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Adoptions and Crazed Cat

on April 21, 2008 - 5:50pm

Mystic was adopted! I can't believe it! Ah I'm going to miss holding her lovingly in my lap every time I go to the SPCA. She would purr and cuddle so well!

To fill the Mystic void, I tried to hold another cat today instead (named Muffin). She's a gray and white cat with cute markings who has been there a long time. I remember that she was always friendly before to me. However, today she freaked out (I think she saw a dog). She had a crazy, wild, fires of hell look in her eye and swung at me- right on my face . I now have a lovely small puncture mark on the middle of my forehead now. It hurts! I'm surprised it doesn't look worse. The person working at the shelter kept laughing at me. How embarrassing. No muffins today!

Anyway on a good note before the furious cat encounter I walked Archie, the cutie-pie Jack Russell. The other two dogs I knew well, Cody and Trixie were already adopted so Archie is the only dog I know well left.

I was advised by my dentist to floss more, so I've tried to pick up the habit again for the 100th time. Problem is now my gums hurt! I think I got them inflamed. Bring out the pain meds! Eek it's not fun. I even got the sensitive gum took picks!

That's all for today..

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Water For Cover Songs

on April 20, 2008 - 7:00am

It's been wonder that it's been warm out finally- about time for summer! I'm not used to wearing t-shirts so it feels a bit odd. Yesterday I went with my parents to get some plants and some food. I chilled out mainly since I've been busy the past two weeks. I'm reading "Water For Elephants" and it's a really good book- I can't put it down. There are some sad stuffs that happens but all in all I enjoy it. I highly recommend it.

Today looks a little cloudy- hopefully it won't rain...
Mentally my mood has improved quite a bit- I think the program I'm in is helping me, plus a little arranging of my meds. I'm in a program that helps you with coping skills and stuff like that. It has Tai Chi (my fav) and meditation and things like that- art, psych ed, etc. I think anyone could benefit. Hopefully it will one and for all get me out of my rut. I'm working on it. Got to use my trigger sheet!

I can't wait for the Josh DVD and for Clay Aiken's new album- I heard snippets of it and it sounds like it will be more like his first album, which I liked much better then the cover album. (I later learned he was coaxed by RCA (?) into doing the 80s cover album.. he could do better!) I hope Josh is never forced into doing an 80s cover album! lol I mean yeah some of the 80s songs are good, but why a cover album? let the songs be! Though I do like some of Josh's cover songs come to think about it.. "You Raise Me Up", "America", "She's Out of My Life".. actually he's done a lot of good covers, hmm.. well as long as he isn't singing cheesy songs (in my humble opinion) such as "Broken Wings" or "Every Time You Go Away" lol Though I am sure he would sing them well! As we say, he could sing the ABCs and it would sound superb.

I am still being hypnotized by that new fancy Josh bracelet. I don't even know if I would wear it if I got it. I seem to want everything in the news page. I bought the "I Love Josh Groban" shirt, and how many times I have worn it? Maybe twice when working out? (Don't know if I could get myself to wear it in public). I should have used some self control! Well at least with the bracelet I now REALLY shouldn't spend my money so it's holding me off. However, if it ever goes on sale, I might lose my inhibition...

I'm patiently waiting for your new album Josh!
Have a good day!

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Another Contest & Support Your Local SPCA!

on April 17, 2008 - 2:25pm

Well I sent in my info for the new awesome contest. I probably won't win that either but I hope- sounds awesome! It would really make my year since I've been going through a lot lately. However they probably won't chose me since I criticized the other contest (how it was run sort of poorly) but you never know....

It was a beautiful day in New York luckily!
I did my Tai Chi today and I walked a couple sweet little dogs at the SPCA. One is named Archie, a sweet little Jack Russell. here's a picture I found on

I also walked some sort of while long haired small dog named Mia. She looked like a walking carpet and needed a haircut. She was such a love. She enjoyed sitting on my lap and me giving her a little massage in the sun!

I also took my favorite cat at the Dutchess County SPCA for a "walk" on a cat stroller they had. Her name is Mystic and I have mentioned her before. Here's a pic:
She didn't really like me moving the stroller but she didn't mind me putting it in the sun so she could take a sun bath (along with me petting her). The shelter needs more ventilation and the sun and fresh air I'm sure did her some good. Ahh I wish I could take them all home!!

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on April 15, 2008 - 4:52pm
The Animal Rescue Site
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Josh in NY, Bugs, Kittens

on April 15, 2008 - 2:40pm

Eek I missed out on the additional 30 tickets. I think I was taking a nap when it was on the FOJG board. As you might imagine I wasn't too thrilled about missing out on the second round (they should have chose 30 people who already e-mailed!! oh well beyond my control.. move on. I think the taping is tonight (is it?) *sigh*
I actually had a dream last night that I was at a Josh concert. If only it was real. I am sure all the people who go will have a blast.

Not too much new. I went to this program I'm in (don't feel like going into details) and I walked the puppy on a nature trail. It's starting to get buggy and I keep forgetting to put on bug repellent along with the sunscreen. I guess I'm so used to it not being buggy during the winter (well that's a plus come to think about it, when it comes to winter...)
There is a cute thing that's on my page a day cat calendar today. It says:

A Kitten's Prayer

Let the sun shine where I lay,
Keep me young so I may play,
And most of all, bless the people I adore,
And guard me from the dog next-door.

-Lisa Malone

Josh is in NY, I am in NY.. and we're not together *sigh*

DARN IT! They just added MORE tickets but now I wouldn't make it in time. I needed more advanced notice. The train would get there too late and I couldn't get anyone to go with me this soon.



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