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"Aiken" for Josh and Clay!

on April 7, 2008 - 11:10am

Hello. Not too much new... well I went to the Albany Institute of History and Art and I went to the Albany Auto Show so I guess that's new.

The Art museum was nice, they had a cool little exhibit with two mummies.. freaky. I have been interested in Egypt more lately for some reason.

The car show was good though I was bummed it didn't have any concept cars or more swag! Scion gave out nice free hats and a funky CD (def. not Josh!) . I LOVED the Porsche, Mercedes, and Cadillacs. I went in a bunch of cars, some made me feel like how the other half lives..

I also did something else. I joined Clay Aiken's fan club too. lol I saw the cheaper membership t Best Buy. I never joined his fan club and I wasn't crazy about his 80's cover album (why? Why? Why did you do it?), but I've always liked him. I don't like him as much as Josh but when there aren't any Josh concerts (as in Dec and Jan) I had to fill the void and I went to Clay Aiken's Christmas show and I saw him on Spamalot. I wasn't crazy about the Christmas show (it was a bit conservative) but I loved him in Spamalot and I liked his first album. I didn't even get his first album until like 07. But the ClayOnline website is pretty cool. There are some things about that one that I wish were on here and vice versa. Don't worry I'm not a Claymate! I'm still 100% Grobanite!

I like how the clay online website has a live Chat, I wish Josh's did (I guess it used to I think I heard?) and I like how you can comment on the news and stuff with cool graphics. Speaking of Graphics, I still wish both had more desktop goodies and stuff.

Finally today is a nice day and sunny. If I never see a snowflake again my life I would be fine with it!

I am still crossing my fingers about getting tickets to the Josh PBS special but knowing my luck I won't get it. However, I will be the happiest women in the world if I win. I love JOSH SOO MUCH!! :) *sigh*

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Deviant Art

on April 4, 2008 - 8:55am

I have my period so I feel like crap. Aches, cramps, all that, so fun to be a women!

I added some of my kitty photos to DeviantArt. What's that? It's an art community which has people post tons and tons of all kinds of art. Some of it is excellent but unfortunately I it seems like nude photography (which I think a lot of it is not very tasteful and should not be included and is not really "art" but more porno- I don't know where they get all these young girls who are willing to pose naked!!) is on there so be warned.
But you won't find any of that on my gallery page... it's mainly pictures of kitties and some Josh graphics. :)

I just entered the contest to see the Josh PBS special.. OOO I hope I win!!!! *crosses fingers* I need something to go right! It's been a rough couple years1

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Year 2

on April 3, 2008 - 9:26am

Year 2 for Cobalt.. I got my snazzy blue FOJG Josh shirt and tote bag in the mail! They're really nice! Now I need a Joshy concert to go :/ My dad said he'd go to a Josh concert if it's a regular one (and after having 2nd row seats, a pre-sale event..) Arghh still wish I was going to see the Paul Simon/Josh thing or Chess. Oh well. I plan to use my tote bag when I go volunteer at the SPCA to bring my dog and cat goodies unless I think of another idea. Not too much else new.

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Josh DVD, Rescue Remedy

on April 2, 2008 - 12:36pm

Well I ordered the dvd and didn't realize I didn't get the FOJG discount til afterwards like a dummy so now I'm paying more for the DVD! I tried to contact Warner Bros with the address given in the forum but still no reply.
It will be exciting to get the DVD when I get it though.

Not too much else new. I bought Bach's Rescue Remedy spray at the health food store today. it's suppose to help for anxiety and all. it tastes just like rum (that must be the 27% alcohol in it). I wonder if it really works. I think it does a little bit but maybe it's more like a placebo effect. Maybe because I think it's going to calm me, it does. Who knows. But if anyone likes the taste of rum, this is the product for you!

UPDATE: Warner Bros canceled my order (supposedly) as they said via e-mail and I re-ordered the DVD with the discount, though I don't think it was much different because the shipping price changed I think. We'll see... hopefully I won't end up with 2 DVDs (I don't know who to give it to and I'm poor!) But at least that's cleared up.

OH NO! With the discount I actually ended up paying a dollar and something MORE then when I had my original order because the shipping ended up being $6 instead of $3! I should have kept my order the way it was! ARGHHH

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on March 31, 2008 - 7:28am

This morning I was rudely annoyed by some religious zealots who stopped by my parents house preaching. It annoys me so much! Grr. They should spend their time helping out animal shelters or feeding the homeless if they want to do any good other then going around preaching. I am really against preaching. Ironically they came the same morning I got my book The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins! lol

Now there maybe some christian Grobies who might be annoyed by me saying all this, but too bad. We are each entitled to our own beliefs. I'm not telling you to change your beliefs, you don't tell me to change mine!

I consider myself a Humanist.



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