The new models are really expensive and too ugly for me to really justify it.

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Can't I have one more day of weekend?

on November 4, 2007 - 6:01pm

My current mood is actually domestic. I did a lot of stuff around and for my house.
The only shopping I did was for groceries and new bedding. (Incidentally, the new sheets and blanket make my bed look and feel like one out of a hotel. Good luck prying me out of it tomorrow morning!)
I finally got around to repotting the basil in my windowsill, and not a moment too soon: The little plant I got a few months ago is turning into a basil TREE and about to touch the top of the window.
I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight. It did turn out well, but I want people to learn from my mistake: If it ever enters your head to make Cornish pasties, DO NOT make the dough from scratch! That's why puff pastry was invented. It's more authentic, and it saves you A LOT of aggravation and mess. I don't know who had it worse, me trying to make a meal out of that mess or my fiance cleaning the kitchen when I was done with it! (That's our rule: one of us cooks, the other cleans up after her/him.)
On an unrelated note, my anthropomorphized screen name went over relatively well on Halloween. Once people got what I was supposed to be, they seemed to appreciate my creativity. I'm all set to post a picture here, except for one small problem: I don't know how to do it. Any tips?

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My Newest Distraction

on November 2, 2007 - 11:56am

Is anyone else on LinkedIn? It's this huge professional networking website. I just joined today, and it's proving as addictive as Facebook and yes, even as addictive as being here. I've worked lots of internships and, unfortunately, lost track of some of my colleagues. But in one day, I found some of them again.
It's so nice to see one piece of technology doing something good for me today. My computer wouldn't let me copy and paste anything this afternoon, my iPod's click wheel inexplicably decided to stop working, and don't get me started on the message boards! What next, my cell phone's going to decide to call China instead of my fiance? It really wouldn't surprise me today.



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