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Back to Work

on January 8, 2011 - 12:15am

alright, well I'm headed back to Vancouver.

An update:
I finished my first semester at Capilano. here's my final animation: I am so sick of that bear and that music...... ugh..

So i'm heading back on Sunday. Not looking forward to it, i've realized what a homebody i am. Love my home, dont want to go to the big annoying city again.... but i suppose i must. :I

I'm hoping this semester will go by faster than the last. I also will have some financial difficulties, which will not make the semester any more fun, but I'll live...hopefully! My Ma and Pa are super awesome and help me which is embarrassing but yay for the rents, cause i would not have any food or anything if it weren't for them.


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on November 14, 2010 - 8:10pm

I renewed my FOJG account... in all honestly not sure why, nothing agaisnt Josh, but i coulda bought a weeks worth of groceries... but it was only $20 so i caved :I

Anyways I'm in North Vancouver now, I'm enjoying school and learning lots, but i miss home like TONNES! Dec 17th is only 33 days away! thats a little over a month and i get to go home and ride horses and be with my family!

its one of those things that i was so excited to get out of the rural country community and get into the big city and now i would give anything to be able to still go to school but be in Lethbridge again! 8I

The pic is of my home :) (or my backyard i guess, my sister is the one riding)

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Off to Vacouver!

on June 4, 2010 - 10:04am

At the end of August anyhoo.
I got accepted to Capilano University's Commercial Animation Program! There were only 25 accepted so that's pretty rad! I'm super excited, even though I'll probably be way older than everyone. :T AND i've headed out to a huge city where I don't know anyone and is like 10 bigger than the city i grew up in....

BUT I'm super excited, filling out loan forms and scholarship applications has been insane.... but still! fffffff

The worst has been trying to find a place to live without actually being there :U

yeah... super awesome.

I am selling my car for a bicycle and tuition... haha

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Graduation and the FUTURE!

on April 23, 2010 - 9:56am

SO i'm convocating today. FINALLY done school, these past two and half weeks have been torture! I had two hours of sleep a couple days and was up til midnight at the college finishing things up, but i'm all DONE!

So unfortunately I still wont be around here that much as I'm starting some freelance projects, one for the Galt museum and another for a Patches the Beaver animation that will be sent off to places like Nick Jr, and Disney playhouse and a couple of places in England! super excited! and will hopefully be getting ready to head to MORE school in the fall in Vancouver. but hi everybody :)

oh yes and y horse randomly had a filly... we didn't even know she was prego! She hasn't been around any studs.... HUH!? we might call her Flicka (NOT from the Tim McGraw movie... maybe the cool old one form the 50s or e=whenever it was made... PLUS it's Swedish for Girl, and my dad's Swedish...)

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I Still Have No Social Life... and the Olympics are Over.

on March 1, 2010 - 9:36pm

Seriously, I have not socialized other than in class for months, and if i do, it's like, barely at all... oi. I WILL finish my capstone project and i will cry with happiness at my regained freedom!

Omigosh.... i'm seriously so happy Canada won Hockey! :') and I am sorry for the Closing Ceremonies... :T ... Given Shatner, Catherine, Micheal, the random Mime, and Alanis were awesome... but thats it... Stereotype was... mildly humerous... but yeah

you shoudl all become a fan of Quatchi Kid on facebook! SO adorable! it's the adventures of a kid dressed as one of the Olympic's mascots, Quatchi... SO cute...



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