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Things are looking up..

on March 26, 2008 - 7:13am

Luckily my dog Daisy is ok. She went under this morning and had everything checked out. She didn't have a growth, just a bad sensitive tangle that she wouldn't let anyone go near. Now it makes me worried when her hair starts growing back but that's later on. Her leg is fine - probably was a sprain thank goodness and she's walking better. Right now she's sleeping and we'll pick her up later.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support!

Still I've been in my rut, I haven't got myself to do a whole lot job wise (ok anything). It seems like I'm just wasting my time handing in applications when nothing happens! grr.

I admit I am still way too addicted to Second Life, I need to take a break from that. I'm always wondering who's on and I love to explore. But I need to have a first life! I've gotten into this game within Second Life called Norsim- which is role play. I find it kind of funny but a lot of people take it very seriously. I have made up this wacky character for myself and it's fun to play it from time to time. But still mostly I hang out with my friends in another part of second life which isn't role play.

A few days ago I sent in a 3x5 card to FOJG for the contest for the signed Josh CD. Even though I did renew I was probably already in the running but just in case! I have been in more contests and I never seem to win anything! Oh well.

On another subject.. My new adopted cat (the calico) has been allowed out off and on (with supervision) and if I haven't mentioned this before, she loves to talk to the birds! She makes this funny little noise and does this weird thing with her mouth. Must be some wild cat instinct sort of thing. I am glad she's enjoying the outdoors, but she's still small for a cat and I worry about her! She's very daring and I don't think she'll have a lot of common sense about cars. In fact this morning I was trying to catch her to bring her inside since my mom was going to drive to the store and I didn't want her near the car and what do you know, she shoots across my mom's car as she's pulling out. I don't want her hit by car!
She is the cutest thing ever and she makes me laugh, she is my little ray of sunshine though and I 'm so glad we've found each other.

Have a good day everyone!

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Sick Puppy

on March 25, 2008 - 7:47am

I feel soo terrible. My dog is limping on her back leg, and it's the second day she's done it. We took her to the vet and she thinks it's something with her knee. To top it off, she has this area on her tummy that she won't let anyone get to (including the groomer and I) and so I told the vet about it, thinking it was just a knot. The vet even had trouble looking at it and noticed some puss. So tomorrow we'll have to drop off my dog at the vet and have her go under to check the leg and the thing on her tummy. I feel so terrible! I really wanted her to go to the vet yesterday but my dad insisted that she see this one vet so we saw her today. Aww.. poor dog! She hasn't been acting like herself. She's a mini schnauzer. *sigh*

Plus my mom has been bothering me about jobs and stuff and claims I haven't put in enough effort though I have applied everywhere and I had some interviews and nothing happened. I'm so upset. Actually my dr. thinks I should feel better mentally before getting a job, I don't know, I mean I have to pay for my car.. ughh! It has been months now. It's just one thing after another :(

Anyway I'm reading Marley and Me and it's a pretty good book.

I have a wallpaper of Josh on my desktop and he's looking pretty hot.

Not much else..

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Happy Easter

on March 23, 2008 - 6:47am

Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate it!

Have a great day for those who don't!


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Josh in Brooklyn

on March 22, 2008 - 4:43am

I am soo bummed that I can't see Josh at BAM! Grr! I asked my parents about it and they didn't want to go (too expensive, though I know they could afford it) and after looking it up I found somewhat decent seats but then I had to go and I came back at night and they were sold out and only the absolute nosebleed is available. I'm annoyed because I have to pay for my car and I should save my money :( I'm so upset that I still haven't found a job and all the other stuff I'm dealing with. I wish I could see Josh in Brooklyn!! GRR!!!

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Lucy Lu Lu

on March 19, 2008 - 2:26pm

Since my life is rather boring at the moment, I might as well talk about my new cat.

I might have mentioned before that we adopted a young cat named Lucy.. here are some more pictures. The person I know at the SPCA said that she might be part Himalayan and who they thought was her sister might have been her mommy due to what they saw when they were fixing her! She sure doesn't look Himalayan to me other then maybe the size of her coat and her little fluffy ears.. hmm. what do you think?

She was picked up by humane law so we don't know what her situation was before the SPCA.

I don't know. But she is cute! She kept biting on the flowers and things so we finally got her one of those "cat grasses" which is really oat grass I think so she can chew on that while we wait until we feel she's ready to go outside though she keeps slipping outside, she wants to go out so bad with the other cats. This morning I had to find her in the garage!
She is such a sweety and she's very playful. She brings a lot of joy in my life. I love her so much!

She is such a love. She is obsessed with feather toys, anything with a feather and she's in heaven, though she likes to pull them out.

She's one of three calicos we have to seem to form their own "calico club" - they sure like to be together!

She has blended in fine with the other 4 cats and the mini Schnauzer we have.




What do you think? Could she be?



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