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on October 7, 2007 - 7:01am

My family and friends now know I'm headed to London. I told my mom the other day but she didn't believe me. At my birthday dinner last night a friend gave me a little notebook with London maps and blank pages to journal. My mom said, "I didn't think you were serious!" She should know me better than that. I love musicals, traveling, and Josh, to traveling to London, a new city for me, to see Josh in a musical . . . ?! How could I not go?

I decided to use this journal as I plan my trip. When I had mono I did tons of research about where to stay and airline tix, and then my computer crashed :/ I guess I overloaded it :) If I put my info here, I can hopefully get some feedback from those who've been to London and my info's there should I need to access it from another computer. Plus it'll be fun to reread later :)

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Fo' shizzle! haha

on October 6, 2007 - 6:29am

My 25th birthday was definitely the best yet! Tonight the fun continues! Swedish meatballs, lingonberries, corn on the cob, little red potatoes, and mom's home-made sweet tea.

We had our third dance rehearsal last night. Nativity this year is going to be incredible. It starts out with two angel dancers, then a bunch more come in with the flying angels, then we do our Jewish dance, then Kings Court w. Jezebel Jr (the camel)... the music swells and gets bigger and more exciting! I'm stoked just thinking about it. (and yes, I just said stoked) Oh then at the end all the dancers do paddle turns. Too cool!

Back to my birthday... my coworkers are the best! The ladies in transcription put a bithday cake (with my name misspelled, ha) and a buttercream coffee cake from Ukrop's on my desk, so they were waiting for me when I got to work. Later a friend from church who got me the job brought me balloons and a card that everyone had signed. After lunch everyone from radiology celebrated by singing happy birthday and giving me another birthday cake.

I need wasser so I'll have to finish this later.

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Thank you, Josh!

on September 20, 2007 - 6:12pm

Josh's eyes teared during the final notes of "You Raise Me Up." The night held special meaning as l'ultima notte, the final night of the Awake tour in the US. It seemed his fans, with their light sticks proudly glowing through out the arena, blessed him as much as he blessed us.

Perhaps he thought of one person in particular, a parent or a close friend. Who is it, Josh, that brings you to tears?

Whatever his answer, witnessing his raw emotions always refreshes me. Only a mature man opens his heart, and only a strong man opens his heart to so many.

Thank you, Josh, for opening up to your fans night after night. I've toured myself, though never longer than a week at a time. That's nothing compared to the time you've spent. However I know how it feels to be with people 24/7 on a tour bus, then suddenly be at home by yourself in your room. I know about memories and reviewing pictures endlessly, wishing you could go back while looking forward to what life still has to offer.

Going to three concerts has been a mini-tour for me. I went to new places and met new people along the way. I made memories and took pictures, and now, knowing the US tour is over, I look at those pictures and recall the wonderful times.

I'd better go now before this gets too sappy :P (oh wait, it already is . . . haha oops!)

PS I don't know how this turned into a letter to you, Josh, but I'm totally psyched and jealous that you're taking Nihongo again! I took it for 7 years but couldn't say much to you now. Oyasuminasai! (a good example; I looked that up. all I could think was "ohayo gozaimasu!")

PPS Still hoping that by some miracle you're reading this, Josh: PLEASE tell us about Chess :P I want to go! And if you're bored this Christmas (hahaha! ok sorry) come see me in Glorious Christmas Nights! That's an open invite to all reading. I'm a monk and a Jewish dancer. Yay!

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on September 4, 2007 - 6:35pm

Thank you, Josh, for Sunday night! I had a terrible week at work (1 full time job is enough--2 is NOT do-able, whatever my boss says!). My friend bailed on me so I thought I couldn't go, but God provided and I had a blast, by myself! Yet I wasn't by myself, thanks to all the lovely grobies I met along the way. I was singing along and dancing by the end of the night. It was like a party! Josh said next time he's in Charlotte we should just have a rave. I say we do it!

This was also an early birthday present to myself. One more month, and I'll be 25! Noel is only 5 days after my birthday, so I get a double Josh-related happy birthday :P

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Why I love Josh

on August 7, 2007 - 11:55am

This is a response to a discussion in the Mermaid thread about why we love Josh. As someone close to his age (I’m about a year younger), I'd like to add my thoughts on why we all love Josh. At least, why I love Josh...

I don't even remember how, but I first heard Josh before I saw him. I enjoyed him and downloaded his CDs on itunes, but that was it. The turning point was watching him sing "Music of the Night" at the Kennedy Center in December, 2006. His powerful voice combined with his age and attractive appearance blew me away. I realized we must be close in age, and that's stuck in my mind. I realized I needed to stop using my age as a barrier to whatever life holds for me--I needed to try for things instead of saying "I'm too young."

I did find him physically attractive, as well. Like someone else in the thread mentioned, though, it wasn’t until I learned more about Josh as a person that it hit me how attractive I do find him. I bought the Internet edition of AWAKE and used the free month pass to FOJG. I learned about his humanitarian side, his humble nature, and his dedication to himself as a person and as a musician. He talks about constantly striving to challenge and improve himself, then goes out and actually does it! I realized that Josh considers himself “just a man” utilizing his gift of music, and taking pure honor and pleasure in the fact that his gift touches so many lives. He’s thankful to his “fans” (I dislike that word, but that’s another essay!!) because of everything we do out of response for what he’s done for us. It’s like a circle which leads us to all be friends, even though we’ve never met. I’ve never met Josh, yet going to a concert is like going to support a friend in their endeavors. I’ve never met any of you, yet we can all get together online and have fun.

As we’ve all said, Josh is one-of-a-kind. He’s the kind of guy a gal like me would love to date, and he gives hope that there are still gentleman in this world. Even his refusal to date while on tour is attractive to me—I can’t even put into words what that means to me.

I have a lot more I can say about why I love Josh—I’d love to go into details, etc, but then I’d have a book, not a journal entry. Right now I have mono, so I should be sleeping and not writing books… hehe



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