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on September 7, 2008 - 5:16am

Erik and I have been together for about a month now! I can't believe how time flies! We were just in Germany...

Erik is the sweetest person. He's so understanding! He lets me talk to and even go to lunch with my ex-boyfriend. What guy lets his girl do that? Then last night I decided last minute that I want to audition for a certain scene in this year's Christmas production, but that means I couldn't go with him to his church's picnic as previously planned. I told him I didn't want to upset him and if he wanted I'd go the picnic instead. He said me saying that was all that mattered to him, so I should audition. We were watching a movie, and about an hour later he whispered in my ear that he wants me to audition.

We've already discussed where we want to live (Germany) and how many kids (2 or 3). Before kids, we want time to ourselves as a couple.

We had to set a curfew for ourselves. It was his idea, and it's a great idea. Last night was the first night, and it was sooo difficult! Totally worth it, though. 11:00 on weekends and 10:00 on weekdays. He's 30 and I'm 25, and we've giving ourselves a curfew. Totally awesome. Last night he said he wished I could stay all night, and I said I love him too much for that. I never had a curfew growing up, which is the interesting part for me.

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Reflections on Germany

on July 16, 2008 - 4:06pm

Erik, who I mentioned in the last entry, also loves Josh! You Are Loved is his favorite song. On the flight home we shared my headset and listened to Josh. Unfortunately Erik has a girlfriend. The entire trip he was glued to my side, and was constantly doing things for me. I emailed and basically asked what's up, since he has a girlfriend.

For legal reasons we were unable to dig a well, so we worked inside the old castle tower. First we had to wash the walls with water, then apply several coats of chemical so plaster will stick.

I roomed with one other girl. Our host family was the best! We basically laughed the whole time.

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Four More Days!

on June 28, 2008 - 5:59pm

Only about four more days until I leave for Germany!! Needless to say, I cannot begin to express my excitement!!! :) Today I made final preparations, and I am almost ready. There will be the last minute things to add (toothbrush, cell phone, etc), but I am basically packed!

I can't wait to see how God is going to use us, on the job site and in the lives of those we meet. I'm anxious to meet everyone over there, and get to know my teammates better. Some of them I know a bit and already love, and some I know only by name. So many questions! Who will my host family be? What team member will I share the house with? Will we just "dig a hole for water" or do other things as well?

Then there's Erik... I admit I'm quite attracted to him, and he seems to be attracted to me. I've been praying for the balance between letting things happen with him and not getting distracted from God. This is, after all, God's trip.

Erik and I are both Swedish, and he got so excited when he found that out. It was the cutest thing ever! And he lived in Germany for 10 years, and I took it in college, so he's been speaking German to me. But Erik is a great people-person, he's always laughing, and he's humble. And like I said, he seems to have an interest in me. Last Sunday a bunch of us went out to dinner, and he got there after I did. The seats around me filled up. There was one beside me, not at the table, and one at the other end. He chose to sit beside me :)

That same night, my stalker returned. Erik didn't know better and invited him to join us! (Sidenote: that gave Erik an excuse to move closer to me, but then he kept moving closer. Haha!) The stalker (Colin) apologized and said he wanted to be friends. He said he was sorry, he knew he acted like an idiot, but guys are idiots. I said I didn't want to assume that all guys do idiots, and I'm not ready to be friends. He kept talking to me anyway. He claims he's not going to be going to my church anymore, so we'll see. I'll mention it to Erik just in case.

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My Crazy-Busy Weekend

on May 26, 2008 - 8:01am

Friday I got my info packet about Germany! We're going to a jazz concert, and on a hike. We're also going to some youth church meetings. All very exciting! Then Friday night I went swing dancing at church, with someone from church (we're kinda friends, but don't see each other/talk to each other much). Saturday a girlfriend and I went to the VA Museum of Fine Arts to see the Impresssionist gallery. Then we had a late lunch.. I had banana pancakes and she had strawberry crepes. Mmm! They were delicious! Then we had coffee at Kuba-Kuba, a great little Cuban restaurant. Yesterday was the Pastors' Pancake Breakfast, and I got cook pancakes! An hour and a half of pancake-flipping. Then church, then lunch and Barnes and Noble for coffee and a book, and then choir practice for two hours. After that I went to Target and got some travel-sized shampoo and sunglasses, then back to church for evening service. It was "stay and chat," and then Chris and I went to find food. He even buckled my seatbelt for me!

Oh and my stalker returned last night. He gave me a slight scare. He left when I did, then instead of turning left (we live near each other) he went straight across the light and then turned around. His light was red so he stopped. My light turned green, and I was afraid if I went he'd be behind me, and I didn't want him to follow me. The whole thing with him going straight at the light and turning himself around scared me. I don't know if I'm properly explaining. Suffice it to say, he did something strange and I was afraid he'd follow me.

Ok off to find lunch and finish cleaning. Good thing we have Josh to help with the cleaning!!

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My Own Condo!!

on May 14, 2008 - 6:39pm

I think I found a place to live! For Mother's Day the family did a walking tour of some historic homes downtown, and the tour also included some condos. The building was originally an elementary school, built in 1919. It was turned into apartments, and now they're condos for sale. I fell in love with the place. How cool would it be to live in an old school? My door would be the original classroom door, with the class number on it! Ah! I'm sooo excited! I have an appointment to meet with someone who will show me around tomorrow after work. Each condo has a loft. The stairs you'd have to see to believe. They're at a 90 degree angle, and each foot gets it's own staircase, so it's like rock climbing. So random that I have to love it! On my break today I went to Target and scoped out shower curtains and bath accessories. I was also looking at toaster ovens. Hopefully I can use my grandfather's washer and dryer since he no longer lives at home. Other than a bed (which I have) I don't think I need furniture. The condos in my price range I think are small, or I may even end up in a studio size. But it'd be about 1/2 hour closer to work, saving on gas, tolls and time! And now I have an excuse to go to Ikea. Hooray! I'm also super excited because one of the guys I'll be going to Germany with turns out to be Swedish as well. He knew what lingonberries are, and mentioned Ikea. This guy is cute, super nice, and is part Swede like me (even has the blonde hair)... I admit I hope something happens with him. Sunday night at church he sat behind me... when I turned around, he was pointing at me and whispering something to a friend. I pretended not to notice. A minute later he introduced me to his friend. He said, "This is Elisa" (emphasis on "this") "She's going to Germany too!"

Just realized blonde Swedish guy needs a name! His name is Erik (same as my g.father :) Erik then asked me in German how I'm doing. But I'm trying not to focus on this guy (or any guy).. If something happens it happens.



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