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My Friend Willie

on November 27, 2007 - 7:09am

Hey there, who-diddy! Haha ok. I did actually get some sleep, beieve it or not. I had some vacation time which was "use it or lose it," so I took today off to recover from the last two nights and prepare for this week. Tonight is Dress, and tomorrow Benevelonce. Excitement!

Last night we sat for 2 hours before we even started tech for Act 2. We had the orchestra finally, so they practiced, but mainly we were waiting for the crew to figure out the stage. It amazes me every year how many little details there are, who's going to take what piece off the stage when, and put it where, and what are the lights doing, and all the sound effects that make the show as great as it is.

Last night I dreamed I was on stage with the man who plays Willie in the production. We were doing the show, and as part of it he turned to me and asked me to sing along with him. I had a mic, and sang along. The duet was quite lovely, if I may say so myself. Fortunately in real life I care too much about dance to notice the fact that I can't sing :P

Wow, these guys are efficient. 35 minutes and I think they're done! I better go check this out. Oh to specify, we're getting/we just got (!) new carpet in our living room and there are 2 men downstairs installing it. Yay!

I can't wait to get my own house! I don't think I mentioned that a friend at church is an accountant and he offered to go over my finances w. me and help me create a budget. In June I'm going to buy a house, so one friend in particular can live w. me. It'll be me and 2 of my favorite gals in the world :) Can't wait!

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My Crazy Life

on November 22, 2007 - 8:33pm

My friend got out of jail this morning. Yay!! Something else to be thankful for! I'm going to dinner with her, my sister, and another friend on Saturday night. I'm so excited! We all grew up together and it's so good to have the group back again. She was gone 6 mos, and she was missed very much :( Visiting hours were such that I only got to see her once the whole time. I can't wait to hug her!

I also heard from another long lost friend today. He last called me while I was on my way to Josh's DC concert--Sept. 2 I think. He only contacts me when something big is going on. He called then to say he was getting a divorce. Today he texted me to say he's naming his second child (he didn't get the divorce) after the guitarist in the band AFI. Then he informed me that he's now a Wiccan. So random! We're hopefully getting together soon to talk further about this. All I know is a friend introduced him to Wicca. I want to know what made him decide to become Wiccan when he was a Christian.

I seem to have this effect on guys. They feel they can tell me anything about the important stuff of life, but then they never seem to want to just hang out. Not to long ago, this other guy kept talking to me about his dad who was dying of cancer. He was very vulnerable, expressing his feelings every step of the way, but now that his father's passed, he'll only say hello if he sees me. Maybe guys just need someone to talk to sometimes, someone other than their close friends or family (or girlfriend). Maybe they think that gives an outside perspective that someone close to them can't provide. Maybe I'm making this all up :/ I just wish I could find the one guy who will share the stuff of life with me but also want to simply enjoy life with me. I know he's out there, and I just need to be patient. It's hard sometimes.

Last night I dreamed a guy gave me "10 kisses." Actually, he was going to give me 10 pecks, starting from the top of my forehead and working down to my chin, but when he got to my lips he kept kissing me there. Why in the world do I keep having these dreams?

Oh I don't think I mentioned that one of my coworkers invited me to go to PA with him for Thanksgiving! He was talking about going, and I said it sounded like a lot of fun, so he said I should go. I said, "yeah, that would be great!" He replied, "You're joking, but I'm totally serious." This guy really seems to like me, but he claims both that he's "not religious" and that he's Jewish.

Just got a text from my now-Wiccan friend, who is no longer interested in meeting. Blast! I haven't seen him in so long and I miss him too :( And it sounds like we do have a lot to talk about. Especially knowing him and his history.

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The Big Screen

on November 21, 2007 - 8:37pm

Aaaahhhhhhh!! So much fun!!!! I went to the DVD Premier at the Byrd theatre tonight. It's a really old theatre with "the mighty wurlitzer." The wurlitzer guy even played carols for us on it :) I was impressed with the video quality--worth the year of waiting.

When the show started, we all cheered as names of our friends and family members appeared on-screen. The videography had great close-ups of hilarious facial expressions and little things people did that we hadn't seen before, since we were busy being in the scene. We laughed so much! Then for Midnight Cry we waved our cell phones in the air. And of course we gave ourselves a standing-o :) We stood and watched the end credits, and there was my name! Yay!

It was funny to see my face so big. As the show started I thought of Josh and how he felt seeing himself everywhere. This show certainly isn't everywhere, but we're now on youtube and we'll be on t.v.!

Oh I have a confession to make as well. This morning I was SO close to losing my job. A coworker was helping me put up a doc's audio recorder in the charger, and we didn't know it was on. She told a story about the, and I complained about the boss being on my case for reasons I didn't understand (I was helping someone out and the boss accused me of not being a team player???). We couldn't get it to charge so I asked the boss. The boss realized why--it was in "record" mode. Oh, snap! Evidence! The boss said jokingly, "let's see what you said about me." I prayed harder than ever that the thing would erase somehow and we wouldn't be fired. He rewound it and hit play. I thought I was a goner. Fortunately the volume was too low. When he played it again, he only played the part at the end where he and I were near it, and he was telling me it had been recording. For the longest time, it seemed, his finger sat on the erase button. Talk about relief when he hit it and I walked off scotch-free. God is awesome and I have learned my lesson!!

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Um, No Title

on November 18, 2007 - 6:29pm

We managed to do both Act 1 and 2 today, straight through. Since we don't have the tech crew we had to stop for scene changes, and we of course started late. Some scenes they had to practice a few things, but it went very well. We started at 2:30 and finished at 7:23.

Josh just introduced Celine Dion. I hope he didn't hear what that guy just said. If so he was wise to ignore it. Either way, great job Josh!

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on November 17, 2007 - 4:42pm

The gremlins keep eating my journal entry, and my title sounds like a pirate... lol. Those durn gremlins invaded my work comp too, so now I have to restart it to listen to the doctor's dictations, but that still doesn't always work.

My head hurts. After about 2 hours working on Act 1, Scene 1, the producer said, "This is the most tedious rehearsal, a week and a half before we start." I said to those around me, "Thanks but I figured that out already." Not exactly the right attitude. I should have prepped myself when we started (an hour late) by praying that we'd have a good attitude. Tomorrow I'll do better.

Our rehearsal schedule for today said Act 1, 1-4 then Act 2 4-7, in full costumes today. We started late, then did the first scene until about 4:30. Finally we got moving at that point, and since I didn't have another scene for awhile I got to run to Burger King. A guy actually said he was going to ask if I wanted to go to dinner but since we didn't even have a dinner break that wouldn't work. So he just drove me to BK and we ate that in the sanctuary. He even offered to go get me food if I couldn't leave. Not too much longer we actually got to do the monk scene. We didn't get to practice coming out of the VW Bug, but we at least know how to exit. That took us to about 6:15. I watched a bit more of the play that I hadn't seen then left at 6:30 since my head's killing me. Who knows when they'll be done. Before they canceled today's Midnight Cry rehearsal, which is the very last scene, the running joke was that we'd be doing it at Midnight. :P

Since this guy at work was so keen on taking my pic a few weeks ago, I asked him to take pictures at rehearsal tomorrow of scenes I'm in.

I need water. Excedrin and dust dry me out. And I need to get my opening costume for tomorrow in case we actually ran it. I forgot today, but that turned out to be good because everyone in costume had to stand on stage for the longest time while the costume people approved of their outfits. I can sneak in tomorrow. Mom does costumes and she gave me mine so I know I'm fine. :P



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